Something Like That

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Unwelcomed Guest

Cody woke to his phone ringing. Jumping awake, he grabbed it, seeing it was his Father. As he answered, he turned, noticing Lia was not in bed.

“Yes,” He grumbled.

“Hello to you too,”

“Sorry, it’s been a long night. Any luck?” Cody asked, walking around the room.

“Yes, a few leads. I have to know, this man, who is it to you?” William questioned.

“Nathan’s sister. You remember Nathan, I’m sure. This man is and has caused her a lot of grief, putting it mildly.”

“Yes, I remember Nate. His sister? I’ve not met her.”

“No, she just moved here a month or so ago.”

“Interesting. You’ve taken a liking to her then?” William spoke with the sound of the smirk on his lips. He knew it had to be something substantial for his son to reach out to him, and he was oddly grateful.

“Something like that. The leads, though? Can you help?” Cody changed the subject.

“Yes, I can and I will, on one condition?”

“Of course, strings are attached.” Cody sighed, sitting back on the bed as Lia entered the room, carrying two coffee mugs. He smiled at her.

“Nothing too hard. Give me until the end of the week, and I should be able to get it resolved. Then you and this young woman have dinner with me?” William waited for the response.

“Fine, Deal.” Cody hung the phone up.

“Everything okay?” Lia asked quietly, handing him a coffee.

“Yes. Yes, it seems it will be. How are you?” He asked.

“I’m okay. Did you sleep okay?” She shrugged, sitting next to him.

“Best sleep I’ve had in a very long time.”

“Really?” she laughed.


“Thank you for staying with me.” Lia smiled at him.

“Thank you for letting me stay.” Cody smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear. She shivered at his touch while admiring his sleepy appearance.

“Nathan and Dani are out. He went into work, and she’s over at her place.”

“Ah, so we’re alone?” Cody cocked an eyebrow at her with a smirk.

“So it seems.” she took a sip of her coffee.

“Hmm.” he nodded, setting his mug down. Lia sat hers next to his; before she could speak, Cody had his hands around her waist, pulling her into him. She relaxed with his touch, staring down into his blue eyes that sparkled back at her.

“I was going to tickle you mercilessly until I could sneak a kiss, but I kinda want to skip straight to the kiss,” Cody spoke in a low, husky voice.

“Oh yeah?” Lia felt the familiar flutters return.

“Would that be okay?” he smiled.

“Mmhmm.” she could only nod, and before she knew it, his lips were pressing into hers. He placed his hands softly on her back, holding her close as her hands made their way up to his neck, running her fingers through his hair.

The kiss was soft but intense, making her feel weak in the knees. They only stopped for air, then immediately, her lips crashed into his again, being sucked in like a magnet. When they finally parted, they both smiled.

“Wow,” Cody whispered.

“Definitely wow.” she giggled.

Their moment was sadly interrupted by Lia’s phone. It was Nathan calling.

“Afternoon,” she sang.

“You sound chipper. Everything going okay?”

“Yeah. Just woke up a few minutes ago.”

“Oh. Cody still there?”


“Okay, good. I just wanted to check-in. I promise I’m working on this mess. I know William is too.”

“I know, I appreciate it.”

“Are you scheduled to work tonight?”

“Actually, no. I need to get in touch with Cameron, though.” Lia answered.

“Okay. I’ll be home this evening. Dani is working.”

“That should be interesting,” Lia grumbled nervously.

“It’ll be fine. Tell Cody I got his temporary leave taken care of so he can work with you.”

“Okay. Thank you.”

“It’s Nothing, Sis. I love you. Try and relax today, okay?”

“Yes, sir. Love you too.” Lia laughed, hanging up. Cody was laid back on the bed, pretending to be asleep.

Remembering the kiss they shared only moments before, Lia couldn’t help but hope for more. Instead of going in after what she wanted, she decided to play. She slowly leaned forward, reaching her arms to tickle his sides, but before she could, his hands reached out and grabbed her wrists, then began a tickle attack on her.

“Too slow!” he laughed. Cody tickled her for a few moments before pinning her underneath him, then slowly pulling his lips to hers. They kissed over and over with intensity building; Cody slid his hand up the back of Lia’s shirt just as the doorbell rang.

“Expecting someone?” he laughed.

