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How many of us have our untold stories. The stories which our best friends know or the heart. These stories are somewhat related to our crushes, the first sex or the first kiss, first bike or the first ride. They don’t necessarily end on a happy note but they are irked on our brain as fresh as yesterday. Reeti Dasani is the same girl that lives in your neighborhood who thinks she is not worth it. Nerd and unknown she has her own stories and insecurities. She goes to Richmond High and is a back bencher. She likes a boy who goes in her class but everybody likes him, what’s special about it anyways? He is her friend but does that change anything? But will they still remain friends after an unfortunate event. What happens when they both go to college. Strong headed and bold, Will her stories ever meet happy endings? Will she be ever able to look beyond her looks and appearance?

Romance / Humor
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“Ugh... I don’t wanna wake up. Please someone switch off the goddamn alarm. Mom, Krish? ”

With the irritating sound of the alarm tone, I started my morning. I entered into the kitchen for coffee and I just found out mom was not there. Coffee is missing, my phone is missing and so is my brother.

I decided to make myself coffee. Now I think I should check my phone

Okay it shows a reminder, I have an assignment to submit. I remembered completing it the day Ms. Agarwal assigned it to the class. I did it not because writing assignments is my some kind of passion or hobby but because I had literally nothing to do.

I have just three friends, not sure I could call them friends because with them most of the time I feel out of place. They are hot , sexier and sexier. I may be bold and intellectual but no one cares when you are 80 kgs with all the puberty on your face. Welcome universe, that’s my life and I hate it. Why I can’t be slimmer and have an edgy smile and big eyes like all the other girls. Okay maybe a few inches long hair too would be great.

With a sigh, I kept my phone aside and decided to have a peaceful coffee. Only if I may because the minute I sipped my coffee my phone started ringing.Its Rohan.

Rohan was my only friend from school. He was hot and girls would drool all over him. A minor insignificant detail that I think I should add, I considered him a friend and he would consider more help than a friend.

I let it ring and decided not to pick up, it rang again.

On the third call I finally decided to pick up.

" You know what, green option on your phone works only when you swipe it up. Not when you are just staring it with your eyes” ,He informed me sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes and decided not to answer his remark and asked something else, “Why?”

“Because technology has not been that advanced. It still needs your touch to function. They’re working on Al for higher prog....”

" I said why did you call me this early. Couldn’t it wait” I stirred my coffee.

" You remembered physics assignment. Have you written it?”

" I might.. ”

“Can you do mine , please Ritu?.

“Absolutely...........not”, said I.

" Pretty please” ,he said with extra politeness.

“Where are your girlfriends, shouldn’t they be doing this?” I said with scorn.

" Well I would ask them if they were as smart as you”.

“Well then maybe next time you should see their report cards instead of their cup size” I said ironing my shirt.

“Ouch, that hurt!!” I think he made the fake stabbing on the heart sign on the other end of the phone.

“Well, that was the point” I said with equal indifference.

“I am begging you fatso” Rohan said, which nearly made me laugh.

“What’s in it for me?” Now I have started reading newspaper.

" Remember Mein kampf, I might have a first copy”.

" You might? Like Eugen Fischer’s Mein Kampf?” I asked with complete shock because last I checked he wasn’t the reader type.

“Yeah nerd!! That”.

" No way in hell you could have that”.

" Okay my dad has. Someone gifted him and I can sneak it out for you but you know the.....″

" You got yourself a deal mate” ,I interrupted him in between.

For those unprecedented, Mein Kampf is a 1925 autobiographical manifesto by Adolf Hitler. He was a military leader in Germany and the rest is history. I have always been curious about the events that made his heart cold. He loved his cousin, what happened to her, why would he allow mass cleansing. I wanted to know all the reasons,the psychology behind that.

So it’s 8.30, my school starts at 9.30 . There’s no way I can copy 3 hour assignment in 45 minutes. So I have a clear choice, annual marks or first edition.

I chose what any sensible person would have chosen- first edition. I did not write the name on my assignment and decided to submit it in the name of Rohan.

At 9.15 I reached school . I was greeted by the sight of Rohan making out with his new girlfriend in the parking Area. Wow!! I need straight 30 minutes from my bed to get from my morning face to my normal face. And here are these girls, dear God , kindly add energy to the previous list of my wishes, thanks.

I parked my scooty and decided to hand over Rohan his assignment.

“Uhhh...hmmm..” I made some stupid noise on reaching his bike. As expected he was too indulged so he didn’t notice.

" Ahem....mmm” ,I made a coughing sound again.

“What” ,the girl snapped right over me.

" Rohan, since you begged me for the assignment but now I think I have changed my mind” I said and started walking in another direction.

“Baby, just two secs” Rohan said, and he started chasing me back.

“Fatso, wait ! I have got your book” he held my wrist which made me pull towards his side

“Then I have got your assignment”, I said releasing my wrist from his grip.

" Thankyou fatso” ,he said, giving me a parcel which was wrapped in brown paper.

I started walking towards the exit. I decided to tell him to write the name on the assignment as I have forgotten to write but he was already lost in that girl’s embrace by now.

I looked at my watch and it’s already 9.20. Oh dear God, please don’t make me late. First lecture is already allotted to Ms. Agarwal and I don’t have the assignment. Have mercy God.

11th A, yes that’s my class. I don’t have any friends in class. I think it’s because I am not cool enough for them or I am too old school. I like books instead of parties, I like letters instead of texts and all the other old soul things.

I entered the class and silently got seated on the last bench. That seat was my spot. Since the beginning of this class I have been sitting over here. Ms. Agarwal was distributing midterm answer sheets. I just hope I don’t fail. Just when I was sure Rohan was bound to be late, he was sitting on the fourth seat of the last row. Why wasn’t he late?

Answer sheets were distributed and to my utter shock I got 78 out of 80. Most of the class was complaining about strict marking and almost one fourth of the students were fail in physics

" Now all of you have seen your marks,so it’s time to announce the highest scorer. Reeti Dasani, it’s no shock. I am so proud of you Reeti.I think she deserves a clap.” Everyone started tapping their benches and I did not even care to raise my head for acknowledgement.

“Now I would like everyone to submit their assignments” , Ms. Agarwal announced.

Crap! I don’t have an assignment. Rohan was submitting my assignment as his. I hope it was worth it so I decided to look through the packet that Rohan gave me. Holy fuck!! This isn’t the first copy. He fooled me.

“So class, that’s it for now. On next class we will start with rotationary motion”

“Ummm, Ms. Agarwal , sorry but I think I have forgotten to write my name and roll number on the assignment. Can I write it now?”

" Go ahead child” she gave me the bundle to find me my copy. I wrote my credentials and gave her back.

When she went out of the class Rohan came red on my seat and started

" What the hell ,Ritu!! That wasn’t the deal”

" So wasn’t this the first copy” I banged the book on the bench. Suddenly the whole class knew we were talking and now we had an audience.

“Fair enough , fatso” ,he said and walked away.

I knew he would eventually come around in break or tomorrow. We have been friends since class 2. I wasn’t part of any of his group or gang. I was not even on the lists of the girls that he had dated or was planning to and frankly I was happy like that. My mother knew his mother and we would often meet at society functions. The Rohan off the school and the Rohan in the school were two different games and I liked the Rohan in the latter case.


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