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Part 2 of " The Alpha and the Princess" If you read my first book, this is the continuation of Victor and Claire's story. She became an Alpha Queen but she fell victim to the power struggle and didn't take him as her King. Would their separation be final, or would love prevail over everything and settle their tumultuous relationship?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

A/N: here's the first chapter of Part2. To understand the story, read it on Dreame.


It took a dozen guards to restrain me and lead me out of the castle, not that I couldn’t have fought them. I could’ve shredded them to pieces if I wanted to. And for what. I stomped my way out, boiling with rage. I took off running towards the gates. I seemed like I might explode if I got in my car looked like a tiny metal box. It was too small to contain all the emotions I was building up..

I couldn’t conceive what just happened. The woman I’d loved with all my heart, the woman I went to war for and renounced my title, just rejected me. No, she didn’t just do that. She denied altogether that we ever had a bond. All this time, I assumed she didn’t call me her mate because she wasn’t of age yet. I convinced myself that once her wolf comes out, she’d welcome me with open arms.

I’ve picked up the whispers of people leaving after the coronation. I’ve heard the chatter about the Queen being claimed, by not only one, but three Alphas. All three were from different shifters species, but had royal blood nevertheless. I refused to heed the speculations about which one she will pick, with the bear shifter Prince as a favourite. Having pinned my faith in our powerful bond, I brushed off everything as idle gossip.

But when she shunned me, I lost all reason. The gossip hasn’t been unfounded. It all made sense. Why would she settle for a dethroned Alpha, when she could have a Prince, or a King for a mate? I had been a fool to fall for her beauty and innocence, while she played with my feelings with such cruelty. Since the first time I laid my eyes on her, I was head over heels. I was ready to give her everything I had. And now, I was left with nothing, but pain and heartbreak.

As soon as I was deep enough in the woods, and out of sight, I shifted. I never was so relieved, to let the beast out and to relinquish control. I pushed my human emotions deep down and let the more animalistic instincts take over. My wolf was anguished by the separation as much as I was, but he was taking it better than I’d expected. Ultimately, this wasn’t the first time my mate pushed me away. He must expect that she will come back as she did before, but I wasn’t as hopeful for a reunion, or for having yet another heartbreak.

I pushed on my legs harder than ever before, trying to release the strength of my wolf to its full extent. The trees were filing by and my vision narrowed on the path in front of me, jumping over and dodging around obstacles. Now that I had no shackles bringing me down, no pack, no mate, no responsibilities or ties grounding me, I felt free as if nothing or nobody could stop me. An adrenaline rush had taken place, and I chased that feeling of excitement to inhibit the pain I was feeling. I heard the roar of a raging river up ahead and I increased my speed, picking up momentum. When the ghastly rapids came in sight, I didn’t feel discouraged by its wideness or the grumble of the turbulent water crashing on the rocks. On the contrary, I was thrilled by the challenge in front of me.

I spotted an elevated piece of ground and darted towards it. Pushing on my hind legs, I propelled myself up and extended my limbs. For a short few seconds, as I leaped across the wide river, I felt like I was flying. I wished I had wings, so I would soar high away, free like a bird. Too soon, the ground was getting closer, and I landed with a booming thud. The nearby trees shook and flocks of birds flew away in a cacophony of sounds as the little animals in the forest got startled by the giant predator.

It brought me back to my senses. No matter how liberating it was, I couldn’t risk getting seen by a human or any other supernatural for that matter. I wasn’t in my territory where pack members were bound to secrecy by an alpha command. However, I wasn’t ready to walk on two legs and feel all those human emotions I was running from. I remembered the time when... Claire, Alexandra, or whatever name she goes by.

When she shifted the first time, she made her wolf smaller. It shouldn’t be difficult. Maybe I could do it too. No one could tell me what my beast was capable of, so I won’t find out unless I try. I channeled my thoughts to the image of a smaller wolf. I don’t know why, but the memory of Claire's white wolf stretching back and forward came to my mind. I made the same movements and felt the changes in my body. Feeling my bones and flesh shrink was uncomfortable, but not as painful as shifting no matter how quick it could be.

When I looked down, I saw my paws filling only half of the print that I left before the change. I turned my head to the side, taking a look at the rest of my body. The features that were singular to my beast were nowhere to be seen. I maintained my coarse black coat, but looked like a regular sized Alpha. I should have thought of this earlier. Then I wouldn’t have worried about keeping my true form a secret every time I shifted.


I felt the need to test my capabilities in this new form, so I took off in another run. Though I covered a smaller distance with each leap than before was lighter and more agile, waving between trees and bushes with grace I didn’t know I had. I wondered if this size would be helpful when it comes to hunting. It has been a long time since I felt the thrill of a chase. My enormous size was difficult to camouflage and always betrayed my location to my prey, which would run away before I could pounce on it.

I should have made a different wish if I knew it would be answered so soon, because I heard a soft patter not far away. I kept my belly close to the forest floor and advanced slowly to the source of the noise. With my claws withdrawn, my steps were soundless as my pads touched softly on the ground. I wasn’t disappointed when my eyes laid on a buck grazing on the green.

I laid low among the tall grass and observed as the horned animal raised its head to inspect its surroundings while it fed. Stalking the unsuspecting prey in silence was as thrilling as chasing. The predator in me wanted to feel its superiority in every way, including the sharp senses. The stag was alert as it chewed lazily. It turned its ear from one side to another, inspecting any suspicious sounds, unknowing of the predator lurking in front of it.

The scenery was almost too beautiful to be disturbed. The setting sun cast an orange glow on the majestic animal between the elongated shadows of the trees. I was having second thoughts about killing such an innocent and peaceful creature. However, I have eaten nothing since yesterday in my rush to come to the coronation, and my hunger was too intense to ignore.

I vaulted forward, revealing myself to my target in the process. It startled the deer for a second before it took off running. It was fast and gave me a good chase, but I was faster. Not before long, I veered to the left before I pounced on my prey, digging my sharp claws on its flank. It staggered and fell to its side under my weight. I knew I had to be quick and give it a merciful death before I got stabbed by its antlers. I opened my jaws wide, then clasped in a powerful bite around its throat. My canines pierced the jugulars and felt the warm blood flow in my throat.

When the last tremors of a desperate fight for its life stilled, and the heartbeat quieted, I released the limp neck from my mouth. I feasted on the meaty warm flesh until I had my fill. I left the remnants of the carcass to the night scavengers and the small carnivores that couldn’t hunt and relayed on the leftovers of bigger predators. It was part of the natural cycle of wildlife. Without looking back, I took off sprinting through the night, hoping I could find my way home.

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