“No?” Lia looked confused. “I’ll go see.”

She wiggled out from underneath Cody and made her way to the front door. Lia opened it without hesitation and met with none other than the good Doctor himself, Dr. Brosen.

Lia held her breath as he smiled at her. Her brain screamed to slam the door or scream for Cody, but her body refused and froze in place.

He stood with a bundle of roses, then causing her to flinch, reached out to give them to her.

“We didn’t get the chance to speak yesterday, and I hear you’re feeling ill.” His voice caused her to shudder. “Are you going to invite me inside? I’ve come a long way to see you.”

‘Damnit, Lia! Do something!’ she yelled at herself as he pushed himself by her stepping inside.

“I think you should leave.” she finally got out.

“That’s not very kind of you. I’ve come to check on you and our child.” He stood looking around, presumably for the child he thought he had.

“Child?” she spat, feeling herself start to shake, wishing Cody would come into the room.

“Yes, our child.” He looked at her, confused.

“You murdered my child when you nearly murdered me.” Lia choked out. His response was showing he had no idea or at least acted as such. “You had to have known.” She was trying to breathe and keep composed, but the longer he stood there, the harder it was.

“I didn’t try to murder you.” He stepped toward her, and she lost it.

“You need to leave!” she yelled for his benefit as well as to get Cody’s attention.

Dr. Brosen went to respond, but before he could, a heavy fist hit him straight in the jaw.

“Are you okay?” Cody asked, looking from her to Dr. Brosen, who was trying to get up from the floor.

“Yes,” she whispered in shock.

“Are you serious?! You can’t assault me like that!” Brett yelled, getting on his feet.

“Sure can,” Cody stated coldly before knocking him in the jaw once more. This time causing blood to trickle out of his mouth. Lia wasn’t sure if she wanted to laugh or cry.

“Call Nathan,” Cody instructed.

“Oh no.” Lia gasped.

“Yes, it’s fine. He will bring back-up. Have him call William to meet me at the station as well.” Lia shook her head but did as he asked.

“So you’re going to beat me and bring in reinforcements to beat me when I’ve done nothing?” Dr. Brosen moaned from the floor.

“You’ve done a lot of things wrong. I’d shut up if I were you. You’re lucky you’re still alive.” Cody spat, standing over him.

“Lia, please, talk some sense into your thug friend.”

Cody quickly punched him again.

“Don’t say her name, don’t speak to her, don’t even look at her!” He yelled.

Nathan could hear the commotion and quickly ended the call. He called William as he headed out of the station.

“Fine. I could care less about Lia. I only came for my child.” Dr. Brosen spat.

Cody looked from him to Lia.

“I said don’t say her name!” He threw another punch into the Doctor’s jaw.

Lia shook her head in disbelief.

“I told you, the baby died. You beat me to the point you killed the baby. I don’t know how you didn’t know this.” Lia spoke soft, her nerves getting the best of her.

“I assumed that was a lie, to hide from me.” He wiped the blood from his lip.

“I was in New York for over a year after. I didn’t hide. There is no child.” Lia spat, turning to the door as Nathan entered with two other uniformed officers.

“Shit!” He cried.

“Of course, you have police friends,” Brett grumbled.

“I’m her brother; you’re lucky these officers are here to keep me and him from killing you right now.” Nathan spat, nodding at the officers to go to Dr. Brosen.

They began cuffing him and reading him his rights.

“What have I done? I was the one attacked.” He yelled.

“You violated a protective order,” Cody stated; Lia looked at him, raising her brow, confused.

“And you assaulted me!” he retorted.

“That I did.” He put his hands out for Nathan to cuff him, which he did so reluctantly.

“Wait, what?!” Lia cried as they headed out with the two men.

“It’s fine. He’ll be out in a couple of hours.” Nathan reassured her. “Dani is on her way to be with you.”

Lia was crying now, overwhelmed with the situation, feeling guilty for getting Cody involved and in trouble, and feeling all of the emotions from the events that brought her here in the first place.

“Lia, it’s okay. I promise.” Nathan patted her back. Cody never said a word, which hurt her even more. As they loaded into their cars, Dani came pulling in. She rushed out of her car and up to the porch with Lia.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m so tired of that question.” Lia groaned.

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