His Hybrid Queen

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Chapter 8


I sent Cassie away earlier than usual, and when the cold evening fell, my room looked too big for me. She used to stay around until late at night and wouldn’t leave until I was tucked in bed. Even though she was quiet and made herself invisible most of the time, her presence prevented me from feeling lonely.

I haven’t realized it at first, but she cared for me in a way no one did before. Something was odd about her though, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. She was too good to be true. Perfect even, if it wasn’t for today’s mishap.

I tossed around in my bed. I couldn’t sleep again, and a throbbing headache was gnawing at me. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so harsh at her. She was only being loyal and reported what she thought was wrong. I shouldn’t let my insecurities and my fears make me cold-hearted and unable to feel compassion.

I snatched the sheets off me and sat on the bed. I needed that tea terribly. I planned to talk to Cassie about today, but it wasn’t urgent. It could wait for tomorrow. I certainly wasn’t going to wake her up in the middle of the night, just to make me tea. I had two functioning hands and could do it by myself.

I wrapped my body in a robe and went to the kitchen on my floor. It was small but stacked with all kinds of snacks and drinks. Nothing substantial can be cooked here, but this is where they usually prepared my breakfast and where I get my midnight snacks. It didn’t take long to look through the cupboards, and I couldn’t find what I was searching for.

I hastily ran down the stairs to the large kitchen. It was the industrial kind and big enough to cater for hundreds of people when at full capacity. On a daily basis, only a portion of it is used to cook for everyone working and living on the castle grounds. The pantry was huge, and it took me a moment to find the shelves with the varieties of teas and coffees. It was mostly infusion packets, different from what Cassie was using. She made the tea in a pot from a mixture of herbs in a jar that I couldn’t see anywhere.

There were a multitude of herbs in labeled jars, and despite opening and sniffing each one of them, I couldn’t find that signature smell of Cassie’s special tea. I settled for a chamomile tea and prepared a cup under the watchful eyes of my guard. Unsurprisingly, the warm beverage didn’t do a thing and I had to leave the kitchen with the same headache I came in with.

As I stepped out of the kitchen to go back to my quarters, I heard a sound coming from the opposite side. I turned around and peered into the hallway leading to the staff dormitory. It was Friday night and almost everyone had left to spend the weekend with their families in the town.

I was about to leave when I heard it again. This time, it sounded more like a whimpering. I feared that someone might have got hurt and needed help. I hurried towards the sound of the injured person and instructed the guard to stand at the main entrance, since it was the female section.

I followed the noise to one of the rooms. The door was left slightly ajar, and the dim light was breaking the darkness of the hallway. I was about to knock when I saw something that made me freeze with my fist held up. This wasn't what I was expecting at all.

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I saw Cassie with a guard, and they were both naked. She was kneeling in front of him and her head was bobbing. I was worried in vain. No one was in trouble. From my angle I couldn't see much, but it didn't take a genius to figure out what was happening. The sucking and moaning sounds were revealing enough. If anything they both sounded like they were enjoying themselves.

She released him with a pop and admired her work, before getting up to lay on the bed. The guard, James I believe, stepped towards her, but she planted her foot on his chest, pushing him away.

"You better make me come first!" She demanded, and he obliged, diving head first between her thighs. The way his arm moved, he was fingering her while his mouth did the work. Then he crawled on top of her and started to move his hips rhythmically. He increased the speed of his thrust before his whole body stiffened. Grunting, he made a few jerky moves then he collapsed on top of her.

"You're so good." He mumbled with his face on her shoulder and his arms tight around her. She didn't return his compliment or his hug as she let her arms drop by her sides.
"You're not planning on staying the night, are you?" She questioned and rolled her eyes when he grunted in response.

I could understand her lack of enthusiasm. The whole thing didn't even last five minutes. Five minutes too long, standing here watching them. Now that I knew that nobody was in trouble, I retreated as silently as I came.

Before going upstairs though, I stopped by the liquor cabinet and grabbed a bottle. I needed something to numb my senses and help me forget what I just saw.


It was Nana's idea and Billy incessant bragging about his tattoos that got me into this. I let myself get carried away in the warrior trials. It was all kinds of challenges to test one's physical and mental strength.

Going through all the trials wasn't mandatory, except for the future chief and the lead warrior to complete them all, but I went with it anyway. I needed to do anything to keep busy and from thinking about my mate. Walking on fire, sitting under a waterfall, finding a water source blindfolded, diving to the bottom of a lake to retrieve some weird stone and so on. Despite not knowing the whole story behind them, I went through each task wholeheartedly.

I understood though, that it recreated the experience and the hardships that our ancestors had to go through, and that it was a way to stay connected to them through traditions and cultural practices. Like many tribes, it was the only thing left after the settlers killed the natives and stole their land.

After I accomplished every challenge, I got a new band tattoo around my arm. I never thought I'd ever get tattooed, but so many things turned out different from what I had expected. My mating situation, to be more precise.

I snapped back to the moment and the task at hand. I was on day three or four out in the open land following a herd of mustangs. I had to catch and tame a wild horse using nothing but my bare hands and a rope.

I've been following the small group from a distance at first, then I started getting closer and closer. I needed to show them that I wasn't a threat. I blocked my beast as much as I could, so the animals won't sense the predator in me.

I have set my eyes on a brown stallion and tracked him with his companions to a waterfall. I ignored the thump in my chest at the scenery and swallowed the knot that formed in my throat from the memory it evoked. This was the ideal location to catch the stud. There was a natural barrier of boulders on one side and raging water on the other. If I play my game well, I could corner my prey easily.

I've placed a bait of a bunch of grass and wildflowers before stepping back. Those wildflowers were sweet, and I made sure to put them in his path before. A kind of treat for letting me get closer to him. I waited patiently until my target started to move. My plan was working. He eyed me wearily before moving slowly to his treat.

I prepared my lasso and swing it silently to not startle the horse. However, as soon as the rope landed around its neck he started thrashing around to get free. I tightened my grip around the rope and closed the distance between us. I hummed a melodious tune in my native language to calm him down.

I gave him another treat and was pleased surprisingly that he let me touch him. The melody worked like a charm as I stroked his face and neck gently. It helped that I loved horses and rode them often in my free time. I knew it was a long process to get the animal to trust me and finally ride. I was satisfied with catching today, taming and riding it will be another piece of work. It will earn me another painful tattoo, but it's totally worth it.

I walked my new ride back to the compound. After I let the horse into the enclosure, I removed the rope and let him roam freely. As I closed the gate behind me, I noticed the grim atmosphere and the pale faces. The last time I saw something similar, it was when my grandpa died. I headed to Nana's cabin where everyone was gathered fearing the worse.

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