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Chapter 13

Iris and Jo had lunch with two other guys at the poolside.

Evan, a forty-something guy who looked like a millionaire bachelor, but a cheapskate with his smiles, enchanted the ladies with his stories of adventure at a nudist resort in the Bahamas.

The other guy, Marco, who displayed a more laid back demeanor, matched Evan’s tales with his unforgettable experience at a Bacchanalia in Italy.

Iris wondered whether the men tried to seduce them with their stories or just used the occasion to brag with each other. She thought men were like little boys who just got bigger and older. Although it amused her, she longed to be somewhere else— with Alex.

“I enjoyed your stories immensely, Evan and Marco… but I must excuse myself and get back to my room. I’m not feeling very well.” Iris said and gestured to Jo that they should leave.

She decided to stay away from seduction for a while because she still felt sore and her buttocks stung at the slightest touch.

“Oh, but we haven’t heard your stories yet…” Marco protested. “I’m sure you have your own adventures to tell, Iris.” He grinned.

“Maybe next time around, Marco,” Iris said with a smile.

Marco grabbed Jo’s hand and pulled her back. “You don’t have to leave too. Stay a while longer, let your friend go, she doesn’t need chaperoning, I’m sure.”

“Okay, you can go ahead, Iris. I’ll stay here a bit longer.” Jo smiled.

“Fine. See you around.” She walked back to her room.

Life on the cruise seemed boring when fornicating wasn’t on the agenda, Iris realized. She couldn’t even watch cable TV because there were none in her room. So she decided to lay down on the couch and take a nap.

It was almost sunset when her doorbell rang, and she awoke. It was the concierge with a plate of envelopes for her. One was another invitation for game night, and the other was an unsigned invitation to a private dinner— it said a butler will pick her up at seven.

Iris thought she’s had enough of game night and decided to go for dinner with her mystery date instead. She headed for the shower.

She chose to wear an emerald colored gown that plunged on both front and back, paired with four-inch stilettos, which she thought would be a knock-out. Fuck! I’ll definitely get laid again. She blushed, excited.

The nap helped get her ready for action again. She can’t believe the things that happened to her, and how differently she thought of sex in a matter of days. The Pleasure Cruise is truly a magical place.

A butler named Bruce picked her up from her room at exactly seven, and took her to a private room in one of the upper deck suites.

“Please make yourself comfortable, Miss Iris. Your host will be with you in a minute.” Bruce said as he led her to the parlor, and left.

She sat on the divan and waited. She looked around for tell-tale signs of who could be her mystery man, but everything seemed to be in impeccable order, she could only make a wild guess.

“I’m glad you came, Iris. Aren’t you joining the games tonight?” a familiar voice rang behind her.

She turned around and her heart jumped. “Adam!”

“I’m sorry I had to leave you that night, like a thief.”

“But why did you leave?”

“I thought you had such a great time, and didn’t want to ruin it for you.”

“You actually broke my heart by doing that, but apology accepted.” She smiled at him. “I thought I’d never see you again.”

“I made you a promise… thought I should keep it.” Adam shuffled to the bar caddy and poured whiskey for two and dropped ice on each, handed one to Iris.

“So… you’ve been kissing guys while I’m away? Was Alex a good kisser?”

She was stunned. “How did you know that?”

“I know things… especially if I want to know things. That’s not so hard to do around here. Do you like Alex?”

She sipped her drink and basked in its smoothness, how it slid down her throat and instantly calmed her. “I like Alex… a lot. But… I like you too, Adam. Is that impossible? Is there a problem with that?”

He smiled. “Of course, not. I know you like Alex. I’m not so sure how much you like me, though. We’ve only met once, but you and Alex…”

“I like you a lot too, Adam. But you never showed up…”

“Dinner is waiting, we don’t want it getting cold. Shall we?” He offered an arm as he led her to the table, pulled a chair for her and took his seat across her. “It’s lamb chops with mint jelly, biryani rice, and cucumber salad. I hope you like it.”

