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Chapter 15

Amanda wore a mustard sleeveless, knee-length shift with a black coat that fell just above her waist, accenting her tight round bum that still throbbed with the whipping. Her hair flowed down in smooth waves below her shoulders. Although unsure of what to expect at work, she felt great.

Valerie’s security detail Mia met her at the lobby. “Good morning and welcome back, Miss Fox. I was sent to escort you to your office.”

“Hello, Mia. Thanks, but why do you have to escort me? I know my way.” She said, confused.

“Just come with me please.” Mia said with a cordial smile, which meant, don’t ask questions.

She went with Mia into the elevator car and got more confused when she scanned a key card to the eighty-seventh floor. “Where are we going?” She knew that floor remained vacant for a long time.

Mia just smiled. Got it.

The elevator doors opened to an elegant foyer filled with floral arrangements and a banner that said, “Welcome back, Amanda Fox.” Since when did they start giving welcome back banners to employees?

Mia walked ahead of her to open the double doors at the end of the corridor. Amanda was stunned when she saw an ocean of people before her, they shouted in unison, “Congratulations, Amanda.” Applause and cheers resounded in the room.

A huge banner hung on a far wall that said, “Congratulations to Aglow’s new CEO Amanda Fox.” She couldn’t believe it.

Amanda wanted to jump for joy, but she couldn’t move. Petrified at the sight before her. Valerie Wang appeared from the crowd and approached her with a big hug, she sobbed.

“You deserve it, Amanda. That’s one hot power suit you’re wearing, by the way.” Valerie whispered in her ear, gave her a squeeze, and stepped back.

“Okay, that would be all for now, everyone. We will have our formal inauguration for our new CEO later this week, you may go back to work now.” She announced to the crowd.

Her face wet with tears, Amanda thanked and waved at each employee that walked past her until everyone left except Valerie.

“Just so you know, you got the board’s unanimous vote, Amanda. Welcome to your new office as CEO. Do you like it?” Valerie said.

Bewildered at another surprise, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The room displayed chic furniture and ornaments in earthy colors accented with touches of olives and old rose. “I can’t believe this, Val. This is so overwhelming. You didn’t have to do this for me… I—I don’t know what to say…”

“We want to seat our CEO in high esteem. You are Aglow’s most valuable asset now.”

“But isn’t this too much?” She turned to see its rich interiors, obviously designed by a professional.

“The designer thought so too, the work they put in to finish this office in three days seemed too much.” She laughed. “But they were able to do it anyway.”

“Oh my God, Val, how could I ever thank you?”

“The work you put into Aglow earned you all of this… I will still be very active with Aglow, however, as your adviser. Would you like to see your private office?” Val gestured to a door on the middle of a long wood-paneled wall.

Amanda walked in and gasped at the modern but minimalist style of the room. “I love it, Val, thank you.”

“You also get your own personal security, his name is Taylor, and is standing at the entry as we speak.” She smiled. “I’d like to show you one more thing…” Val strode to a switch embedded into the wall barely visible, she flicked the switch and the wall panel opened like a door.

“Wow, that’s James Bond cool.” Amanda laughed. “What’s in there? A safe?”

“Check it out.”

She followed Val inside.

“Holy fuck!” Amanda muttered, shocked at the size of the room she thought was only a closet of sorts. It had a four-poster bed at the far corner, a set of chairs and a couch, a dining table, a massage bed and jacuzzi on one corner, and an open shower with greens and stones around— it was like a hotel suite with a private spa.

“This is insane, Val.” The massage and shower area reminded her of Alex, it inflamed her.

“I want you to work hard for Aglow, Amanda, but play hard too.” She smiled. “I’ll leave you to your thoughts now, I have someone waiting for me at my office.”

“Okay, thanks again… for all of these, Val.” She blew her a kiss as Valerie walked out of the secret room and the door clicked shut.

Fuck! How do I get out of here? Then she spied another switch beside the false wall. Hmmm… That’s really sneaky but cool!

“Care for a signature massage?” A familiar voice boomed behind her.

“Alex!” She blurted, shocked to see him there. “I thought I’d never see you again.”

“I can’t play alone, can I? My real name is Alessandro Borelli, if Valerie hadn’t told you yet, but you can still call me Alex.”

“How… oh my god, you reported everything to Valerie, didn’t you?”

“Guilty as charged… she asked me to look out for you, I would have regretted if I didn’t agree.” He smiled as he walked slowly toward her. “Hello again, Iris… are you wearing anything under that dress?”

The growing heat in her loins consumed her. Alex had that effect on her since her first signature massage.

Work can wait… Amanda. But right now, Iris wants to play.

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