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Chapter 12

Inside the Black Room, Morris led her to a softly lighted mirror on the wall near a wooden contraption Iris couldn’t make out. It looked like a giant crab topped with a red velvet seat at its center while all other parts were cushioned and covered in fake fur. The rest of the room sat in creepy darkness. While her curiosity grew, so did her arousal.

“Stand in front of that mirror and take off your clothes.” His voice boomed in the empty room.

Iris did as ordered. She stood before the mirror and pulled her dress down from the shoulders and wiggled until it dropped at her feet. She had no undergarments to peel off. She bent down to pick up the dress but Morris prevented her and grabbed her by the waist.

“Leave it there.” Morris said as he stood behind her. He started caressing her arm in long, light strokes, she quivered. “You must learn a few rules about dom-sub relationships… avoid eye-contact, keep your eyes down at all times and do not speak without permission. Address me as ’sir’ for the duration of this session, do you understand?”

“Y—yes, sir… I understand.” Her ex-husband wielded similar control over her. She needed his approval on every move she made, even with her choice of friends— that’s why her marriage didn’t work— he wanted control, she wanted freedom.

This tryst with Morris felt different. It didn’t lock her in a serious relationship or marriage. She committed to nothing but pleasure. The burning heat in her loins told her she enjoyed submitting to sexual control— like what Alex did to her a few times— and would make a good submissive under a dominant like Morris. She was determined to do whatever he asked to please him.

She kept her gaze down while his finger traced an imaginary road on her naked skin, from her shoulders and neck, her belly and breasts, to her buttocks, and finally to the wetland between her thighs. Every touch intensified her desire for him.

“I repeat. If I do something that you wouldn’t allow me to do, just say the safe word— “red” and I will stop— and this session ends.” He stared at her waiting for response.

“I understand… sir.”

Then Morris reached for the string hanging down her thighs connected to the ball inside her. While stroking her, he tugged at the string. She shuddered. Again, he tugged harder until the ball came out, and showed her the wet toy on his hand.

Iris felt like a part of her came out with the ball. The area where the ball lodged suddenly felt empty and longed to be filled again.

“You want more, don’t you?” Morris said.

“Yes, sir… I want more.” Iris couldn’t believe that she’d been sex-starved for years.

She had shelved the idea of getting pleasure from sex mainly because she wasn’t ready for another relationship.

But a relationship wasn’t necessary after all. This is sex for pleasure, and she liked what Morris was doing to her.

Morris pulled her arm to her back. It straightened her posture and pushed out her chest. “Keep your hands clasped on your back, eyes down— that’s the proper way of presenting yourself to your dom or an audience that your dom decides to have when he wants to show you off.”

“Sh-show me off to an audience?” She bit her lip for speaking out of turn. “I— I’m sorry, s—sir… I spoke without permission.”

“Just say the safe word if you disagree. Just say it if you want this to be over,” Morris reprimanded her like a child.

“A sub must surrender her trust. Safe words shouldn’t be necessary at all. Do you trust me, Iris?”

Red! Her mind screamed, but her flesh wanted it. “Y—yes, sir, I trust you completely.”

“Then I must punish you for that mistake. You need to learn your lesson.” Morris walked over to a switch on the wall next to the mirror and flicked it. Lights went on behind the mirror that turned out to be two-way.

On the other side, Iris saw a bunch of people lounging with drinks like they were watching a show, and realized— she was the show. Since game night, Iris felt like she became the limelight’s favorite subject.

Among her audience were Hans and Edward, other men and women she hadn’t met, and… Alex— she wondered why Alex kept showing up every time she got into an indecent predicament— he sat with an older lady whose hand rested on his crotch.

She recalled how he had kissed her so passionately just the night before. Her loins ached for him.

He gazed at her like he wanted to devour her… again. She shuddered with excitement but a tinge of jealousy pricked her— who’s that lady with him?

