His Hybrid Queen

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Chapter 14


I tried to relax in my seat as I entrusted the triplets with the mission of promoting the school project among the present Alphas and the representative of the absent ones. The throne room, turned into a ballroom, was buzzing with excitement and glee. Though not everyone boasted large smiles, the overall ambiance was cheerful. It would be a lie if I said that I shared the same positive emotions.

It was strange to feel so lonely while surrounded by so many people. I was disappointed and saddened. The absence of my mate proved that he didn’t want to do anything with me. Despite my inner turmoil, I plastered a poised expression on my face as best as I could.

Suddenly, I felt a prick as the fine hairs on my neck stood and my heart thrummed in my chest. I knew that it was the moment when my mate arrived. I couldn’t see him behind the crowd and I couldn’t smell him yet, but I knew he was close. I could feel the pull of our bond in my veins, in my flesh, in my bones, and in every cell of my body. Even my wolf has awoken and raised her ears in expectation.

I wanted to dart off and search for him but I couldn’t make any hasty movement simply on impulse. I straightened my back and lifted my head in the hope to spot him and then, after long moments he emerged in front of me. Victor was so dashingly handsome that I held my breath at how gorgeous he was. He stood tall, his head held high and proud. It reminded me of the first time we met. When I stumbled on his territory.

When victor was about to climb the first step to the platform, my guards moved immediately. With a sign of my hand, they backed away and he advanced to stand in front of me before he asked me to dance.

“I’d love to,” I answered without losing a beat and I put my gloved hand in his extended one.

The moment I stood and descended from my throne, the music stopped. As we walked side by side, the guests parted before us like the red sea and an empty circle formed in the middle of the dance floor. Once we took our position in the center, the quartet started a waltz tune.

“I only know the basic steps.” I whispered low enough for him only to hear, as I remembered my predicament. I never completed my dance lessons and it would be a shame to fall face first and bring him down with me.

“It’s okay. Just follow my lead.” He reassured me as he sneaked his arm around my torso.

His fingertips grazed the bare skin of my back and elicited goosebumps all over. I was engulfed in his scent as he led me in a circle around the dance floor. We moved in a synchronized way as if we have danced like this a million times before.

I never took my eyes off him the whole time, but I noticed when we weren’t the center of attention anymore. Other guests joined the dance and we slowed to an easier pace so that I didn’t have to keep on counting my steps. I couldn’t hold back the things that I wanted to say.

“I was hoping you’d come. I called you many times.”

My statement was met with silence. I wanted to apologize for what I said last time. I didn’t like the way things ended between us. Not that I wanted to end anything with him. Without saying anything he swirled me around and brought me back closer to him. I wanted to explain everything, but the proximity, the heat of his body, and his intoxicating scent were making my brain muddled.

“I read your letter.” He said and the blood rushed to my cheeks. I totally forgot about that. I have explained how much I cared about him and his pack. I wrote that I cared about him too much to see him get hurt. It wasn’t an outright love confession, but it was close.

He swirled me again. Twice this time. I tripped on the train of my long gown and lost my balance. Victor caught me before I fell and made it look like a dip. I clutched into him as if he was my lifeline and I was about to drown. My chest was rising and falling with my ragged breath and I found myself lost in the moment. Everything seemed to cease to exist as I looked into his mesmerizing eyes.

I couldn’t think of anything but the feel of his hands on my body, his eyes gazing at me and his lips so close to mine. All I wanted was to forget about everything and be with him again. The air around us was dense and crackling with electricity. Our bond was making up for the lost time by pulling us harder to each other as if it was a conscious entity trying to cement its existence.

Then it was silent. Not because I tuned everything out, but it was deathly quiet. Even the music stopped. Only then, did Victor and I break eye contact and look around. Everyone was looking at us like we were under the spotlight or something.

“Can we go somewhere more private to talk?” Victor whispered as he lifted me slowly.

“Yeah, follow me.”

Reluctantly, I left his embrace and led the way to the antechamber. Finally, we were alone and I could focus solely on winning my mate back.

“I..” I started before I was interrupted by the door being open.

Cassie came in and I could hear that the party had resumed as normal. I took a breath and reined down my frustration. Now of all the times, the last thing I wanted was for her to make a scene and have to deal with her unnecessary drama.

“What is it?” Despite my calm tone, I was seething underneath.

