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Chapter 2

I already had an idea who that person is but I still turned to see that person regretted it that instance as of course it was none other than Nathan Alexander. Dammit! As I was mentally cursing myself, my boss spoke again “not very welcoming, are we?... and here Clive Anderson told me that his CEO, Miss Stanford is polite and excellent at her job never mind let’s see what you know about work because you know nothing about how to respect your boss” with that, he left yes, he bloody left me here without giving me a chance to clarify. Jerk, wait did he just challenge me? Did he just say that I am not polite? Huh look who’s talking as if I have a reputation of being a rude jerk. God, I hate him!! Just when I was cursing my jerk of a boss Anna hit me on the back of my head. “ouch” is all that I could say because she started her monologue in which she was telling me how stupid I am and how my sass is going to get me into trouble and she has a point there yes, my sass has and will get me in trouble.

“Now come Sop you have already spoilt your first impression by talking rubbish about him and being late so please tell me that you have worked on your ppt” “Yea bro chill I have” I said as we moved towards the elevator “Just shut up don’t you dare call me that in your European accent. Ahh!! I hate you I don’t even know why I am your PA and bestie” Before I could reply, we reached the top floor where the meeting was taking place as we were already late so we directly went to the conference room.

As we entered the room, we took are seats, our conference room was quite big. We had an oval table in between that was made out of glass and it complimented the grey room very well. When I sat, I noticed the people present in the meeting, Mr. Steel was sitting next to me and Miss. Rose on the other side, then there was Mr. Ruth and lastly the great ‘Nathan Alexandra’ was sitting at the end of the table and yea I had to admit that he was handsome. He has black orbs that could capture you in them, black hair cut short and just right for his beautiful face that has a high cheekbone and jaw so sharp that it can cut through his lovers heart and of course we know about his tongue that is so sharp that can cut through his haters heart and shatter their soul and God has an excellent taste in fashion as he was wearing a dark forest green suit with a baby pink shirt inside that was complimenting his dark blue that was almost black tie very well. When I was done taking in his attire only then I saw a man sitting behind them he has dark brown curls and an olive color skin with big honey brown eyes. He is wearing a mustard color suit with a white shirt and red tie. I thought it was his PA because his was sitting behind him just as Anna sits behind me.

I moved my eyes back to the man sitting in front only to see that now he was staring at me with his beautiful eyes. His eyes holding an unknown emotion, it is as if he is trying to scare me away but hey, I am not a weak woman who will look away and bud you are a fool to think that you can scare me away with that stare of yours because two can play this game and I am excellent in staring or rather glaring at people.

We were glaring at each other for the past five minutes only to hear someone clear their throat and that person was none other than my PA Anna. “I think we should start as we are already late thanks to Miss Stanford as I don’t have time to waste so please start” Spoke the devil. Late because of me and you are busy huh! as if I sleep the entire day. Jerk.


Hey sweets how was this chapter? Did you'll like it or love it? What do you think about Nathan? Do you'll like him? So this was 715 words so until next time love-love. bbye ppl.

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