The Lost Dynasty

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Kyda is struggling with an identity crisis. Through her entire life, living in England has forced her to reexamine her identity as a Muslim, and wants to fit in over everything else ... Kyda finds herself on the verge of losing her roots. After finding a priceless artifact, Kyda is sent back to the Mughal Dynasty Can she get home? Will she be held back? Will she find herself again?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

{Authors note: The story is fiction based none of it is in used on historical figures or events.}





The loud echoing voice pierced into Kyda eardrums.
She pulled her bedsheets over her head, attempting to block the soundwaves.



She groans as she sat up, seeing a
Sore sight of herself in the dressing table mirror across her bed, with a nest on her head “I’M UP!... jeez”. Like any other day, she threw the bedcovers to the side and swing her legs to the side of her bed and placed
On her socks as she came down the staircase.
She came down to be greeted by the scent of Dosa accompanied with Tomato Chutney lingering around her nose.

With this delectable aroma it could mean one thing. Nani (grandma) is cooking breakfast today... better then typical toast and tea.

Kyda made her way down to the kitchen oak table, that fitted only 4 people. Now there only 3 of them.
Kyda stared at the empty seat where her Nana (grandfather) would have sat with the Kashmir times in his hands, that he would’ve got from his 5 am walk when he walks past the corner shop, with his little spectacles slightly hanging down his nose while complaining how everyone is becoming corrupt these days.

She always had banter with him.

He would believe she could do anything that man can do... possibly better. Whenever he called the family in Pakistan, he would always brag about his granddaughter going to university and how she was going to make him and the family back home proud.

Some of them were sceptical since they don’t see the reason why she would need higher education when she will just be married off at the end of the day.
But others find it interesting… Like it’s some sort of experiment.

Will she make it or will she not?

“Kyda why aren’t you dressed? we’re going to be leaving soon” her mother walked in while fixing her hijab.

Her mother was practically lashing out to her and her grandmother while she fixed her hijab. “Why do I get the most hated Emperor? He literally ran his empire to the ground. That man was so careless...only cared for himself” her daughter faced her “Could have been worse... you could have got Adolfo Hitler” she joked but her mother wasn’t laughing. “This is really important to me, please just don’t as some part time job”.

Kyda leans back in her chair, not answering, as she stared at her mother’s PhD, Islamic Studies and History diploma that was framed on the wall across from her.

Her Nani plated her Dosa in front of her.
She looked up to meet her Nani eyes. A smile was displayed however her eyes present loss.

Amal missed her Nana too.

(Translation: eat up)

Kyda nodded with a weak smile plastered on her face and eats while her Nani poured tea for herself and accidentally another for Nana and froze half way of pouring, realising she did it again.

Kyda stopped eating and faced her Nani noticing her eyes are becoming glossy.

Kyda mother noticed and came to the table and took the spare tea “Shukriya” (translation: thank you) and then took sips as she faced Kyda “Get dressed already”.

Kyda looked at her mother with devouring her breakfast “I’m going, I’m going”. She soon ran back upstairs to change into casual high waisted mom jeans with a graphic tee.

She sat in her bedroom floor to tie up her black high tops converse and soon grabbed her university backpack from her desk along with her phone and earbuds.

She then went back to the kitchen to kiss her Nani cheek “Khuda Hafiz Nani” (translation: goodbye grandma)
“Allah hafiz” her grandmother responded.
(Translation: May God keep you safe).
Her mother did the same before they got into her Toyota.

“Ammi how long do I have to be there?” Kyda spoke in an unenthusiastic manner. Her mother started the dark and pulled out of the driveway “You need to drop the attitude, Kyda. Many students like you would kill for an internship at the museum”.
Kyda pressed her head against the car window, reluctantly listening “You’re just lucky to have a mother who works and is respected there”.

After a 20 minute car journey that felt like an eternity.
They were walking up the white stone staircase entrance to the museum.


Kyda pulled out her phone hoping it would be hers but...

