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Chapter 21

She parked her car on the empty lot facing the warehouse. She got out, dropped one of the charms from her bracelet to the ground. Those were the bread crumbs she thought would help Alex find her— if he finds the message she left for him first.

She walked towards the building, but it looked dark and empty. Amanda wondered whether she was at the right place. The GPS in her car could have been wrong. She walked around it and dropped a couple more charms.

She entered the dark and narrow alleyway on the side where she spied a small entrance. She dropped three more charms as she walked, and hoped she was doing the right thing.

Her heart hammered at her chest as she fought for the courage to knock on the cold steel door. She dropped another charm.

Then a voice spoke at the other side of the door, she jumped. “Who’s there?” It was a stranger’s voice.

“It’s… Iris.” She answered.

“Are you alone?”

“Yes, it’s just me.”

The steel door clanked open to pitch darkness. She stepped inside apprehensively, when a bag went down over her head covering her face, she could hardly breathe. Her hands shoved on her back and tied with coarse rope.

The man nudged her forward a couple dozen paces then turned before he pushed her in and a heavy steel door closed behind her. She felt the presence of about two or three people in the room. Then the voice of her rapist roared—a hand’s breadth in front of her.

“Get her car and take it somewhere far from here… and don’t forget to wear gloves.” He said.

“Sure, boss… but when we get back, can we…” the stranger sniggered, then they all laughed.

“When I’m done, you get your turn. Now leave.”

They shuffled out and shut the door behind them. Heavy footfalls advanced closer and the bag came off. Amanda squinted at the brightness, it hurt her eyes.

“Welcome to my little black room, Iris. I had it built especially for you.”

Holy fuck!

“Richard? It was you?” she said, bewildered that her poker friend and rapist were one and the same.

“I’m glad you remembered my name. Do you remember how you turned your nose up on me too?”

“What? How— what did I ever do to you?”

“You knew I was into you at the poker games, bitch, but you didn’t even give me a chance. You picked another guy across the room to make me jealous and left me in the cold.” His voice thundered.

“Whoa— it wasn’t like that at all, Richard. I’m sorry if I made you feel that way, but I didn’t mean to offend you.”

She surveyed the room with a side glance. It was a trailer inside the warehouse. She wondered how many other trailers were there in the huge warehouse.

The trailer she was in had windows but were sealed shut with black sheets, perhaps to block out the lights. If Alex found her note, would he be able to find her inside that trailer? Her hopes faded by the minute.

“Didn’t I pass your standards, Iris? I used to be a top model for popular brands, while, sorry to say this, but your masseur of a boyfriend is way out of my league. I’m curious why you chose him over me.” He milled around her inspecting every inch of her.

“Oh fuck, Richard, stop it.”

“I’m glad I got my special glasses that could take photos and videos with one touch. I really love these hi-tech gadgets. Let’s watch it, shall we?” He chuckled.

He turned on a flat screen monitor on the wall and clicked on a remote.

Amanda saw herself on game night, then her task with Alex at the poker room, and the last video showed the night Richard raped her. She winced.

“I never told a soul about what happened that night. Please, Richard, stop this craziness. Why are you blackmailing me? What do you want?”

“You know what I want, Iris… and you don’t have to give it… I’m gonna get it.”

“You could just have asked… I can fuck you right now, if that’s what you want. You didn’t have to force yourself on me back at the ship, you know.”

“Oh, but it’s not just what I want, but how I want it… back at the ship, I had you the way I wanted, Iris. I knew you enjoyed it, be honest. You like to be fucked hard and rough.”

“Fuck me any way you want, Richard. But destroy that video, please… I’m begging you…” she sobbed.

“You have a deal… any… fucking way… I want… and that video will be erased.”

He unbound her hands. “Take your clothes off and dance for me, Iris… the way you danced on game night… hot, sultry, and wild… show me. Seduce me like you did to every dick you fucked on the ship.”

She shuddered at the way he said it, like she was a slut. Amanda took off her clothes and stood naked before him, then languidly swayed her hips to imaginary music. You can do this, just do what he asks, and it will be over.

She stared at Richard’s eyes but imagined Alex instead, that gave the order to dance for him. The thought inflamed her.

She wiggled her shoulders and raised her hands over her head to expose her breasts, and waved them before his eyes. She moved like a stripper danced for money, and shimmied like a snake on the nearby pole. The thought of Alex excited her.

“Go on, don’t stop until I say so. You’re doing well, even better than game night.” Richard stepped closer and groped her while she gyrated. “Fuck! You are so fucking soaked, Iris.” He looked pleased and stripped his clothes. His slender but muscular form swaggered before her.

Richard closed in and fondled her while she danced. “Beg me to fuck you, Iris.”

She faced him and looked him in the eye, while she ran a hand on his puffed out chest. “Fuck me… I’m so wet and hot with desire for you… fuck me now, I beg you, Alex…” She gasped and clutched her mouth.

He slapped her hard on the cheek, she keeled at the brute force that struck her, she tasted blood.

“Alex, huh?” He pushed her against the post, and restrained her hands with leather cuffs mounted above her head. It raised her up an inch off the floor, and forced her to stand on her toes.

