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Mate to a Werewolf!

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Soon to be Alpha - Blake Renner is forced to mate her best friend Alicia Parker if his mate is not found, but both of them are determined to wait for their mates lifelong... unfortunately they just have two months. Jennylia Lockhart and her childhood best friend Ryan Miller are sent to a well known University to make them, as their parents say "disciplined" though they are unknown of the fact that two werewolves await them. "One moment I was in the balcony reading my favourite Werewolf romance and the next thing I knew I was staring into the mesmerizing grey orbs of a huge black wolf.Maybe I fell asleep, or am I dead?" This novel is designed around a world where die hard fans of werewolves roam around including our protagonist Jennylia Lockhart or Jen. What happens when she gets to know werewolves do exist?! Add over the fact that she is mated to one!

Romance / Humor
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Here I come with a romance novel. A topic my heart is obsessed with... WEREWOLVES!!! Oh I'm so in love with Werewolf novels.
Though it is a fantasy novel it's quite different than the others, but as we always say if you're giving it a try you'll not be disappointed.
I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did writing it.
We are two authors Sprinkles and Berry and this story is written by me, Sprinkles. If you still haven't checked the other book "The Sorenson" go give it a try. Please do comment and review what you think about the story so that we can improve them. Feedbacks are welcome! I hope you guys like it... Fingers crossed 🤞

Btw, the Character Descriptions! (if you want you can skip but I'd suggest reading) -

Jennylia Lockhart (Jen) -
elbow length dark brown hairs and black eyes surrounded with dark brown. 5'5 (around 165cm) in hieght and a curvy body. Heart shaped face, small nose and cute smile. Mix of cute and hot!
Nature: Human but fast and strong. She's quite good at academics as well as sports, academics specially. She's really beautiful but considers herself as average looking. A huge prankster. Along with Ryan she can turn places upside down. Always up to something or the other, notorious and hard to handle (her mother's an exception. She can make her do literally anything. She's her partner with whom she has been through thick and thin) Had a sour past but she's strong enough to move on though her insomnia won't let her forget anything. Hasn't slept since 10 years because of the same. Strong and courageous meanwhile also loving and caring for her close ones. In short a perfect luna to be!

Blake Renner -
black locks and intimidating grey eyes (those that can pierce through your souls) 6'5 (around 195 cm, yes that tall) in hieght with a muscular body. He can easily squish anyone into a ball. Square jawline with sharp features and extreme good looks (he's a werewolf duh!) Hottest species of all the males on this planet!
Nature: Werewolf so speed and strength are given. Sharp senses especially hearing and smelling. All qualities of an Alpha (strong willed, intimidating, courageous and strong, great leader, responsible and organised) always thinks about the betterment of the pack. And his beautiful mate (of course..). Has waited for four years for his mate and agrees to wait more (he believes in true love and mates that the moon goddess has arranged for them) though he genuinely wants to become his pack's Alpha. Cold to everyone accept his parents, Alice, the prior officials of his pack, his mate-Jen (her parents and Ryan too) and his pack's kids. In short a perfect Alpha to be!

Alicia Parker (Alice) -
elbow length strawberry blonde hairs with baby blue eyes. 5'8 (almost 173cm) in height and body of a model (werewolf duh!) Oval face with sharp features (again model-like) Sexy af!
Nature: Werewolf so speed, strength and heightened senses. Mentally strong too and bold. Trusts only the Alpha and Blake among all males (After meeting his mate, him included) She survived through a horrible past too. Though it only made her stronger. Could kill if she decides to do so. Trained with Blake under the prior general to the pack. Extremely sweet and soft with the people around her. But in a battle, she's just a crazy fighter set out to murder. Supports Blake with everything and anything. He's already an Alpha for her. In short an amazing she wolf!

Ryan Miller -
Jet black locks with dust brown eyes. 6'3 (around 190 cm, another tall guy) in hieght and muscular built (less than Blake but as a human more than fine) V shaped jawline and hot gaze. Dimples on one side. Another human with cute and hot mix!
Nature: Human but really strong. He's also good at sports and academics, sports specially. Kind and supportive. A total clean-freak! Prankster, always messing around people when with Jen. Both together means some problem ought to come. He can impress anyone. The typical good boy whom girls drool over. Not usually the one to get into fights but if it's about Jen he could really be mad. The kind who keeps others before himself, really pure soul. If he loves he loves with all his heart. In short an amazing human being!

