His Hybrid Queen

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Chapter 10

Victor, Age 4

I came with Mommy to fish in the river. I will catch a lot of fish to show Daddy that I’m a big boy. We will make barbecue and feed everyone. Nana and pops, and uncle. I will give some to Billy too, or he’s going to whine like a baby.

Mommy let me play a little before we start catching fish. I was having a lot a fun, because I was in my favorite place with my favorite person in the whole world. I don’t know how big is the world, because I never left the tribe. But I know that Mommy is the most pretty and most kind person ever. I love her very much. To the moon and back. The moon seems very far but Mommy talks to it like it’s close.

I was giggling while me and Mommy were splashing each other. Suddenly, I smelled something really bad.

“Ewww. It stinks!” I said pinching my nose.

Mommy stopped playing and put her hand on my mouth.

“We’re going to play another game, okay? We will play hide-and-seek, but you have to be very quiet, understand?” She whispered to me. When I nodded, she removed her hand.

Mommy looked around before leading me to the waterfall.

“We’re going to hide from the big bad wolf. No matter what happens don’t come out and don’t make a noise.”

“Okay” I said sniffing. I was feeling really scared from the bad wolf.

“Promise me Vicky!”

“I promise.” I didn’t like when she called me that because it sounded like a girl’s name. But Mommy looked scared too. So I didn’t say anything. There was a hole in the rock behind the water, and she pushed me inside.

I couldn’t see well because of the water, but I knew Mommy was going to her hiding place in the hollowed tree. I got more scared when the bad smell became stronger. Daddy said that’s how you know a bad wolf is coming, and you run away from them. I think we’re hiding instead of running because I’m little, and I can’t run as fast as Daddy.

I put my hand on my mouth, so I don’t make any noise. It was difficult to breath because of the stinky smell. But I had to stay quiet even when I heard Mommy screaming.

She was yelling and fighting the bad wolf. My chest started to hurt so bad. I wanted to help Mommy, but I made her a promise. The more I heard her scream, the more angry and painful it was.

I couldn’t stay hiding anymore. I had to be a big man and save Mommy. I jumped through the waterfall and run towards the evil man. I was yelling at him but all I could hear was an angry puppy noise. He stood up and I bit his leg. But the man was so big, and I was so small that I only got his pant.

I wanted to hurt him like he did to mommy, but he shook his leg, and then he kicked me.

“What an ugly little mutt!” He snickered before leaving.

I yelled at him, but it sounded like puppy barks. When I couldn’t see the bad man anymore, I turned to Mommy. She was sleeping, so I curled next to her and took a nap.

When I woke up, it was dark and someone was shaking me then pulled my hair. When I looked up, Daddy was very angry.

“Did you shift and kill your mother mutt?”

“No!” I shook my head. Why was he talking to me like that.

“Tell the truth!” Daddy yelled at me.

“The bad wolf hurt her!” I said before I started crying. Daddy was pulling at my hair, and it was painful.

“The kid is right.” I heard Billy’s dad saying. “From the size of the gashes, she was attacked by an adult male. There is no sign of healing which suggest silver poisoning since I don’t smell any wolf’s bane. Besides-” Billy’s dad stayed silent for a moment. “-she was raped.”

“NO!” My voice resonated across the small space. I have blocked that memory, but for some reason it resurfaced today. It took me more than a few deep breaths to calm my beating heart. The emotions I’ve felt in the dream were still lingering, and it would take a while to shake off.

Despite how painful it was to look back at the events of that day, it didn’t bring any new information on the identity of her killer. It wasn’t the right time to linger on the past, though. I reminded myself of why I was here and that I had to work against the clock.

I took measured steps to the entrance of the small cave and quickly found my path upward. I climbed the remaining short distance before I stood on the top. Surprisingly, it was completely flat and covered with the flowers glowing under the moonlight. The moon cast its blue light on the clouds, moving slowly around the plateau. It looked like a wavy sea covered with a soft plushy blanket.

The scenery was breathtaking, literally. It must be the altitude, because no matter how much I breathed, my lungs didn’t seem to get filled with enough air. I don’t know how long I slept, but I had to hurry up before the moon starts descending and the flowers wilting. I started harvesting the delicate moon blossom like Nana told me to. I had to cut them at the base and put them in the pouch carefully without damaging the petals.

I returned to the little cave, and should have waited for dawn to begin the climb down. I could see well at night, and even if not, it was a necessary risk. My friend’s life was on the line and I had to get back before it was too late. I tugged on the old rope once, for it to crumble in my hands. I replaced it with a new more sturdy one around the biggest stalagmite.

The way down was easier than the way up until I reached the end of the rope. I had to leave its safety and scrabble for my footing. Luckily the crux was way up ahead, but that didn’t mean that the rest was any easier because I couldn’t look below. I tried once and lost my balance. If I didn’t have the wits to shifts partially and use my claws to halt my fall, I would have been a goner.

I proceeded cautiously the rest of the way until I reached the base. I never thought I’d be this happy to be able to stand on my two feet without the fear of falling down. Only then I have realized that everyone was waiting patiently for me, and remained silent until I made my landing before they flocked towards me.

One young wolf offered to take the flowers back to Nana. As I handed him the pouch, he sprinted away and disappeared behind the trees. I sat down, nibbling on a piece of bread and sipping water that was given to me. I welcomed the much-needed respite and breathed the fresh morning air.

The dawn has colored the sky with a pink hue. The new day has brought with it a new hope. A hope that everything could get fixed no matter how bad it was. There was always a chance to mend what was broken. There is nothing I could do about the scars and the bad memories, but there still can be a future going forward.

I couldn’t help but to think about my mate. If I went through this for my friend, I would do it one thousand time for her. How did I give up on my mate so easily? I should have fought for her harder and proved to her that I belong to her side. I got so blinded by rage and jealousy that I didn’t consider that she must have had her reasons for behaving like that.

Going back to my roots and connecting with my family was great. But what I needed more than anything else was to be together with my mate again.

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