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Who Are You Really?

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Listran is a mysterious "photographer" who catches people breaking the law and sells his photos on the dark web which, part of his mafia owns. Kliminar, his target, may just be his match though, keeping Listran from submitting his photos of Kliminar on the web. Listran is the boss of his Mafia, leaving Seni as the fake boss. Listran gave himself the goal to get rid of Kliminar's mafia altogether. However he's soon to become the consigliere of Kliminar's mafia and Kliminar his. I have no clue where this is going please bare with me if the story changes a little. -\_(>.<)_/- This is also not accurate so please don't judge.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 Intro

I sat in a bush almost completely frozen, Kliminar in my camera sights. I snapped a pic of his face, clearly showing his features. A patrol walked past my bush and I tensed. One of them sniffed, looking at my bush. Shoot, what shampoo did I use? The lookout sneezed, then sniffed again. Thankfully they kept walking. I slowly let out my breath, so they didn’t hear me. Kliminar’s acquaintance walked up to him and they shook hands. I snapped a few more pics. They exchanged words, some carts moved in the background. I snapped some more. Kliminar turned and pointed at a few carts to my right, only a few meters away from me. I had a slight panic but they turned again and pointed at some other boxes. Just as I figured they'd moved on Kliminar smirked and made direct eye contact with my camera. My eyes widened in fear as more and more guards and patrols looked my direction. I turned slowly in the bush. Slipping out of the bush and into another, a voice called out. I bolted.

“Catch him!” Lookouts and guards came sprinting after me, and surprisingly enough, Kliminar was chasing me as well. It’s a goooooood thing I did track. The trading spot was not that far from an abandoned town, so I headed that way.

“Stop right there!” I heard shouts from behind me. Ain’t no way buddy. I saw the town through some trees. Hurdling a bush, Fwoosh! and dodging a branch that came pretty close to my head. Who, boy. I reached the town and started zipping through buildings. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! I stopped behind a building, a restaurant. I climbed the ladder. Climbing to the roof. I pressed my body as close to the building as a I could while still climbing.

“Find him, I want him in front of me, and I wanted him here yesterday!” Kliminar shouted. Yeesh. His minions scattered, searching everywhere, at least everywhere except for on top of the buildings. If I’m being honest, I do a little parkour here and there, okay, I do a lot of parkour everywhere. Either way, it's time to get out of here. I watched the guards and made a prediction. I crawled to the side of the building that I climbed up at, stood up and got a running start. I leapt onto the next building which seemed to be a small hotel, and I started climbing. You may be thinking this is a bad idea, and the answer is yes, but honestly I don’t care. They already proved that I can out run every single one of them. The building was only four stories, so I reached the top fairly quickly, now, when I reached the top, AND ONLY WHEN I REACHED THE TOP, did they spot me.

“He’s right there!” One of them shouted sprinting into the building. Hah! What’s he going to do? Sprint up the stairs? Hah!

Unless you are him, apparently. I heard a slam on the roof door. I looked at it surprised. It burst open and he stumbled out, followed by a few others who'd followed him in. I instantly started sprinting for the edge.

“STOP!!” He shouted.

“FUCK YOU!!” I shouted back, then I jumped off the four story building. They all stopped at the edge. Who was to know there was a cliff behind the building! Hah! A cliff… A FUCKING CLIFF? Fuck Me!! Well, in a roundabout way, I did indeed get away. And my saying still stands, I never let myself get caught. To my luck there was a lake, at the bottom, a lake. Splash! The impact knocked me out. I’m just glad I lived.

I woke up, coughing up water and gasping. My clothes were soaked. I dragged myself a little further onto the rock shore and coughed up more water. I lay there on my stomach for a little bit. Whew. After I rolled over and sat up I looked up at the edge, taking my time to recover. I stood up very slowly and stumbled a bit. God that was fucking horrifying but at the same time the thrill of jumping off the cliff... I shook my head before my depressed thoughts got to me.

“Where are you going,” I spun around with almost enough force to knock me over (almost fell on my ass) but not quite. It was him, Kliminar, leaning against a tree. I backed away shock and fear shooting through my veins. “I’m the only other animal here,” He let an evil somewhat mischievous grin grow on his face, I backed into the water.

“I-I doubt that,” I looked around hesitantly stopping when the water reached my shins.

