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Married To Mr. Arrogant

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As a 22 year old, Lillian Grayson never believed she would get an arranged marriage. I mean, who gets an arrange marriage nowadays? Lillian Grayson, that's who. Her life turns upside down when she is forced to marry Mr. Arrogant, Blake Aspen, a billionaire CEO. How will she ever make it out? On a further note, will she able to?

Romance / Drama
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I open my eyes as I look at my reflection in the mirror. The makeup artist had just finished my eye look. I look at myself intently; I was dressed in a white laced mermaid wedding gown with a laced veil covering my face.

It had a sweetheart neckline that followed down to my waist giving me some curves and finally falling down neatly touching the ground; the dress gave me a figure to look at. A figure I had no clue of.

My medium length dark brown hair was tied into those buns that I don’t even know what they are called. Hell to that, I dint even know it was possible for my hair to be in such fancy buns. My makeup was done lightly with simple jewelries.

I stared myself down even keenly not being able to believe this is all happening.

I am getting married. Oh dear lord I am getting married. The horror was quite evident on my face. My phone vibrated on the table letting me know it’s time; it was 3:10 pm.

Three months and twelve days ago

Chemistry is not life. Studying is not life. Med-School is not life. This whole thing is not life. My mind rants on as I stare at the clock in my classroom it was 3:10pm. I look back down to the set of problems that needs to be done.

“You know what, I give up!” I mutter to myself as I slam my head on my Mac book.

“Ms. Grayson head up.” I heard a loud and clear voice, lifting my head up I see my professor’s annoyed face. You’ve got to be kidding me, the one day he decides to pay attention to his surroundings he notices me. Unbelievable.

Without saying a word I get back to my beloved chemistry problem that isn’t going to solve itself. It’s funny how I couldn’t wait to be out of high school and live a fun life in college. It’s been full 4 years that I have been a college student and guess what I am still not used to it. For heavens sake, it’s been 18 years that I’ve been attending ‘school’ and I am still not used to the idea of ‘studying’ in order to live, because I thought it was food that kept you alive. But I guess I was wrong, as tumblr puts it 'I’m going insane but that’s okay because my grades are more important than my mental health anyways'.

The bell soon rings indicating class is over, thanking Jesus for ending my misery I get up as fast as I could shoving my Mac Book in my bag and taking my maroon coat I walk out of the class to the hallway. It wasn’t much crowded so I left the building earlier than usual. It was snowing; the whole city had a thin layer of snow covering its streets. I walked down the street as the snow made its way down to earth. It was hard to feel the snow as the snowflakes melted and turned into water as soon as it touched my skin.

After stopping on various streets the bus finally stopped near my place. I got off the bus and walked to my house. I unlocked the door with my key as I knew no one would be home right now. Walking inside the dark house I dint bother turning the light on, I like it better dark. I go straight to my room flopping down to my bed taking my boots off and throwing it across the room I pull the covers over me as my eyes start to shut.

“Lily” I felt myself rock back and forth as I heard my name. “Lily!” I hear it again but this time with much frustration in the voice. I groan as I turn to the other side covering my face with the comforter. “Lillian!” my blanket left me.

My eyes flew open instantly feeling the chill that I was receiving as my blanket was taken away. “What do you want mom?” I snap at her as I sit up rubbing my eyes. “Why are you sleeping at such an odd time? Its almost 9 do you not have home works to do?” she asked me. I look at her with heavy eyes, she looked blurry and my room was dim. I rub my eyes again until I can see her clearly. She looked a little pissed with her arms across her chest.

“Its Friday mom I have two no three days to do home work and extra studying for your liking.” I let her know in an annoyed voice. “Oh is that so.” She said nonchalantly “Still get up dinner time. I better see you down in fifteen minutes!” with that she leaves my room. I get off my bed and decide to take a quick shower to get the sleepiness out of my system. I get out within fifteen minutes in shorts and an over-sized sweater. Putting my short hair into what I call a messy bun, I go downstairs to the dinning room. My mom, dad and older brother were already there chit-chatting. I take my seat front of my mom as my dad and brother sat facing each other.

Without saying anything I take my plate and start digging into the food. “Hello to you too sister” I heard my brother Caleb’s sarcastic voice greeting me. I stop eating as I look at my right as he was sitting there. I gave him the fakest smile I could possibly give someone “Well hello dear brother” I reply with equal sarcasm. “Hello my lovely mother and father” I greet them with a tight smile. My mom and dad just shook their head at my greeting.

Well then, rude much? I thought as they did not even greet me back. Although, it was a fake greet from my side and they were well aware.

Caleb scoffed at me “Gosh Lil you’re such a kid”.

“Am not” I mumble under breath as I take another bite of my mom’s lasagna. There was an awkward silence between all four of us that we now got used to until my dad broke the silence.

“Lily how was college today?” he asked suddenly interested in my life. “It was fine” I reply not looking at him. I wasn’t much of a talker when it came to talking to my dad. We had good times when I was younger but as time started to go by our bond started to get weaker but that’s okay I like how things are now. I saw him nod from the corner of my eyes, not saying anything else he went back to eating.

“Lily” my mom starts off with a sweet and soft tone.

