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Nathan Alexander is a cold hearted billionaire who is running from his past and does not care about anybody as his past made his heart a rock. He loves a good challenge and will do anything to solve it.. Sofia Stanford is a Harvard topper in Business Administration and is smart and a beautiful girl who loves to live life on her terms that often does not happen. The people who know her call her a challenge. So what will happen when these two will meet? Who will be the challenger and who will be challenged? who will win and who will lose?

Romance / Mystery
Arshnoor Darvesh
Age Rating:


I am so tired of handling people’s aspiration, expectations and how can I forget their judgements. They think it’s a crown which is glorious to wear but only the head that’s wearing it will ever understand its burden. They think it is a fine silk robe which is magnificent to wear but only the one wearing it will ever realize its weight.

This unfortunately does not add feathers to my halo wings instead loads to my feet. This prevents we from flying and reaching the sky.



Hey I hope you all like it and plz tell if you all can relate to it. I will update three times a week mostly on Monday to make your Monday better and on Friday and Saturday.

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