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T O L E R A T E . --> in which iwaizumi and oikawa are roommates and the ravenette will have to tolerate the latter for the entire year. ! Haikyuu ! [ status: Ongoing ! } - fluff, humor, romance, - thank you for reading !

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β€œAs annoying as it is.. I will TRY to tolerate you.” Iwaizumi grumbled to his bothering friend as they walked passed the dimly lit Main Street.

The brunette walking besides him could only pout at his remark. β€œIwa-Chan,” whined Oikawa, β€œThat isn’t very prejudice of you my friend!” he finished off with an exasperated sigh.

The two had just finished their late college classes and were heading back to their shared apartment. It was the start of the semester and they were placed as roommates for the year, hence, the fact they are heading in the same direction.

Iwaizumi and Oikawa were both quiet on the walk home. Iwaizumi just staring at his feet, and Oikawa looking up at the sky. The stars were twinkling above them, and both of the boys did not meet each other’s gaze.

They both did not know each other very well. And they certainly weren’t accustomed to the other’s habits. So when one did something annoying or wrong, the latter had to tell them off or just make them stop.

And right now was just the thing. Oikawa was quiet. The brunette was usually talkative and loud. And on the daily, he would normally bug Iwaizumi out. But it seemed that Oikawa had some things on his mind. And Hajime was dying to know.

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