Taking Chances

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I’ve liked him since I was in middle school. I grew up with all boys, being the only girl in the neighborhood, I was always the tomboy. I can outfish my brother, I can explain a game of baseball, I can even change the oil in a car… you get the picture. I’ve had this crush since riding the bus with him. He was in high school then. Always treating me like a kid. I had plans to impress him and finally get him to ask me out. Then I moved away for a while and we lost touch. But now, I’m back and not a little kid anymore and neither is he.

Romance / Humor
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"Come on, we're going to be late for the bus!" I yelled for my brother. I've got to make sure I get on the bus so I can see him. See, I've had this crush on this high school guy for a while now. He's a few years older than I am though. I'm about to go into the ninth grade next week. My little brother grabs his bookbag off of the counter and follows me out the door. "Is it summer yet?" my little brother asks dragging his feet in the dirt. I roll my eyes. As much as I am looking forward to summer, I won't get to see him for a while unless he comes down with one of our friends. My mama doesn't like him that much. She doesn't like any of my guy friends honestly. I'm the only girl in the neighborhood, but I'm more of a tomboy than anything. I fight, fish and hunt better than my brother and half the guys around here. I think that hurt my chances with him though. It makes me more in the friend zone than a potential girlfriend.

We make it to the driveway just as the bus is stopping. Always the morning person, I bounce up the stairs and take my seat. Only 2 more stops until he gets on. We are usually the third stop so there isn't very much chatter going on, which I don't really mind, I like the quiet in the mornings. I count the houses between my stop and his. One, a couple of kids get on. Two, my best guy friend and his brother get on. "Hey girl, how's it hanging?" I look over from the window. "Hey Weston." I smile up at him as he sits down in the seat behind me. "How was your game yesterday?" Weston plays baseball with the school. He's a year older than me but we've been best friends since before I can even remember. "It was good. I hit a couple of singles and a double..." and that's about all I hear as the bus pulls up to the next stop. There he is. Looking so cute with curly blonde hair and blue eyes. "That's great." I mumble as I watch him get on the bus. Graham Morgan. He winks at me as he slides in the seat next to Weston. I sigh and grin... like an idiot. "Hey Graham." Graham and Weston talk about baseball all the way to school, stopping only to tease me and my best friend, Macy, who gets on at the stop after Graham. This is just a normal Thursday morning.

I went through the rest of my day, excited that I would be at the same school as he was next year. Daydreaming in class about meeting him at his locker.. or my locker.. and how we'd get to hold hands and walk to class together sometimes. Me, a freshman with a senior boyfriend. Getting to go watch his games at the ball field after school. It was going to be perfect. I remember back to the summer before when we were out riding four-wheelers together and I got to ride with him, holding on to him. I had been ecstatic that day. Then when he would pick me up and throw me in the pool. I’ve got big plans this summer to change his mind about me. To show him that I shouldn’t be in just the friend zone.

Only that wasn't a normal Thursday evening for me. My parents announced that afternoon that we were moving over the summer. Away from this small town, to a whole different state. My chance with Graham, my summer plans to finally get him to notice me, gone.
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