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Chapter 16

Sprawled on the massage bed under his expert hands, Amanda writhed in ecstasy. Instruments of pleasure laid on a nearby table helped Alex achieve the effect he wanted as she surrendered her mind and body to his will.

Restrained with a ball gag on her mouth with chains connected to clamps on her nipples may seem painfully savage to the uninitiated, but not for her. Pain can be pleasurable in a dark and erotic way. Every movement sent sharp waves that heightened her arousal.

She saw how Alex loved to see her dance while a remote-controlled device vibrated inside her and sucked her at the same time. He turned it on and off at his whim, as she squirmed and moaned in ecstasy.

Amanda consented and thanked him for the pleasure of it all. They took pleasure from each other, not knowing how to live without the other. Their connection kept them together, yet they stayed free.

“I have to get back to the studio, sorry, but I have to rush.” Alex said as he slid back into his wrecked jeans. “I’ll call you before I head for your apartment tonight, but it might be already a bit late.”

Amanda slipped back into her skirt and reached under the couch for her bra. “You have your keys, don’t you? If I don’t answer my phone, just get your ass in, okay?”

“Don’t wait up, though. If I don’t show up tonight, I’ll be there for breakfast.” He winked.

“Hmm, you have another model waiting for you at the studio. Am I right?”

“Aren’t you the psychic?” he laughed, “Of course, I have to finish a few more pieces for the exhibit. Tatiana texted me, she’s been waiting half an hour already.”

“Okay, get out of here.” She blew him a kiss and smiled. “Good for your models— they get to hang out at your place while I haven’t even seen your door. I’m quite jealous.” She teased.

He walked towards her and kissed her on the lips. She wanted to kiss him back but thought otherwise.

“I told you, you’re off limits at my place until I’m ready. You should go out with other guys, Iris, it’s been more than two months since the cruise. . .”

Alex walked to the window and peeked out. “Look, there’s a long line of dicks waiting for you out there.” He laughed. “I don’t want my pet getting lonely up here if I’m not around.” He kissed her again. “See you later.” He waved and walked to the elevator.

“Later,” She waved back, grabbed her coat, and walked through the secret door to her office. Valerie was a genius to provide her with a secret room with its own private elevator access behind the office— it really made her new CEO happy and aglow.

Time to work. On her way out, she paused to admire the mural on the wall that became the focal piece of her office. It was a twelve by twelve foot canvass painting of a lone bearded iris flower in deep blue and bright purple hues contrasted with a black background. It bore the signature of its artist on the lower right corner— Alex.

Amanda understood Alex as an artist and his work with models, but also knew he had them after every session. He was honest about it though, but Alex was not a kiss-and-tell kind of guy and never told her what exactly went on during his trysts with the models.

The thought of Alex getting pleasure from someone else stirred something within her she couldn’t comprehend, like an itch she couldn’t scratch.

She could go on dates any time she wanted. Her time at work may have diminished, but the stress of decision-making, all-day meetings, not to mention the stack of documents she had to sign each day— didn’t give her much opportunity to go out on dates. Alex always teased her about all the hot guys she’d been missing.

Alex had always been around for her. She thought their relationship was perfect— but why she felt the pang of jealousy lately, Amanda wasn’t so sure. I need to go out with someone other than Alex… anyone.

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