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Aliyah’s life is is not just like any other teenager. She is 19 and almost 20. She was best friends with Addison and Adam who where finally dating! Aliyah was born on the 17 of September and she was afraid of commitment but she is trying to change that with the help of her Amazing friends and she’s about to live allot more than just a normal teenage life. Read the story for the rest!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

"Ally! Come, the new boss is here and he wants to talk to you!" Addison practically shouted while she came running to me with a giant smile on her face. When she was finally standing next to me she whispered "And he is hot as fuck, but as you know I'm taken and in a happy relationship but your not..." so that only I could hear and smirked as she finished her sentence and I rolled my eyes at her about what she had just told me and practically telling me to hook up with my new boss because apparently he is extremely attractive.
I stood up from my table and walked to the bosses' office and looked around looking for the new boss when I didn't see anyone sitting on the office chair that was placed in the middle of the room with a table and many folders and a computer on it.
"Can you walk to the side alitle bit away from the door so I can get in my office please." a voice said from behind me and I moved to the side and apologized that I was in the middle of the way, in front of the door and blocking his way and i told him I hadn't seen him behind me and he told me that it was fine but I just started staring at him as he sat down on the chair and my mind was thinking about how attractive he was but they came back to reality as I realized why I was even at the bosses' office.
"Do you by any chance know where the new boss is because my friend Addison told me he was looking for me and-" he studently interrupted me: "I AM the new boss." he said with a smile and it all made sense in my mind after a second of realizing that is why he sat down on the bosses chair but of course before on the moment he sat I was too busy staring at him because he is smoking hot and his smile is truly beautiful.
I then once again got shot back into reality as he asked me if I was ok and simply I nodded at him.
“I called you to give you these files here. And since I’m the new boss here I want to know the name of every of my assistants and you are one of them and I haven’t met you yet. So I wanted to know what your Name is?” He said with a now strait face.
“Me- oh I- My name is Ally. Oh sorry I meant Aliyah, I said Ally before because usually all the people I work with call me Ally and- sorry I’m talking too much. My name is Aliyah. And yours?” I sigh.. how great is this going already?.. oh I know, horrible because I’m talking too much, I already had been blocking his way into his own office, hadn’t even noticed he was the new boss which probably made him think he didn’t look professional and- the point I’m trying to get to right now is: I messed up already at the start, I can’t even imagine how much he’s gonna hate me and- ...maybe he will give me another chance to show that I am more polite and smarter than I seemed just now I thought.
“Nice to Meet you Aliyah, I’m Matthew, Matthew Ahmed Karim White.” He said standing up and leading me to the door.
“Ok thank you for introducing yourself I’ll go work on the files. I’ll be back with the files all done Maybe if I manage do do it fast I’ll Get it all done in at least 15min.” I said and smiled at him and got out of the office heading to my corner with my table, other files I would need to work on later, my computer that I use at work and a couple of pencils to corrects grammar mistakes that people to t on there files that they send to us.

*17min after Working on the files*

“Hey Ally.” Addison said as she came to me and leaned on the side of my table and smirked. “So do you think you’ll do it?” She asked and I looked at her confused. “Do what-“ I asked her but of course she needed to interrupt me. “Fuck him, have a chance with him of course, what else would I be talking about?! Ally.. I get that you had a bad relationship and so but it’s bin Years already and you didn’t even fuck, kiss, date or even just flirt with someone ever since. You need to pull yourself together and get a man! I’m not trying to push you into dating or annything it’s just... I don’t think it’s mentally healthy for you to have this paranoia of guys tricking you into you having trust in them, then hurt you because one guy did it... I know it was your first everything and all those horrible things happened but you need to let it go because it’s definitely not good for you... I’m sorry if I’m coming on too strong but you’ve had 2 years or something to recover from what happened mentally and physically and now it’s time for you to put yourself out there into the world” she told me looking serious at me and no smile or expression that I could read to understand what she was feeling, either happyness, anger, confusion or anything. No expression I could read form her face. Right now she was completely, or looked, emotionless.
A tear rolled down my face and Immediately rubbed my eyes to clean off the tear and I just slightly nodded in sadness. I was scared to put myself out there because the one Time I had an experiment with love he tricked me into having trust on him and then he started hitting me and then raped me a couple of times until I managed to run away and moved into L.A. where my two best friends lived who were now dating each other and I luckily jus gloves one floor under there apartment with my 3 roommates who used to be my college friends. I didn’t move in with Addison and Adam who where my best friends since we where very young and I’m so happy for them dating but how I was saying, I didn’t move in with them because there too noisy in bed and they also need there privacy because there both some horny motherfuckers. I mean- there literally Doing it every time they see each other. Even in restaurants he just fingers her or they just fuck in the bathroom.

*A minute of silence passes after what Addison had just said*

“I’ll try but I’ll go slow and don’t expect me to kiss some random guy on the bar or first date” I said still a little nervous about this whole situation.
“Ok I’m so proud of you!” She said and hugged me so strong I couldn’t breathe for a couple of seconds but she let go eventually and smiles at me.
“Girls go to work for one more hour then you have the day off and can go home”
“Okay! Mr. White, I finished correcting and reading the folders that you had given me. What should I do now? Is there anything else for me to do? Can I help someone who needs help in something?” I said actually proud of myself for having finished my work in only 17min.
“Great! I’ll take your work and send some E- Mails about it to the Customers. You can go home now” he picked up my work and left while I was just saying thank you for letting me go early.
“Addison do you need a ride home i can wait if you want to.” I asked her to make shore that she does not need to take a taxi since I know how much she hates them and I smiled at her. “No I’ll call Adam do pick me up. But thank you for asking” she liked back at me with the same energy and I left the office and drove back home with my car.
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