“Welcome your guests, Iris. They are excited to see you. There is no shame in sharing your pleasure, we are all here for it. Besides, you really did great on game night, you’re a celebrity now.” Morris pulled on her collar to move in closer to her viewers.

She teared-up, a battle raged within her, between the part that wanted it, and the part that wanted to scream “red”.

Calm down, Amanda, you want this. She took a deep breath and walked toward the crowd, her hands clasped behind her.

An old guy seated near where she stood reached out and pinched hard at her nipple. Iris whimpered in pain and disgust, but she kept her mouth shut and her eyes down.

“May I request our audience keep your hands off her unless I give you permission to do so,” Morris said.

The old pincher smiled and made a wave at Morris.

“So what’s her punishment, Morris?” asked the lady beside Alex.

Morris looked over the excited crowd. “Any suggestions?”

“Put her on the wheel!” shouted one. “The horse!” suggested another amid the cacophony of voices naming all sorts of torture Iris had no idea what they were.

Then Iris heard a familiar voice. “Give her the plug, man, then whip her.” It was the voice of Alex, but she didn’t look up.

“Oh yeah, I think that’s brilliant,” said Hans. “Are you a butt-virgin, Iris?”

Iris waited on Morris to give her permission to answer.

“You can answer that.” He said, and walked away.

Iris kept her eyes down and replied, “Yes, I am… sort of.”

Howls of laughter erupted in the audience. She couldn’t figure out if they were excited at her first encounter or she was being ridiculed for it. She flushed with shame.

Then Morris came back in, and waved an object on his hand. It looked like an odd-shaped egg with a round red crystal on one end. “I got the plug. Okay, who wants to put it in?” He asked the crowd.

“I’ll do it.” Alex didn’t wait to be called. He approached Morris with a crooked grin.

“Thank you, Alex. Shall we move on to the next room? There’s a bed we could use.” Morris said.

Everyone agreed. They all rose from their seats and flocked to the door at the back of the room, while Alex led Iris by the elbow to follow after them. His touch comforted her.

The room was well-lit and large enough to accommodate all of them. A waist-high bed stood at the center. Alex ordered Iris to climb on the bed and position herself on all fours.

Iris climbed in and did as told. Then Alex pulled her arms down her sides which lowered her head and shoulders down to the bed. He shoved her knees wider apart. Such an embarrassing position, she thought. Her ass jutted out open for everyone to see, she closed her eyes.

“I can live with this view any given day.” Alex murmured.

Morris produced a tube from his pocket, and lubed her. She quivered at the cold and slimy goo. His finger poked in a bit deeper to spread the lube inside.

Iris felt Alex move closer. “I want you to look at me while I do this, Iris.” He said. She opened her eyes and positioned her head until she got a good view of Alex behind her.

Alex showed her the object in his hand, his eyes brimmed of lust. “This is called a butt plug. Funny name but full of surprises.”

Oh goddess, please help me! She wanted to close her eyes out of dread, but remembered his order to look at him while he did it. Her heart thundered like a beaten drum.

Alex let the plug slide around before he drove it into her virgin part and pulled it out before reaching midway. She gasped. Then he drove it in again and slightly pumped the plug in and out a few times before driving it all the way in. Iris felt the thing locked in. She moaned.

“There you are, all plugged up.” Alex announced.

“Awesome!” She heard someone shout, as Alex helped her get down from the bed.

Morris took her hand from Alex when she got off the bed and led her to a mirror. “Look at how beautiful you are, Iris.”

“Don’t we get to whip her too?” said the matron.

“Of course you get to do that, Monique. We have to move her somewhere to be whipped.” Morris said.

“So where do we do it? How about the flogging pole?” The matron sounded impatient.

“I find the flogging pole boring, to be honest. How about… a horse ride?” Morris said.

“Splendid! You really are a genius, Morris, I got wet just thinking about it.” The matron said and scampered ahead.

“Excellent, let’s get her mounted on the horse then.” Alex said. His excitement reverberated clear as a bell.