“Is something the matter my Queen?” She said with her usual fake innocence.

“Can’t I catch up with an old friend, in peace?” I didn’t want to reveal to her the nature of our relationship.

“I was worried because you were not supposed to leave the ball this early,” Cassie explained.

“I do what I want whenever I want. I will call you when I need you.” The authority in my voice and my glare conveyed what I didn’t say. Cassie bowed and retreated without a word. She understood that I didn’t have any patience for her antics. She was like a leach I couldn’t get rid of.

“Come.” Ignoring his baffled expression, I grabbed Victor’s hand and dragged him with me.

We reached upstairs, as far as possible from everyone. My quarters were the most private and secure rooms in the palace. Before closing the doors, I ordered the guards to not let anyone inside, including Cassie.

Now that I was alone with Victor, all strength left my body. I was like a teenage girl with her crush. In a way I was, but he was much more than just a crush. He was my mate and the love of my life. Which made the stakes higher. There were so many things I wanted to tell him, but I couldn’t think straight.

I was feeling hot, and I wasn’t sure if it was the fireplace or Victor’s gaze pinning me down. I unclasped the front buckle and removed the cape. Then I started taking off the tiara, gloves, and jewelry. As I was doing so, I had turned away from him. I didn’t notice that he came behind me until he traced my spine with his finger, making me jolt in surprise.

“This isn’t like you. Wicked.” He must be referring to the dress. Conservative from the front and revealing from the back.

I turned around and Victor was caging me. His amber eyes were like a raging fire and his lips plump and soft and inviting. I missed the taste of him. My heart was beating ferociously in my chest and my body moved on its own. Following my unspoken desire, I lifted my hands and rested them on his chest, feeling the taut muscle beneath his jacket. I was wearing heels but had to tiptoe anyway to reach his height. Unmoving, he looked down at me with his piercing gaze.

“Maybe I am. wicked.” I murmured and to make my point I tugged on the collar of his jacket, bringing his face closer to mine. Without hesitation, I brushed my lips against his, slowly. For a bit, Victor kissed me tenderly, sweetly. Then, like the controlling Alpha that he is, he took possession of the kiss and of my body.

With one hand on my neck and the other on my lower back, he brought me closer to him. As he pressed his body against mine, he licked between my lips. I opened up for him and he deepened the kiss. His tongue delved in my mouth, licking and swirling. He kept me steady on my feet as he continued with his delicious assault until I was breathless.

Leaving my mouth free to breathe some much-needed oxygen, Victor’s lips didn’t detach from my skin. His lips trailed wet kisses on my jaw and my neck.

“You smell so good.” He said as he inhaled deeply. I didn’t realize that I unmasked my scent out of habit, as I did every day when I retreated to my bedroom. His words reminded me of why we came here. I clasped at the little restraint I had left to not drown in him.

“I...I thought you wanted to talk.” My brittle voice didn’t sound like the strong Queen I thought I was.

“You kissed me first.” Victor pointed at the obvious lifting an eyebrow.

“Fair enough.” I acquiesced.

I pulled myself away from him. I had to put space between me and his overwhelming presence. The closer he was the foggier my brain became. I needed some liquid courage to speak my mind.

“Do you want a drink?” I offered but he refused. So I poured the first glass and gulped it down. The amber liquid burned my throat as it made its way down. I was about to pour another glass when his hand stopped me.

“You shouldn’t drink.”

“If I’m old enough to rule, I’m old enough to drink.”

“I’m not talking about your age. It’s not good for you…”

“It’s spiked. I know.” I cut him off when he was sniffing the bottle. Regular alcohol doesn’t affect werewolves because of our high metabolism.

The advantage of a spiked drink was its rapid effect. I was already feeling hazy and I had to take a seat quickly. I plunged on the nearest chair and leaned back. The most beautiful, but unfortunately grumpy and stoic Alpha was standing in front of me. My beloved Victor was imperturbable as ever, but I was feeling more daring than my usual sober self.

“You don’t want to dance. You don’t want to talk. You don’t want to drink…” I trailed off.

“Maybe you want to eat something?” I couldn’t believe the words leaving my mouth or the moves my body was doing.

I was afraid he would scold me or worse laugh at my insanity. Instead, he walked slowly and knelt between my parted legs. His eyes were darkened with lust and he licked his lips at the sight of his next meal.

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