Get Kai or Die Tryin': A True Story

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Love isn’t always predictable. When Yumi meets Kai at her best friend’s birthday, it seems that opposites really do attract. Whilst fun-loving Yumi wears her heart on her sleeve, Kai is introverted and pessimistic. In this story of two unlikely lovers, romance is put to the test, showing that real love is worth fighting for. Based on true events, and set against the backdrop of 2000s Manhattan, we follow Yumi and Kai’s journey to be together amidst life’s chaos. From battles with mental health, to disapproving parents, this story of forbidden love shows that true love takes courage and perseverance. Through the intricately detailed characters and sharp sense of humour, Yumi and Kai take on a life of their own. Relatable, heartfelt and funny, this Asian Contemporary Romance takes the reader on a journey of discovery that explores cultural differences, secrets, and depression. Will Yumi’s happy-go-lucky spirit ever match Kai’s cautious nature? Will Kai battle his mental health and move on from his past? In this passionate tale of romance and emotion, will love win?

Romance / Humor
Debbie Min
Age Rating:


Fall 2007


There weren’t many things I didn’t like about Kai when I first met him in the crowded restaurant in Manhattan, aside from his inscrutable nature. Was he interested or was he a polite Southern boy simply passing time? And why had he run off like that?

As our group gathered outside the bar, I spotted him standing under a cone of pale light, attempting to hail a passing cab. His hand raised in the air; a shadow passed over his face as his shape began to waver against the dark shadows of passing traffic. All at once, his knees buckled, body toppling over like a sack of doorknobs to the hard sidewalk. The long fall ended with a hollow thud that echoed back and forth against the side of the tall buildings at my back.

I watched in terror as his kind eyes turned to two white slits on his pain-stricken face. Watching him lay there, a broken marionette with all its strings cut, I helplessly clawed from the inside to reset the clock.

Oh my God…is he... dead?!

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