Iris wondered what the horse could actually be, it couldn’t be the real thing. She walked with her hands on her back alongside Morris towards a wide corridor with low arched entrances on both sides without doors.

As they walked past each room filled with weird contraptions and gadgets on display, she noticed they all looked menacing, like instruments of torture used in olden times.

She dreaded to think what was coming, but decided to trust Morris. The plug made her uncomfortable just like the ball earlier, but oddly stimulating.

When they reached the end of the hall, Morris led her to an entrance with double wooden doors that opened to a dark cellar-like room. The place was empty except for a huge circular bed at the center and a row of play horses connected from floor to ceiling by a metal pole like a carousel in a carnival.

Then Iris figured out his genius idea. The horse had a silicone dildo built into the saddle. It’s a fucking horse ride. And they will whip my ass while I ride it. Fuck! I’m so fucked! She wanted to run for the hills.

As her audience gathered around carrying different kinds of whips, Morris opened a pack of condoms and rolled it down the dildo. “For protection,” he muttered. Everyone laughed.

“You can mount your horse now, Iris.” He helped her get up.

When she reached the saddle, she slowly sat on the dildo, getting its full length inside her. It was not that huge, and didn’t hurt at all. It wouldn’t be so bad if not for the plug that made her uncomfortable.

With the dildo and the plug both inside her, she felt jammed. She looked around the horse for something to hold on to, but there were none, just the pole in front near the horse’s head. She leaned forward to reach the pole and the position pushed her buttocks out— the perfect position for whipping.

“Are you ready, Iris?” Morris asked.

“Yes, sir… I think so.”

“Good, now take your feet off the stirrups.”

She took her feet off the stirrups, then Morris adjusted it that left her legs hanging. It added to her discomfort immensely. She lost her foothold, so her weight rested entirely on the seat— with only the dildo to hold her in place. Fuck!

Then Morris flicked a switch and it began to move like a galloping horse. Iris moaned. She didn’t expect that. The waving motion overwhelmed her with mixed sensations. She liked it.

“It’s Lady Godiva on her horse… what an enchanting sight.” Hans announced.

“This horse will run for five minutes, while we whip your ass. When the horse stops, the whipping stops, and your punishment is over. Do you understand, Iris?” Morris said.

“Y— yes… s— sir,” she stammered. She looked at Alex as he stared at her breasts bouncing as she rode. His eyes bore through her like burning coals. She wanted him to touch her.

Not a second passed when a leather whip landed behind her, then another. Although it didn’t hurt much, she winced. They circled around and took turns to whip her. Every second on the horse felt like an hour. She moaned in ecstasy and squirmed in pain, confounded at how she felt both at the same time.

“You are not supposed to come, Iris. Do you hear me?” Morris said.

She nodded. A few more strikes landed, seconds ran like hours, then the galloping slowed to a stop. She felt numb where her skin met the saddle, but it throbbed with inexplicable delight. When Morris put the stirrups back in, she stepped on it and slowly raised herself from the saddle. But the exhaustion took its toll, her legs trembled, and she couldn’t get off.

“Bend down this way and I will catch you.” Morris said.

She did as instructed and dropped like a rag doll on his arms, and Morris got her out of the saddle. “How was the ride, Iris?” he asked, caressing her arm.

“I’m fine, sir… just tired, I guess.”

“Good, but it’s not over, you still have to come.” He kissed her cheek, and turned to Alex. “Let’s finish her up, Alex.” He gave her over to Alex.

Alex carried her and laid her on the circular bed. “Position yourself the same way I plugged you.” Iris did as ordered. Alex caressed the stinging red welts and planted a gentle kiss while he pulled the plug out. Iris gasped. She wanted the plug to stay there. She suddenly felt empty and longed for it.

“Suck me.” She turned to Morris and opened her mouth for him. He pushed her head to get in deeper. As she gagged, she felt Alex rub her with lube.

