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Chapter 20

When Amanda got to her apartment, she was surprised to find her door unlocked. She turned on all the lights but found everything to be exactly as it was when she left that morning. Damn! Maybe I forgot to lock it again.

Amanda couldn’t take her mind off Alex, but she felt tired and decided to cry herself to sleep.

She dreamed of Alex still angry at her for barging into his studio. He restrained her hands with leather cuffs and blindfolded her. She felt his heavy hands undress her and rip her panties off. She wanted to plead and apologize but she couldn’t open her mouth. She squirmed and felt the familiar smell of her bed. She wasn’t dreaming.

“Hello again, Iris.” Said the familiar voice that sent chills down her spine.

She screamed behind the tape that sealed her mouth.

“Imagine my surprise when I watched the news and saw the queen of game night being inaugurated as CEO of Aglow.” He laughed. “I knew I got lucky.”

He laid beside her and played with her. “You can’t get away from me now, Iris. I can play with you whenever I want and you won’t dare disappoint me…

“You see, I got videos of you during game night… captured those moments when you impaled yourself over a dozen dicks. I also got one at the poker room where you screamed with pleasure as Alex made you twitch and squirm… and of course, the very special one where you enjoyed my magic touch…

“You cannot deny it, I got a close-up shot of your dripping wet pussy, Iris.” He laughed. “I can upload those videos on social media any time, and your career will be over.”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. How could he have gotten away with a camera on the cruise? She never saw anyone with a camera or a phone with them during game night or at the poker room. Who could this guy be?

His hand grazed on her skin around her breasts down to her belly, and found its way farther down, his fingers barged in without introduction. She squirmed and screamed in protest.

“Do you think you can say no to me? Safe words don’t exist outside the Pleasure Cruise… no, not in my world.

She heard the buzzing sound of a vibrator held against her skin. “You love this toy, I know. It makes you wet just hearing its sound, doesn’t it? You’re such a delight to play with, Iris.”

He laughed at her muffled screams while he shoved the wand in and out of her. She screamed until her throat ran dry.

“Okay, okay, I get it… you missed my dick, didn’t you? He shoved his thick pipe into her, and slammed on her like a jackhammer.

She wished she’d passed out and wake up with amnesia. How could she have withstood the pain, the shame, and horror mixed together into a wrecking ball that rammed her to pieces— she shuddered at the thought of how far she could go.

He groaned aloud and finished inside her. “Oops! I hope you’re on the pill. But it doesn’t really matter… it would be a thrill to fuck you when you’re heavy and pregnant, Iris. That would be a hot one to add to my video collection.” He chuckled as he released her thighs from his clutches and got off the bed.

The thought of getting impregnated by a rapist horrified her, but relieved that she’d switched to injectable contraceptives as Jo had suggested.

“Would you like to see your videos? I watch them all the time, you know… but it would be more exciting if I watch them with you.” He laughed. “Okay, I’m inviting you over to my place to watch it and have a bit of fun. You can’t say no…

“I’ll send you an address through a burner phone you’ll find on your dresser. Come alone. I got friends over at the police station and I would know if you report it. Say anything about this to anyone, and I will kill Alex.” He chuckled. “Do you understand, Iris?”

She nodded.

“You’re an awesome pet, you deserve a treat.”

He freed her shackled hands and walked out of her apartment.

Amanda couldn’t believe how two painful incidents could happen in a single night. How can she tell Alex about it when he didn’t even seem to care about her anymore?

She squealed in pain when she peeled the tape from her mouth and regretted it. She realized that everything that had happened to her were consequences of her actions.

Alex was mad at her for defying him, and she was raped because she forgot to lock her door— what else could she have done to deserve being violated?

She can’t run away now, she had to rendezvous with the intruder to save Alex and the company. She can’t just cry and hide from her monsters. She had to face them and fight.

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