The Cold Ground

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The muffled sound of gunshots and yelling echo around my damp cell. I sit up from my sleeping position, the small ripped dress lays loosely on my starving frame. I rotate my hands, ripping open the scabs inside the 10 pound manacles around each wrist. There’s a scream close by and then silence as if the air around me has frozen in place. The only sound is the unsteady drip of my blood from my wrist down to the floor. The door opens with a whine and a man steps into the room, his silhouette blocking out the blinding light from the hallway. I blink my eyes rapidly, it’s the first time I've seen light in 3 weeks. “Well, I've heard you're quite the fighter.” I don’t look up. “Wanna join?” I lift my head up and smile. - After being imprisoned for 2 years, Eliza finally has the chance to get out; if she starts working and training for NYC most notorious Mafia Boss KING. For the next 9 years she trains and becomes the best Fighter and Assassin in New York. Now, 19 year old Eliza has a new challenge: becoming a rival mafias bodyguard. UPDATES ONCE A WEEK

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Bastard Eyes

My fist collided with his lower cheekbone, disorienting him for a couple of seconds. He stumbled around looking up towards the lights. I straightened my torso out again getting into a second stance.

He shook his head and looked at me clenching his fist, he scrunched his eyebrows together, and glanced at my left leg, unknowingly telling me what he was going to do next. He ran at me, swiping with his right arm to create a diversion.

I duck under his arm easily and latch onto his left leg in a mid swipe, stopping it from colliding with my thigh.

I drive my right fist up- then air, my legs were swept underneath me, causing my fist to glide harmlessly across his cheek, completely missing the intended spot.

I land harshly on my back, a second later the wind was knocked out of me when Dave crashed onto me. Now I was pissed from the cheap move, and out of breath. I inhaled quickly and positioned my elbows on the ground pushing my palms into his upper torso.

He pushed up, hovering over my lower body, he rained down two hard punches and was winding back another when I pushed my hips up, pushing him up too.

I slithered my legs underneath him, pushing my feet into his pelvis, using my elbows as support, in one big extension I pushed him up and over my body. Sending him flying into the fence, the fence faced with sudden disturbance, rattled chaotically.

I turned on my side, putting my fist to the floor, I popped back up facing my opponent, Dave.

I made eye contact with James, who was smirking at me, for a split second. I smiled back at him and kissed my thumb, he did the same back to me. I looked forward again to Dave, focusing back in.

He stood back up rigidly. Clenching his teeth, he growled. This boy growled. At me. Forreal. What is he a dog or something?

I scrunch my eyebrows together in surprise and confusion. I could hear James cackling to the right of me, I shot him a look telling him to shut up before I started laughing too. He slammed a hand over his mouth and looked around him wide-eyed avoiding my gaze.

I looked back at my opponent to see he was rushing at me, I stepped quickly to the left, just avoiding his tackle.

He turned around swinging his left arm at me, I put up my arm in a defensive shield preventing him from hitting my head.

He swung his right arm hitting me in the same spot as before in the ribs making me stumble a few steps. Now I understood what he was doing, he was just aiming to hit me in my ‘bruise’ until I started to slack on that side.

I countered quickly by twisting my defensive stance into an offensive one, swiping my right hand to the side, his attention drew to that hand, trying to read into where it will land.

With his attention drawn elsewhere, I heatedly slam my left fist into his stomach, instinctively forcing him to lean over.

I brought my hands to his head. Pushing my foot off the ground, I pulled his head nearer my knee, his eyes widened realizing what was about to happen. “CRACK”.

The sound of his forehead connecting with my knee rang out. He fell to the floor defeatedly, hitting it with a thump unconsciously.

I huffed out loud staring at him. Blood oozed out of his nose from a hit I landed earlier in the fight. I stared at it momentarily until the ref tapped my shoulder.

