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It turns out my unrequited love was only the beginning of my problems. With a raging war that I caused, I must accept my fate or die. Ariana has chased after her childhood crush, Conall, since she used to play with unicorn plush toys. She has followed him everywhere, even in the dangerous forest. Standing at six foot six inches of primal masculinity with emerald green eyes and sharp cheeks, Conall is every college girl's wet dream. When Conall leaves out of town on a year-long trip, Ariana ceases the opportunity to get over her unrequited love and reinvent herself. In her resolution on moving forward, Ariana meets new friends and a new swoon-worthy guy. When Conall returns he finds the new Ariana - confident, brave, compassionate, but also adventure-seeking and feisty. Long gone is the shy and blushing girl who used to make love sick puppy eyes at him. Will Conall stop denying Ariana when he sees her with another guy's arms around her body? After her twenty first birthday, Ariana learns the truth- she lives in a supernatural world- more specifically, in a pack of werewolves. But any human who knows the truth has to be killed. For the first time in supernatural world history, a human is mated with a werewolf. Not any werewolf, but the Alpha-to-be, Conall. Will he be able to fight for his mate's life?

Romance / Fantasy
M.J. Penn
5.0 55 reviews
Age Rating:

Announcement - 10.16.21

Hi everyone,

So excited that this story will show up on Galatea, supposedly in early November. Thank you so much for all your support. :)

This is my last warning before taking down the story from Inkitt around 10/20. Check it out on Galatea. It supposed to show up as a trilogy with a lot more going on and more developed characters.



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