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Evangelina Florence always wanted what she couldn't have. She broke everything she could get her hands on and she never liked an appropriate man. She was born to be the other woman. But will the right man change her mind.

Romance / Drama
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Mistress part 1

“You want to know a secret?” she said in a soft lustful voice. “Sure.” “I’ve never been in love. Everyone makes such a big deal about your first love.” her eyes lowering to look at her feet.

“Evangelina that’s perfectly normal your still a young woman. You have your whole life ahead of you.” Dr. Tucson added making the this week’s session lighter.

You see Dr. Ivery Tucson was a tiresome woman that wore the same three colors to work at least to what Evangelina could tell. Dr. Tucson had been Evangelina’s therapist for the last 5 years. To Evangelina Dr. Tucson looked like she could walk into a library and everyone would assume she worked there. There was something about Dr. Tucson that made Evangelina feel uneasy. She was a good therapist for the most part, but she alway looked surprised or scared. Maybe it was all the botox she had gotten to try and hide her real age. She always had her hair in a tight slicked back bun. This woman clearly need therapy of her own, but that was none of Evangelinas business they were hear to talk about Evangelinas fucked up life.

“You know I was wrong I have been in love before. But it was more with the idea of being in love than the actual love. Marcos Harper. I wanted to love him so much, but no there was nothing there so yeah... I’m telling you doc. I’m broken.” she said finally looking up from her feet.

“Your not broken; you just need time.” Dr. Tucson said with an optimistic voice but failing. The intention didn’t meet her eyes. “You told me that you like being a mistress; care to elaborate?”

“I don’t know? I get all the good things of a relationship without actually having feelings for each other. I can call it quits and walk away when I want. I don’t have to have food on the table when he gets home. I know what most people think. I know that you probably think that it is a sad way to live my life. No love and alone all the time. But it’s not, I’m free I can go anywhere I want to, do anything, see anyone, be anything. I’m what the wife can never be; I’m what every man wants.” Evangelina said more to convince herself than Dr. Tucson. “It’s a beautiful way to live a life-” she moved her eyes back to her feet and delivered the next line in a lower voice. “It’s the only way I know to live my life.”

“Evangelina you told me when we started our session that you would like to find someone to make a real connection with.” Dr. Tucson took a deep breath ” To be in love for real. Every week at the end of our session I tell you the same thing... go on a real date. you alway put it off with some poor excuse. It’s been five years I think it time to take that next step.”

They both sat in silence for the last minute of that weeks session.

“Thank you Dr. Tucson I will this time I promise.” Evangelina said knowing that it was probably going to be an empty promise just like for the past five years had been.

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