I shook out of my haze and looked up, tuning out of the fight, drawing the darkness back in. The audience’s chaos snapped me back to reality, the noise growing ever louder, the lights becoming more in touch.

The ref declared me the winner by grabbing my elbow and raising it high. Somehow the roars of the audience got louder.

I looked around lost then saw James looking down shaking his head, with his hands raised above his head, he clapped in defeat. He looked up at me smiling, his eyes twinkling in amazement. The ref dropped my elbow and backed away to start working on waking up Dave.

The fence opened up to the right of me and Slackers rushed in to tend to my opponent’s wounds, they would care for mine too if I had marked that option.

I walked over to the open fence and walked through it. I made my way down the stairs to where James was waiting for me. “Nice job,”

“Yeah, yeah” I replied, keeping my eyes forward.

“So Taco bell for dinner?” my eyes snapped to his.

“Nah we’re going to be having China Star,” I said with a slight upward twitch to my lip. His eyes widen slightly in disbelief,

“There’s no way you got it-” A booming voice over our head cuts him off.

“VICTORIA TAKES IT ALL” A video appears on the overhead screen and the crowd quiets down a little. We both stop walking and shift so we can see the video behind us.

An Instant replay of me appears, kneeing Dave in the face. “WITH ONLY 6 OFFENSIVE HITS SHE KNOCKS DAVE HOOT OUT OF THE CAGE DURING THE SECOND SET-”

My eyes shift to the right of the screen up to The Box, where the King of all of this sits. A lone man stands at the balcony staring down at me from above. We lock eyes.

“Hey, Vici you listening to me?” James lightly grabs my shoulder and looks up and around with concern trying to find out what I’m looking at.

“Uhh... no sorry what did you say?” We turn around and continue walking. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

“I can’t believe you really just threw him over your shoulder,” he says a smirk taking over his features. My lips twitch at the memory but I hold my features taut; you never know whos watching you.

“Don’t think your getting away from buying me free food with a compliment.” I say turning to face him.

He mocks hurt ’I would never dream of it.” I resist the urge to roll my eyes. We push through the doors into the back of the arena.

Were greeted by two men, one with a taper fade haircut the other with a small afro. The one with an afro approaches first, letting out a deep laugh “Nice job,” he says drawing me in for a one sided hug.

The man behind him approached, “Here you go,” He said handing me an icepack. “For the head, I know its gonna hurt later,”

“Thanks guys” I say grabbing the pack form him giving him a small smile. “Where did Ronnie-”

There’s a loud roar as Ronnie barrels down the large hallway, healers jump out of the way to prevent getting trampled.

“VICI!!!” a smile tugs at the corners of my lips. He engulfs me in a one hand hug- the other hand full of food set out in the dinning hall for fighters to munch on.

He pulls away shoving a carrot into his mouth. “Shameful you got to beat his nasty ass before me” His face contorts to a crooked smile -“though it was nice seeing you put him in his place.”

“Yeah right, he’s almost a full level above you- you would get fucking PLOWED,” the one with the close cut hair says pointedly egging the one with the afro on- Ronnie.

“No, he’s nasty as hell. I wouldn’t even look at his manager” Ronnie says, shoving another carrot into his mouth.

“I head he had 5 STDS- 3 of them from the same person.” Noah says in amusement

Lucas chirps in “Didn’t he get 3 of them from the same person?” Lucas shifts his gaze to me, a glimmer in his eye before looking back to Ronnie,

“Didn’t you have an STD last month?” his words more of a statement then an actual question. Ronnie’s face sowers, his lips pursing. Noah finally catching lets out a bark of laughter that echo’s down the hallway.

“You weren’t suppose to tell anyone!!” Ronnie says, jumping at Noah, food forgotten as a full on brawl take place between the two. Typical.

“Dumbass,” James says smiling. He looks at me “you get changed we’ll meet you at the doors,” he says while turning away and waving. I turn away heading in the opposite direction, heading to the girl’s locker room.