Something is wrong. I look up to see my mother who looked at me lovingly. Okay something is definitely wrong; she sounds genuine.

“Yes mother?” I say more like ask in an unsure tone. She looks at me even more lovingly as she took my hands in hers. I was beyond shocked at her gesture, I turn towards my brother who was grinning like Cheshire the cat and then towards my dad who had the same expression as my mom.

I knew something horrible was bound to happen. “Okay mom” I start off calmly “Please stop sugarcoating and just get to the point because you all are scaring the living shit out of me” their expressions doesn’t change as mom holds my hands a little tighter squeezing it.

“What’s your thought on marriage dear?” I stare at her blankly, trying to process what she has just said. “Umm what?” I ask almost chocking onto air if that’s even possible. She took her hands off mine “We found someone for you. He’s a good guy, well educated, from a good family, and is the CEO of one of the biggest companies here, he-”

“Woah, woah mom! Stop, halt, take a break, go back.” I cut her off trying to catch up to what she’s trying to sell here. “One at a time woman. Marriage is not on my mind. I am still studying not even half way done!” I semi yell, “And I don’t care who the hell he is. I do not want to get married to anyone!” I shout as I stood up clearly pissed that she’s even thinking such stuffs.

“Lily try to understand you getting married to him will help us, you know what we are going through” my mother said softly trying to guilt trap. “Mom we are not broke.” I tell her flatly not falling for that.

I might be unsocial with them but I know we don’t have issues with money. All three of them have good jobs, dad’s a cop, mom’s an interior designer, and Caleb is a mechanical engineer; no way in hell we will have financial issues.

My mom takes a deep breath as she knows I won’t fall for it. Her face gets harden as she stands up facing me. “Lillian Grayson I don’t care what you think of this. You’re getting married to the person whom I picked because I know he will treat you right” she tried to sound as calm as she could clearly that wasn’t working much.

“But mom-”

“No ifs, no buts you’re doing as I say! It is my order and don’t you dare go against it!” she cuts me off yelling at the top of her lungs. I swear the whole New York City must have heard her. I was beyond pissed right now.

“I don’t understand why I have to marry someone you pick, whereas Caleb can marry who ever he wants!” I point at my brother who was enjoying this scene. “And don’t you dare tell me 'because you’re a girl' crap. I am not buying that!” I snap at her before leaving my unfinished food and stomping to my room slamming the door shut behind me. Oh great Lil you’re getting married.

Present day

I snap out of my haze as I heard a knock, “Come in” I say fixing my posture, more-so my drained face. My dad peeps in with a sympathetic look, as if feeling sorry for me. Oh please just keep it to your self old man. I glare at him through the mirror not turning back to face him.

“Ready?” he asks giving me a hand. I nod without giving him any kind of expression. I wrap my hands around his arm as he walks me out to the Church backyard. While going out my bridesmaid gave me a bouquet of lilies, cliché much?

I held onto them with my free hand as we walked down the so called aisle as our friends, family, half of the people I didn’t even know stood up in awe. Honestly speaking it feels like I am in Twilight when Bella is getting married to Edward in the woods and looks like I’m Bella in this case.

The place looked exactly like that scene with those huge trees, fogy climate, barely sunny, a little chilly, and even the alter was decorated with white flowers hanging by. I look straight where he was standing in a black suit, beside the minister and I guess his best man. My dad leaves my hands as we reached the alter giving my hand in his. His, I mean my soon to be husband, very-soon-to-be-husband Blake Aspen’s hand.

He had his signature smirk on as he took my hands. Jesus how much I wanted to slap that smirk right off of his beautiful face. Yes beautiful, I am not blind the guy is hot. He is one of the youngest CEO of The Aspen Corp. However, the man is known for his cocky, arrogant, and player ways.

As the minister started speaking I drifted into my thoughts, thinking how my life changed in these three months and couple of days. I am getting married to someone whom I barely know.

“Lillian?” my thoughts faded away hearing someone call my name. I turn to see Blake frowning at me. I give him an annoyed look that clearly stated what?′.

“Are you going to answer him?” he asked with a bored tone. “Answer what?” I will forever be a tortoise as my friends call me.

He let out an amused chuckle “He asked if you want to take me as your husband.” Of course not you ignorant jerk.

I looked at the minister who looked as amused as the arrogant butt-hole.

“Do I have a choice?” I mumble under my breath as I look at the cocky bas***d and that lazy smirk on his face “I do” I finally say.

“Well then I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride” the minster said shutting the book, making me jump a little. Kiss what?

I swallowed loudly as Blake’s hands lightly came to trace the end of my veil. My whole body shot up feeling alarmed and alert. He pulled the veil up, revealing my cold face.

As soon as our eyes met, I told him the words I had been keeping bottled up inside me the entire time . “I hate you” I spat right into his face.

His cold hand cupped the side of my face with an amused chuckle. “Feelings mutual babe.”

With those words, he slammed his lips against mine, the impact causing me to stumble back. The initial meeting of our lips was followed by a passionate warmer melting under his congress. At once our mouths were moving in concord, as though we couldn’t get enough of each other, as though to devour each other with our lips, mouths, and tongues would be the only way to express the hatred that we felt.

We did indeed hate each-other.

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