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She wanted legs. I wanted her. I was a shapeshifter, a prince, and something so dangerous that the reality of what I was had to be kept hidden from everyone. I was born with power but power I was never permitted to use but one look at the girl watching us and I knew she was special, different. I could feel it. I'd never wanted someone like I wanted her. So I contrived a plot to make her mine. A way to lure her into my world and into my royal chambers.

Romance / Fantasy
Manda May
Age Rating:

To Lure a Mermaid

"I don't want to go with you."

"Then why did you come here, Girl?" I asked her. Feeling my eyes sheen to a luminescing glow and knowing my beast was trying to peer out.

I need to calm down.

"I wanted to see." She whispered hesitantly.


"All the people. The dogs playing. Everything in your world."

I was still holding my hand out to her but she was swimming backward. Drawing further from me.

"Wouldn't you like a better look?" I beckoned.

"No, I can't. My people would never let me."

"Your people don't need to know..."

"How could I see things?"

"If you take my hand, I can give you something you've never had before."

"What?" Her curiosity drove her to surge closer. And I was mesmerized by her long silver tail flicking under the water. Her long dark hair framing her pretty angular face and her wide dark eyes.

She's breathtaking. And she has no idea. I'd never seen anything like her. And I wanted her.

"Eric?" I could hear Maude, my current significant calling.

"Take it." I urged.

She shook her head. "No. I don't trust man."

"Who would you trust."

"Only one of my kind." She said lifting her chin proudly.

Duly noted.

Maude appeared on the sandy beach and hooked her cloying hand around my bicep. "Eric! Where have you been. It's nearly dinner time."

Her voice annoyed me.

But I wasn't seeing her for her voice. Her father was the Commander of the Appealian Army and my father needed them as allies right now.

So I was seeing the girl. Though I was far more interested in the creature that had ducked her head into the water until only her alluring brown eyes peered up from near the rock.

She's the one I want.

And I'm going to get her. I was promising myself even as Maude drug me off.

That evening we attended the ball. Maude and her brown curls seemed to be everywhere I went. I continually sought a quiet corner to think.

To plot. I was very good at planning. Naturally strategic in my thoughts, so the Captain of the Guard had told me.

A born tactician. He'd called me. But always I'd used those skills to benefit my father and our kingdom.

As I have my powers. But now I wanted to try something else.

I want a creature more like me. Something that might understand me. But never before had I come across any woman I was as drawn to as I was the girl with the silver tail.

I had given up who I was, hidden what I was capable of, all for the sake of blending in with these people and ruling my kingdom but for her, for this girl, I was going to bend all the rules to bring her into

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