I flick on the light, casting a sickening white light across the room. I close the door behind me and quickly peel off the tape around my fist, grabbing the clothes from my bag, I change sports bras and put on a loose short sleeve black shirt that has “Ghostbusters” labeled across the breast area.

While tugging on some black ripped jeans, I can’t stop thinking about who the man was up in the balcony. Was he staring at me, or was it just my imagination? But it couldn’t be... Halfway through tying my converse, there is a light knock on the door.

“Come in,” I say loud enough for them to hear through the door. The door opens up to reveal Bear, a tall, broad man with dark skin. He stands awkwardly in the doorway.

“Hey Vici, King wants to see you in The Box when you’re done.” I finish tying one of my shoes and look at him.

“Okay, thank’s Bear,” I say, giving him a sweet smile. I like Bear, he’s an older man, who doesn’t talk much. His broad frame almost take sup the whole doorway, and his brooding face makes him seem scarier then he is (In reality he’s a teddy bear- hence his being call ‘Bear’)

He closes the door silently, most likely going to get my bike from the garage. He usually gets it from the creep garage when I fight this late.

I finish tying my shoes and grab my bag. I turn off the lights and walk out. After a few minutes of walking, I am in front of the elevator that will bring me up to The Box.

I click the up button and wait for it to arrive. I hear a light beep of a notification-my ringtone. I wiggle my phone out of my bag and see a text from James.

James: hey where you at :P

Me: sorry!! got called up to TB so I will be late. you guys go on without me, meet you there :)

I hear a ding and get into the elevator while reading and press up.

James: okay... but don’t blame me if Lucas eats all of the Orange Chicken before you get there!!


James: BET

Me: (Typing...)

James: OKAY!!!! I will protect your chicken, just stop typing!!

Me: ;) told ya- see you later X

James: Alright, alright see ya X

Smiling, I slip the phone back in my pocket as the elevator slows to a stop on the top floor. With a ding signaling we made it, the door opens up revealing a long hallway, with a wall on one side and the other made up of glass panels, overlooking the people in the fighting arena.

I’m looking out the window at the view. I stop for a moment, listening to the chanting chaos on the other side of the glass. After my fight, the Ace’s fight, it’s only Jokers, the lower-ranked fighters, who fight.

I peel my eyes away from the window and open the door. I stop halfway through when three pairs of eyes snap to me. Shit. I didn’t know anyone would be here, Bear didn’t tell me anything. Two men sat in the chairs before a big desk, one with golden hair and a small scar along his cheekbone, lines rimmed his mouth as if he laughs a lot.

My eyes were drawn to the other man, like a moth to the light. But he was anything but, everything about him radiated power, his whole demeanor was dark.

With his long legs stretched out in front of him, he lazily leaned his head on his hand. Noticing the conversation stopped, he looked to where their attention was drawn- to me.

His eyes slid up my body, looking at my legs, arms, lips, and lastly my eyes. I looked at the tattoo creeping up the side of his neck, to the piercing in his ears.

But what made my chest heavy was the way he was looking at me now. The look in his eye glittered with disgust, as if I was garbage- worse then that, as if I was sewer water. As if. I clenched my jaw to prevent a snarl from forming.

Who is he to look at me like that? My back straightened, shoulder blades snapping back. The man next to him stood up “Well thank you, Mr. King, we will get going now. We will see you Friday,” he said smiling, shaking hands with King.

“Yes, we look forward to it,” King replied coldly, shaking his hand back. The guy with the tattoos stood up with a grunt, and trudged towards the door, the ground seemed to shake at the force. The door. I move silently to the side, but never once shrinking back from him.

He was bigger taller then James, and his shoulders more broad. I moved before he could get to me knowing full well not to get into his way- or anyone like him.

He walked past, the light from the windows illuminating the hallway. The other man walks past, a small smirk stretching his features before following the other into the hall, closing the door behind him.

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