Then Morris laid down on the bed and put condom on his hoisted hulking manhood, then pulled Iris to hump on him with slow but deep thrusts. She gasped with delight.

Behind her, Alex pushed her down towards Morris, her breasts rested on his chest. Then Alex took her behind. Iris screamed. Pain and pleasure melded into one overwhelming ecstasy.

The men pumped in perfect rhythm that built up to heightened ferocity. The threesome huffed and puffed in unison.

Iris glanced around her. The audience stayed to see her to the finish. She noticed someone else standing near the shadows behind one of the horses— then the figure withdrew back into the shadows behind and disappeared.

“Adam?” She hollered at the shadows, then let out an orgasmic scream. She came.

Loud applause and howls erupted. Alex caressed her well-whipped skin.

“Session’s over, Iris,” Morris smiled beneath her. “You can get off of me now.” He grinned.

Iris kissed Morris on the cheek and rose up to do the same to Alex, but he met her lips with his and sucked her lower lip. “You were hot as hell, Iris,” he muttered.

Her audience gave her a group hug and congratulated her, then left the room.

Morris handed her dress and helped her put it on. “Gorgeous dress, by the way.” Morris said.

“It’s rather too late for you to notice, Morris, but thanks.” She giggled.

“You are gorgeous whatever you’re wearing— especially if it’s nothing at all.” Alex grinned.

“Oh stop it, Alex, or you’ll get me wet again.”

As they strolled out of the Black Room, she spied movement in the shadows behind them. She shuddered when she thought it could be the stranger in her room, coming back for her.

“Let’s go. This place gives me the creeps.” She said, and walked faster.

When they reached the poolside deck, Alex held her hand and pulled her close to him. “I’ll take Iris back to her room, Morris, you can go ahead,” he said.

“Cool, man. Hey, thanks for the lovely session, Iris. You two have a wonderful evening.” Morris bowed and walked away.

“I think we should get a drink to cap the night.” Alex said as he led her to sit on the bar stool.

“I could use a drink, thanks. But can we sit on a lower chair please?” she gestured at her throbbing bum.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot. Sure, pick your seat.”

She chose the table near the railing, and took her seat. Alex sat on the opposite side and called the waiter.

“What are you having?”

“I’ll have what you’re having.”

“Two old fashioned please.” He told the waiter.

Iris got the feeling of deja vu. Adam had ordered the same thing, but the ice melted when…

“Did you enjoy your lessons tonight, Iris?” Alex disrupted her thoughts.

“What? Oh… yes, in fact I did enjoy it. Although I was really terrified… but I guess it just added to the excitement.” She smiled.

“Morris is a good teacher, wasn’t he? He’s one of the best doms I know.”

Their drinks arrived. Iris grabbed hers and took a drag. It refreshed her.

“I knew you’d be a good sub from the moment I met you at the spa… like you were born to be one.” Alex stared at her.

“Oh Alex, will you please stop looking at me like that …”

“Why? It gets you excited… and wet?”

“Y—yes, honestly… so please stop it. I think I’ve reached my fucking quota for the day.” She giggled.

“Who’s Adam? I heard you shout that name earlier.”

“Oh, um, I met him at dinner before game night. He— he… I thought I saw him standing in the shadows at the Black Room.”

“You must be hallucinating back there.” He laughed.

“Yeah, maybe I was…”

“I think I’m addicted to you, Iris. I want to paint the memory I have of you on my bedroom ceiling.”

“Honestly, I feel the same way with you, Alex, except I don’t know how to paint.” She laughed.

“Really? Do you want another round?” He teased.

“Stop it already!”

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop… but tomorrow is another day.” He looked away and grinned.

She giggled. “Okay, cowboy, it’s getting late, I wanna hit the sack.”

She felt comfortable around Alex and glad that he showed up even in the most unexpected places. He walked with her to her suite and gave her a passionate good night kiss. She locked the door immediately when she got inside, and heard Alex say, ‘good night’, as he walked away.

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