She ate heartily but didn’t say a word. Adam gave her furtive glances, she just smiled at him.

How he knew about Alex perplexed her. He must have a spy around to check on her, or could Alex have told him? Was he the figure in the shadows at the Black Room?

A dessert of mango flambé was served while it flamed. “I love mangoes.” She said, breaking her silence.

Adam chuckled. “Does that mean you didn’t like the lamb chops?”

“I did. It was good.”

“You didn’t say a word about it, but the mangoes made you blurt out your love for it.”

She laughed. “I had a lot on my mind earlier, I forgot to say. I’m sorry.”

“A penny for your thoughts?”

“It was nothing, really.”

“You don’t look happy, Iris. Did something bad happen?”

“No— no… nothing bad happened, just… I was thinking how you found out about Alex. Were you spying on me, Adam?”

“You’re a person of interest to me, Iris. I’d like to find out more about you. Is there anything wrong with that?”

“No, I guess not.” Fuck, why should I be so worked up about this? He’s just another fuck, Iris.

His eyes burned with lust. “Take off your clothes.”

Surprised at the sudden shift in conversation, she winced, but stood up and slipped out of her gown. She felt her nipples perk up when the cool air blew on it. She shivered.

He stayed on his seat with legs crossed and inspected her from head to foot. “Turn around.” She did, certain he’d see the welt marks on her bum, it had faded a bit but still quite visible.

“You’ve been whipped really good, I see…”

Iris swallowed hard, ashamed to show Adam her freshly whipped mounds.

Adam got off his seat and walked away. “Follow me.” He entered the bedroom.

She picked up her gown and followed him.

Adam stood before the bed. “Lay on the bed and touch yourself.”

She sat on the bed and started unstrapping her shoes. “Keep your shoes on.” He said. “Lay down and use that.” He pointed at a slender wand with an oval-shaped tip.

She took the wand and laid on the bed. She opened her legs and touched herself. She gasped, amazed at the wand’s power to stimulate her. Being with Adam alone excited her.

He stood at the foot of the bed and watched her with hunger. Her legs twitched and her jaunty bosom jutted in and out involuntarily. She moaned in rapturous delirium.

“Control yourself, Iris. I don’t want you to come yet.”

“Y—yes sir…”

“Good girl,” he grabbed the wand, then handed another object to her. “I’m sure you know how to use this, put it on.” It was the vibrator-sucker.

She took it and inserted the dildo inside her and nestled her blushing button on the disc snugly. Then looked at him and waited for instructions.

“I want you to walk over there and place your hands on the wall.”

She got up and took her position on the wall, like a felon waiting to be frisked. The vibrator and sucker turned on suddenly, she whimpered in surprise. Adam held the remote controller and turned it on without warning, it thrilled her.

On and off the magical gadget tortured her with delight. Her body danced every time he pushed the button. She wondered how she must look, facing a wall with a toy in her crotch, dancing to the beat of his whims. She longed for him to take her any way he wanted, but take her that instant.

He moved closer and stood behind her. He lingered there for a while, his breath on her neck as the gadget continued its task without stopping. She danced to the tune of her moans, and wiggled, and twisted in ecstasy.

His hands went over the contours of her body like a sculptor would check his work. He kissed her neck as his stubbled chin grazed over her shoulders. Then she felt him slather lube on her.

“Spread your legs wider apart, Iris.”

She complied, and bent at an angle, her buttocks stuck out. She heaved in excited anticipation.

Adam entered her with thrusts that gradually built up to a furious barrage. Iris salivated at the mixture of wild sensations. Even their moans harmonized in a crescendo as they climaxed together.

“Can you turn this off now?” she said, and turned to face Adam.

“Not just yet,” he pulled her in and kissed her with intense fervor. She kissed him back and ignored Jo’s advice, ready to face the consequences, whatever that may be.

She stayed over and had him all night, enjoyed multiple orgasms, and slept deeply in his arms.

When she woke up, he was gone… again.

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