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Chapter 1

It is two in the morning and here I am laying on my bed running from everyone and even myself. I just feel so lost I was never really this depressed and just like every day, I cry myself to sleep…….

I groan as I hear my alarm and turn only to find that I have fallen on the bloody ground. “OH MY GOD ITS BLOODY 8:30 IN THE MORNING AND I HAVE A FREAKING MEETING IN LIKE 30 DAMM MINUTES” I quicky rush in my bathroom do my business, take a bath and get dressed in a black pencil skirt and a white shirt with my black blazer on. Okay I look good simple, sweet and elegant.

I look in the mirror and see a girl staring back at me with dull dark brown hair that are wavy and fall to her lower back and has dark blue eyes but hey I may not be pretty and I may not have a hourglass body that people so crave but I have a spark in my eyes and that’s what I wanted … that spark of doing something you like and something on your own gosh that feels so good. Yes, I did not apply make up I am not that sort of person so just a lipstick will do.

I wear my black belt watch and black heels and get out of my bedroom and go to my garage just to see my black beauty resting and yes, my black beauty is my car that I very much adore and why will I not after all I bought it from my hard-earned money. I quickly get inside my Aston Martin DBX and drive to my destination that is ‘Negotium Enterprises’ It’s a Latin word for business. I had to do something of my degree as I can not just sit and see people decide what I should do in my life. Why did they do that? What was their problem?

Just as I was pondering on these questions that I have been doing for the past 5 years I heard my PA and bestie Anna calling out to me and here goes my day. Ah!! I need a break from her though I love her very much but ya know she can be a little irritating. “what the hell! Sop, I am calling you from the past 5 mins ya know” “oh sorry I was actually thinking something” “what may I please know because girl if you are going to do that up there in the bloody meeting then girl I will get a arrest and if I die from it then mind it I will haunt you till hell freezes” “wow girl that is quite impressive to say in one breath foe someone who is 5’2.” God her face was red she was fuming and I had to suppress a giggle. “Miss 5’8 I am much better than you, you who cannot even end a day without spacing out and seriously did you even hear what I said?” before I could even open my mouth she continued “no of course you did not then young lady you better listen to me and revise your work and presentation because Mr. Alexander will be present and he expects perfection from people”

Of course, he will be there he is our new boss apparently as Mr. Anderson sold his company to him. I frown as I have never seen such a foolish man, I mean who the hell sells his fully function and for God’s sake a fortune worth company to a cold-hearted CEO.

“Ya I know and don’t worry everything is ready and hey it will take more than a control freak and a sadistic to scare me, okay Annie?” I hear Anna gasp and then hear a smooth, velvety voice that struck me like a thunderbolt.

“So that is what you think of me as a sadistic hum mm… interesting Miss Stanford... that’s your name right?


Hey guys what is your take on Sofia's new boss. Do you like Anna? want one in your life? well that was chp. 1 and 662 words. Until next time, love - love.

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