“I’m s—s-sorry, Richard… I made a mistake. You can force me to do your bidding, I’d do it willingly… but you can’t force my mind to think I desire you because I don’t. Why did you have to pick me? A lot of women would throw themselves on you…” She sobbed.

“And not you? But you’re the one I want, Iris.” He said.

Iris thought reasoning with Richard proved useless. He’s sick. “Please, Richard, don’t do this.”

“Spread your legs.” He ordered.

She spread them as wide as she could.

“Get ready, my little bitch, I’m gonna fuck you like hell.” He went down on his knees, balled his hand into a fist, and jammed it into her like he did with the dildo. She screamed with pain, and wished to die.

“You’ve never been fist-fucked before, huh?” He sniggered, his fist continued drilling into her. “Answer me.”

“Never,” She sobbed.

“Then I’m your first… that makes me proud, Iris. Game night queen’s first fist-fuck made her squeal like a pig.” He laughed.

He pulled his hand out and walked to a table where a bunch of devices piled on top of it. He picked one and wore it on his hand like a glove, then probed her as it vibrated.

“This one is a useless piece of shitty device.”

He kneaded her injured part like dough with it, she winced. Richard had no knowledge on how to give pleasure to a woman, only pain. His idea of pleasure came from his satisfaction of inflicting pain… a savage kind of pain.

The sound of the metal door opened and shut outside the trailer. Richard’s company have returned.

“Brandon! Come in here.”

Brandon’s head appeared as he pushed the door and walked in. “Everything done as you asked, Eddie is on the lookout at the door. Anything else I can do?” Brandon said as he eyed Iris, hanging on the post.

Richard reached for something from the table and inserted the object inside her and handed Brandon a round object. “Push the button and see what happens, Bran.”

Iris recognized the vibrator and sucker immediately, she braced for impact. Brandon got himself immensely entertained as he controlled her jerks and heaves.

Richard watched and pleasured himself as Brandon played with her like a video game. They laughed and howled in wild amusement.

“Take her down and put her on the bed.” Richard gave the order like Iris was a piece of meat in a butcher shop.

Brandon released her from the shackles. She slumped on him as her legs numbed from standing too long on her toes. Then he helped her up, put his arm around her and held her by the breast. Iris felt his hand squeeze her like lemons. It hurt like hell but she didn’t complain.

Brandon dropped her on the bed like a sack of potatoes, and rubbed his hands together. “What’s next, boss?” He said, eager for his next task.

“I’m not done here, just play with her… you can suck her teats if you want. But don’t fuck her yet, I go first.” He said.

“Sweet!” Brandon said, and eyed Iris with hunger. “Don’t worry, little bunny, you’ll get your payment when we’re done.” He pinned her arms over her head and went down to suck her. He sucked so hard, Iris felt his teeth dug deep. She whimpered.

“I think she’s enjoying it too much, Bran. Give her more.” Richard panted as he checked on his erection.

Brandon took his time munching and sucking on her breasts, one after the other, she felt sore. “How many men have you served, huh? They must love to suck your teats— I wonder how you keep it pink and perky.”

Then he explored down her parts and poked in with his fingers, thrusting them in and out repeatedly. “Boss, your bitch is wet as a rainy day in Brazil. I admire your taste in bitches. This one must be expensive.”

Richard laughed as he approached the bed. “She actually begged me to fuck her for free, you know. I just fucked her with my fist, and she screamed like a cat in heat. Now move aside, Bran, you can watch while I give her what she came here for.”

He climbed the bed and positioned himself between her legs. “Hold her legs up, Bran, I’m taking her ass.”

Brandon held her legs up over her head, it lifted her hips. Her hips went up perfectly for Richard to grasp.

He pushed a thumb into her, when a loud crash thundered outside the trailer.

“I’d better go check on Eddie. He must be going through the other trailers again.” Brandon let go of her legs and trudged out the trailer door.

“Hold up your legs over your head, Iris, and keep it still.”

She did with helpless resignation.

Richard rubbed her wet part and spread her juices down the target hole and injected his thick pipe up behind her. She screamed in pain. He cracked her cave wide open like a clam in his hands, and stared into its gaping mouth.

“Your pussy is begging me to fuck her too, but I got something more exciting for you tomorrow, Iris. I will stretch your holes wider, until you beg for something larger than my fists.” Then drove his pipe deep and hard into her and groaned with monstrous delight.

Iris labored to breathe, too weak to scream. She didn’t feel any bit of pleasure like she had with Alex. With Richard, she felt only pain and the desire to close her eyes and die.

“I got you, bitch, the way I want you.” He said feverishly. “I’m coming.” He salivated and groaned.

Iris counted down the seconds that passed, awaited for her agony to be over. Then a deafening crack boomed overhead. Warm liquid sprayed over her as Richard slumped backwards to the wall with a hole on his forehead, his eyes wide open, blood and saliva dripped down his lifeless face.

She stared at him uncomprehending. She wanted to flee but couldn’t move. Then Alex’s face appeared over her.

“Are you all right?” He said, as he wiped the blood from her cheeks and lips.

“Alex? You came…” She touched his cheek, and threw her arms around him, “… I thought I’ll never see you again.” She kissed him, and held him in a tight embrace.

“I’m here, my love. Everything will be all right.” Alex draped a jacket over her and carried her like a babe. “Let’s get you out of here.”

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