“I promise,” He smiled, revealing his surprisingly sharp teeth. “Look, kiddo-”

I’m only a year younger than you,” I glared at him. He raised his eyebrows looking surprised.

“Huh, You’re fairly cute for your age.” He smirked.

“You’re fairly ugly for yours,” I winked followed by a smirk. His smile disappeared.

“Look, just hand over those photos you took,” He opened a hand in my direction.

“Ha! As if,” I crossed my arms. He crumbled his hand into a ball and took a few steps towards me. I took more steps back into the water. He paused clearly rethinking his actions.

“Your camera,” He held out his hand again. I studied it, “Please.” He gritted his teeth, I looked at him and snorted.

“If you let me go,” I hissed.

“Of course,” His eyes sparkled with mischief.

"I'm not joking," I hissed walking out of the water away from him.

"Why would you be?" He slowly followed my movements.

"I can see your mischievous grin, you're obviously not taking me seriously." I hissed, coughing from the horrible taste of pond water in my mouth.

"I have no clue-" I tossed him my camera as a distraction and tried to take off running. He caught it and took off after me. God he’s fast. I heard his steps approaching faster than mine were going, clearly I wasn't quite recovered just yet. I dodged to the left barely missing the tree but I still wasn't fast enough. Kliminar hooked an arm around my waist and jerked me into him.

“Oh fuck!” I heaved as he pulled me into him. He laughed showing, once again, his overly sharp canine teeth.

“Did you think I would let you go?”

“No, that’s why I tried to sprint, dumbass,” I struggled in his grasp. “Fuck you,” I elbowed him in the rib but he just grunted. “Let me go you untrustworthy asswipe,” He wrapped his second arm over both my arms, leaving my legs swinging. “ERGH!” I swung my leg in between his feeling it meet its mark.

"Fuck!" He doubled over dropping me with him. I managed to shift and start crawling. I dragged my lower half out from under him only to be yanked back by the hips. I yelped as his hips met my ass. "Did you think you were going to get far?" His hand snaked up my chest and he grabbed my jaw. "You have to pay for doing that now," He grumbled in my ear.

"Let go of me," I hissed through my panic.

"You have two choices, would you like to come with me willingly or would you prefer I knock you upside the head," Kliminar hissed.

"I prefer this incident never happened," I tried his grip, but he didn't budge. I went limp, surprising Kliminar as I rolled under his arm.

"Get back here!" He shouted as I grabbed a tree limb hauling myself up and trying to flee. I only made it a few steps before I heard his feet thumping after me. I jumped and grabbed a branch, pulling myself up. My arms wobbled, still sore from being pancaked by the water, my whole body was but that didn't stop me. I pulled one leg up and wrapped it on the branch, though I couldn't move. I looked down at Kliminar who had a hold on my ankle.

"Drop it," I hissed.

"Don't call yourself an it, that's degrading," he smirked.

"Just like letting someone kick you in the balls, drop it." I growled back. He frowned, pulling my other leg off the branch. I held on with my arms, not willing to go without a fight.

"Let go of the branch deary," my eyes widened at the nickname.

"What?" I spared a look at him, his smirk was still there but there was a hint of whatever-the-fuck that look is, like he was a starved beast set in front of a meal. I swallowed realizing I would be the considered the main course. Shock pulsed through my asscheek and I gasped letting go of the branch, pushing Kliminar's head away from my body. He had bit my asscheek. He, bit, my asscheek. My asscheek, no doubt, has bite marks on it now.

I don't know what, and I don't know how, but he had managed to knock me out with something, again I don't know what. It was just him and I again after we had passed his guards into an elevator. Should...I...punch...him??? The doors dinged and he walked down the hallway and into a room, where he placed me on what felt like a bed. I peeked out my left eye, he was turned around facing the opposite way. He was picking something up, I wasn’t about to find out. I rolled off the bed on the opposite side he was on.

“Hey!” He spun around. He ran to the other side of the bed but I rolled under. So glad I’m thin. I stood up on the other side of the bed.

“Fuck off,” I growled. He stood confused.

“But…” He prowled to the bottom of the bed. I remained still.

"Bitch, how long do you think that stuff lasts?”

“Longer than it did on you,” He lunged for me but I rolled across the bed. "We're going to be here a while, just cooperate," he seethed. I bolted to the door and surprisingly, it was unlocked.

“Where,” I heard him sigh after me. I stuck my nose in the air.

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