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Chapter 17

Amanda fumbled on her phone browsing through pictures and profiles of men. She registered with a dating app hoping to find someone to date, and used Iris Blue as her login name, and a black and white photo she’d never used online before.

Alex had been kicking on her heels to go out and have fun with other men even if she didn’t feel the need for it. But since Alex focused more of his time with his work recently, she missed their sessions together and longed for his touch.

She thought perhaps she could find another fuck buddy like Alex through technology— it seemed so easy. Among hundreds of profiles who lived in the vicinity of New York City, she chose three.

Good-looking males in their thirties to early fifties struck her as suitable. Although there were the sweep-off-your-feet type of guys on the list, they wanted to find someone to marry someday— a deal-breaker for Amanda. She just wanted to play.

The first one she picked was a guy her age, Liam, who loves adventure and a good movie. Another in the same age bracket, Vigo, who preferred a laid back kind of relationship without commitment, and a fifty-five year old guy, Robert, who said he was looking for casual relationships with submissive ladies only. All she had to do was ‘like’ the profiles and wait for them to respond.

The last guy she picked reminded her of Adam. If the guy was a dominant, they might hit it off. She still longed for Adam’s passionate touch and powerful dominance over her.

Since Morris initiated her into the world of BDSM back at the cruise, she started craving for it and found Alex to be the perfect playmate. If she only knew how to find Morris, she could have called on him instead. Good things come to those who wait, Amanda.

“Are you staying late, Miss Fox?” Joan said as she brought in a stack of documents and piled them neatly on Amanda’s desk.

“No, I’ll be going home in a short while. You can go ahead, Joan, have a nice weekend.” She smiled at her young assistant.

“Thanks, Miss Fox. You have a nice weekend too.” Joan said as she turned and left.

Amanda closed her laptop and checked her phone. There was a notification on the dating app. She opened it and saw a message from Robert. Meet me at Le Bernardin, 6:00 tonight. Let’s take it from there.

It was half past five, she didn’t have time to go home and change. Thank goddess, I have my own suite right here.

She flicked the barely visible switch on the wall behind her desk and entered her secret room. A quick warm shower invigorated her, but missed Alex’s presence in their play room, where they took showers together.

Amanda sorted through the dresses she kept in the closet and picked one that was less revealing but subtly provocative. A cami pencil dress in deep purple that ends on the knee with cut-out sides. Perfect.

“I’m with Robert Hunt.” She told the maître d’ and was led to a table at the lounge area of the wine bar.

Amanda choked when she saw who her blind date was, “Adam?”

He stood up to greet her. “Hello, Iris, nice to see you too. Have a seat, please.”

Although shocked at the unexpected meeting, she was happy to see Adam again.

“How…” Amanda didn’t know what to say. A dozen questions popped in her head all at the same time.

“First things first… I want you to delete your profile and uninstall that app. Do you hear me?” He said it like an angry dad.

“Why? If not for that dating app, I wouldn’t have found you…”

“Well, here I am. I found you. What if you picked the wrong guy and got yourself into a mess, huh? You don’t know these people, Iris. Every one of those profiles are a bunch of lies just to get laid.”

“I’m sorry… okay, I’ll delete my profile and remove the app… I just want to find someone to date, that’s all.” She said.

“I know, of course, you want to get laid too. I can send some reliable doms your way if you want. Just keep yourself out of the internet.”

“Okay, I get it… I’m really happy to see you, Adam.” She looked at him but quickly averted his gaze.

He reached for his glass of white wine and clinked the glass on hers. “Let’s celebrate this reunion, Iris, I’m also happy to see you… cheers.”

She took a sip of wine and stared at his eyes, brimming with desire.

“I don’t understand the effect you had on me… I just… I just couldn’t get you off my skin.” She said.

“And why would you want to get me off your skin?”

“Because I thought I’d never see you again after the cruise… and you didn’t seem eager to see me again either… I’ve been waiting all night for you to say it, but you never did. You had your fun with me, I had my fun, and that was it… but I longed for you even after all this time, Adam, and I couldn’t shake it.” She sighed a bagful of air, surprised at how long she held her breath. A heavy load was lifted off her chest.

“And you think finding another dominant to make you dance in ecstasy would shake it off?”

“Alex suggested it… he said I should go out on dates with other men and have fun.”

“I think that’s okay, going out on dates and having fun is okay, but going out with another dominant you picked from a dating app is utterly reckless. There are a lot of things you should know about this lifestyle that only someone who truly cares for you can help you to grow. Some doms have no boundaries, Iris, you can get hurt.”

She bowed her head and said nothing.

“I’ve missed you, Iris. Let’s finish our food and wine and be on our way. You should try the fish, it’s the best in the world.”

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