Happy Reading :)

"Hurry up!" Ryan whisper yelled from the door frame. "I'm almost done." I whispered back. After setting up my mischievous plan I tip toed outside and gave Ryan a thumbs up. We both smiled like maniacs before making our way out to the hallway.
"Good morning Miss Hall!" I chirped as she passed by us. She raised a brow at my unusual behavior but wished me nonetheless.

"Here it goes." I giggled and Ryan nudged my arm. "Time for the countdown." He said and we began counting, "3...2...1..." "Aaahhhh!!!!" Miss Hall's scream reached our ears and we both burst into fits of laughter.
She came running out of the staff room screaming. We straightened trying to suppress our laughter. "Is everything okay Miss Hall?" I asked innocently and she passed a harsh glare at me. "You... I'll make sure you both get expelled!" She yelled at us before leaving and we continued laughing.

We sat in the office waiting for the councilor to come and begin his lecture when the door opened and a smiling Mr. Oakley entered the room. As soon as his eyes fell on us his smile dropped and a sigh escaped his mouth.
"I should've known it would be you guys. Who else could put a lizard in the professor's locker?" He said taking a seat in front of us across the table. "Not us." Ryan said and I joined his innocent act, "Yup definitely not us. You know Miss Hall despises me, she's blaming me without any reason."
"Why does she despise you?" He asked in a tired tone. "Because Mr. Oakley, I once put a chewing gum in the hairs of her lovely daughter during the class."
"Why did you do that?" He asked as if he's going to be unconscious any second. "Because she's a bully. She treats her juniors as her slaves."
He sighed deeply and said, "I don't know what to do with you. I'm leaving you to your parents, they decide your punishment." He picked his phone and started to go through the screen. I turned to Ryan with a panicked look and he nodded at me.
"Mr. Oakley, there's no need to contact our parents. You don't even know if we have done this or not." Said Ryan and I sighed in relief. "Listen buddy you guys have exhausted me. Even if you haven't done this, there are many more things your parents need to know. Plus you haven't left me with any other choice." he said sternly.
"Mr. Oakley please don't do this. They would send us to that University they always threaten to send us at." I made my most appealing puppy face and that seemed to stop him for a while.
Only for a while. "And what's so bad with that University?" He asked. "Dad says it is the most strict Uni and is well known for disciplined students." I told him and he thought about it before nodding. I sighed in relief, "Thank you Mr. Oakley."
"Thank you for what? I nodded because I think this is the best place for you both. Hold up, I'll call your parents right now." He said as he left the office quickly with his phone.
I ran behind him and Ryan followed. "Mr. Oakley please, I promise we won't trouble you now." I said and that made him stop. He slowly turned to face us, "Listen kids you're the best students we have had in these past years and that is why I seem to forgive you every time. But this time..." Ryan and I made our signature puppy face which made him smile a bit.
"Okay." He said and we started jumping and thanking him. "-but" he turned serious and we gave him our undivided attention. "This is your last warning. If I find you in my office once again, I'm calling your parents." He said and we both nodded quickly. "Good, now go to your classes." With that being said we moved to our class.
"Does that mean no fun for the rest of our college life?" Asked Ryan on the way and I smiled at him. "Nope. That means we take care not to be under suspicion the next time." I say with a mischievous grin and we both chuckle.
We managed to stay away from any kind of trouble all day until lunch came and Rob the jerk decided to get on my nerves.
"Hey Jen!" He chirped and put his arm around Ryan and my shoulder from behind. "Did you find your dad?" He said and Ryan raised his fist to break the jerk's jaw but I grabbed his arm and shook my head. One day when I was telling Ryan about my past, this jerk overhead the conversation and trolls me since then. The mention of my "dad" made my blood boil.
"Didn't your dad teach you some manners young girl?" This was what Miss Hall had said even after knowing everything, which made me plan a revenge on her.
About my dad... Some other day. Long story short mom and my so called "dad" were divorced when I was eight and she married Drake an year ago. I live with them since then. Also none of us knows where my genetical father went and we've never contacted him in any manner, not that I want to. I take Drake as my real father anyways and even call him dad because...
A bone cracking sound broke my chain of thoughts and I saw that Ryan had done his job. Our plan not to come under suspicion the next time we do something got all fucked up 'cause the whole cafeteria saw Ryan beat that jerk.
And right now, second time this day we were sitting in the office waiting for Mr. Oakley. As soon as he entered, he took out his phone and left the office. "Am I talking to Mrs. Lockhart?" I faintly heard.
"We're dead!" I said dropping my head on the table. "Hell we're dead!" Said Ryan before mirroring my action.

A/N: How's the first chapter? Let me know your thoughts by leaving comment. Happy Reading :)
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