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My Prince Charming

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Have you ever felt like there was more to life then what you live? I have many times, My name is Astiana, I live in a small village in England. I was adopted as a child never knew my parents, just me, my father Philip and my mother May. We were happy that was until my 18th birthday when everything changed, secrets came out and war was made but love was found. And when that happend that is when I met the most handsome man in my life, and his name was.....

Romance / Fantasy
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The Backstory

A small village in Northern England called Anistoria lived a seventeen year-old girl. She had long blonde hair, eyes as blue as the Pacific, skin as white as snow and her name was Antiana. And in London lived a seventeen year old boy with jet black hair, emerald green eyes, olive tone skin, and his name was Damien.

She was no ordinary girl, no. She was the daughter of king Lazarus, well she didn't know that. You see the king was special he was no ordinary king, he represented water. But with that he was immortal, or so he thought. The king had a friend and that friend was another king. King Stefan. King Stefan represented fire and like Lazarus was immortal. Both fought they both fell madly in love with two beautiful women, King Lazarus and his wife had a girl. King Stefan and his wife had a boy. Both children the possesed the power of their father the girl water and the boy fire, and both immortality. You may be wondering about how they found out there was a way to kill the immortals. A man named Eligah malvison created a sword called The Red Stone Sword. Thus had the ability to kill the two friends and did.

When they died the children were adopted. The boy was adopted into a family in London and the girl stayed in Anistoria.
Don't worry your are going to meet them now.
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