“Dr Mahmood speaking”

Kyda turned around to see it was her mother’s.

“Yes yes I’m here... I’ll be in the office in two minutes” she hung up and dragged Kyda up the staircase and into the grand entrance hall.

Freashly polished wooden chequered floors.

Limestone walls carved with arches and pillars.

And in the very center was an old oak reception desk with a Computer set up from the early 2000s.

“Talk about ancient” she joked to herself as she examined the monitor and suddenly a women in her late 20s with the similar hair texture as Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter, pops up from under the desk “It is pretty old”. Kyda jolted back “woa” her mother was behide her “Priscilla, this is my daughter and intern, Kyda”

Priscilla stood as straight as a pencil “Good Morning, Dr Mahmood”. Kyda realised she most likely to be a kiss up.

“Kyda you will help Priscilla with any jobs that needs to be done. I have to restore the 67th emperor before the exhibition opens” obviously she was going to stress as she rummaged through her purse.

“The 67th emperor? Oh he was known to be a malignant, a widow maker. Children were frightened of him coming into their room and abducting them to place them into war to fight for him. I believe he reigned from 1785” she smiled like what she said was small talk.

Definitely a kiss up

“Do you have your lunch that Nani packed?” Her mother blatantly said as she took no interest in what Priscilla had to say.

Kyda went as red as a tomato “I’m not a child I can make my own lunch” her mother crosses her arm knowing well she didn’t bring it.

“Here £5 for you to eat at the canteen. Non of the meats are halal”

She blatantly gave Kyda £5 in her hands and soon left without a trace. Leaving her with the Tesco version of Professor Trelawney.


Kyda was sitting at the reception desk with Priscilla eating a tuna sandwich watching “The Office” on Netflix.

“What are you studying?” Priscilla asked as they watched the monitor “Psychology at the moment but I might change it it’s just not as fun as I thought” she responded with the last part sarcastically.

She faced Priscilla as she soon realised she maybe a bit harsh.
Kyda placed her sandwich on the desk “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be... harsh... I’m just having a hard time” she sipped her coke can.

Priscilla was drinking her orange juice “is it uni? Because I totally get it”. Kyda faced the monitor again “not just uni but family problems”.

Priscilla placed a gentle hand on Kyda shoulder making her face her way “You may be in a sticky situation right now but time flies, you won’t always be stuck in that situation”. As Priscilla delivered a motivational speech that was made for TedTalk, Kyda eyes skimmed pass Priscilla ear and spotted a small group of high schoolers sneaking passed their reception desk and towards a room that was going to renovations.

Kyda jostled out of her seat “HEY!” the group of high school is to take notice but did not heed. Instead they went onwards in full speed “Call security I’m gonna grab them” Kyda notified Priscilla and darted into the off limits renovated all that was the construction for the next exhibition.

This was probably the most excitement as she has got an all week.

Her heart pounding

The adrenaline running down veins

Soon enough she found herself in the middle of a maze is filled with artefacts cupboard with a dust cloth and large wooden crates. “COME OUT YOUR NOT ALLOWED HERE!” obviously there was no answer.

As soon as she was about to leave, she noticed one artefact that wasn’t covered with a dust cloth and it shimmered in the sun, from the skylight.

It was and antique wardrobe.
The golden carving were shimmering as the Jewels, such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires, projects their colours into the dull room.

Kyda was just awed by its craftsmanship. As she travelled closer and closer to get an in-depth look she realised there was a gold lion accompanied with the sun. After analysing the gold object she managed to identify it as the symbol of the Mughal Empire.

I guess being a daughter of a historian does have its perks.

Of course she would do a more in-depth inspection.
She open the door of the wardrobe and leans in to find more detailed carvings.

All of a sudden she lost her balance on her feet and fell into the wardrobe and got locked in “WHAT THE-“ she was interrupted midway through her rage “I TRAPPED HER LETS GO!” the young delinquent cheered in victory.

Kyda was banging from the inside with her bare fist “HEY LET ME OUT NOW!!!!”

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