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Chapter 4

Promptly at six the next day, a limousine picked up Amanda and brought her to the harbor where The Pleasure Cruise docked ready for embarkation.

She wore a hot pink casual shift and let her hair down as Valerie had suggested, and painted her lips with red lipstick, a gift from her last birthday, but never used.

The cruise manager welcomed her with a refreshing cocktail and asked her to surrender all phones and other gadgets like cameras. The gadgets were to be safely stored and returned to their owners by the end of the trip.

“We do not allow calls or any form of external communication unless it’s an emergency. No photos or videos should be taken during the trip, I’m sorry. This is for everyone’s safety and privacy. What goes on during the cruise, stays on the cruise.” He explained.

He led her to a luxury suite and introduced David, her personal butler for the duration of the cruise.

It didn’t take long for Amanda to figure out that her butler was gay. David was charming and friendly. He helped her get settled and showed the amenities inside her suite. The gamut ran from edible lubricants to a basket full of sex toys— she ogled at the curiosities with shock. Flustered, she asked David to take her on a tour around the ship instead.

While they strolled to the lounge, David recited a briefer which he’d obviously memorized. “The Pleasure Cruise is a safe place that caters to pleasure seekers, freedom lovers, and of course, those who could afford it. A ticket to the cruise is quite expensive, but its value cannot be found in all the luxury you’ll see around the ship— it is the cost of freedom.

“Guests are mostly solo travelers, a few are couples, a few small groups here and there. That’s because socializing with other guests is key to enjoying the trip— joining in adult games, shows, and parties— sex, booze, and all that jazz— everything but vanilla. Make new friends, and you’re good.

“There are only two rules for guests,” David continued, “All sexual activities must be consensual, and the entire affair must be kept in absolute confidentiality. Guests are required to use aliases and can assume a character they choose— they can be whoever or whatever they want during the trip…

“Nobody cares for your social status, your gender preferences, cultural background, and other social construct the outside world consider important … here, only pleasure counts.” He said.

“Wait… if I understand correctly— this is like a hedonist retreat, am I right?” Amanda said.

“Oh I’m sorry, I thought you knew that.” He blushed. “But yes, it’s somehow like that. Our guests subscribe to the hedonistic philosophy that promotes the pursuit of pleasure. But here, the highlight is more on sex. So don’t be surprised when you see people make out or take it all the way just about anywhere. Actually, wearing undies is optional. You’d want to be ready for action, wouldn’t you?”

Shocked, Amanda felt she’d just signed a deal with the devil and failed to read the small print. She hadn’t had sex for so long she couldn’t even remember the last time she got one.

The only reason she would have dinner with another man involved business, and nothing else— let alone romantic. She realized she had just embarked on a journey into the unknown… taboo, even.

“Oh… um… okay, I get it, but does everyone here subscribe to that philosophy? Although I am not a prude, I’ve never had sex with strangers, or do it out in the open. This is actually so new to me, David, please bear with me.”

“You are probably a special case, Ms. Amanda, but invitations to the cruise have always been strictly exclusive.

“The cruise is a judgement-free and safe place for all our guests. We abhor moral bigotry— we promote freedom and mutual consent. Guests who do not agree or abide by these rules will be sanctioned, barred access to social gatherings and activities— or in extreme cases, kicked off the ship.

“The cruise stays at sea and no land trips are made. All the pleasure happens within the ship. Although as far as I remember, no one has ever been kicked out.” He chuckled.

What on earth did I get myself into? Then she remembered the mission Valerie gave her. “What about the gold charms? How do I get them?”

“Oh, that’s the charming part. Each time you make a connection with any of the guests— and that means sex— you give each other a token. Women get gold charms and the men get gold pins. They’re eighteen-karat gold collectibles, you can only find at the Pleasure Cruise.

“You can get your chain bracelet at the gift shop and fill it with all the charms you get. Oh, and you should join the game nights, if you want to win more charms.”

Her heightened interest didn’t agree with her fears. She thought of simply hiding out in her room for the duration of the cruise, but it would be impossible to get tokens that way.

“Well, I need those charms… I mean, I want to have some of those… so how do I find someone to… oh never mind.” She laughed.

They arrived at the front desk where David handed her a tablet to register her alias.

Amanda picked the alias “Iris” for her favorite flower, but couldn’t decide what character she wanted to assume. A sex goddess perhaps?

David suggested to relax and go for a good massage at the spa.

“Good idea, but I’d like to check out the gift shop first, and maybe get my bracelet and some pins.” She smiled and bit her lip. She can’t believe she was actually getting herself laid for a piece of gold.

After getting her bracelet and a pouch of gold pins from the gift shop, she strode to the spa. The Pleasure Spa stood on a cul-de-sac behind the main lobby where two fountains guarded its entrance. Amanda immediately felt zen even before she entered.

The receptionist, a young Asian girl who introduced herself as Shasha, welcomed Amanda with a glass of cucumber juice for refreshment and asked for her alias and suite number. Amanda gave her the details and ordered for full-body waxing followed by a massage.

“Good choice, Miss Iris, I’ll do your waxing while you relax. Our methods are painless and won’t take long… this way please.” Shasha led her inside a private cubicle with a bed and a lamp over it.

After the waxing session, Shasha led her to another room at the end of the hall. It was a Balinese-inspired room that smelled of incense and wood, probably sandalwood. “You may take a warm shower if you wish, your attendant will be with you shortly.” She said and left the room.

Iris slipped out of her clothes and enjoyed a refreshing shower, amused at how the shower area didn’t have any enclosure at all— with only a circle of stones surrounding it planted with greens here and there.

She turned off the water and looked for a towel rack somewhere near it, but found none.

“Looking for a towel?” said a male voice behind her.

She slipped on the wet tiles and fell on his arms as he wrapped a towel around her.

“Oh my god, you scared me!” she blurted, then turned to look at her sneaky towel boy.

He might have just come out of the gym because he looked pumped. Iris was shocked at how she salivated at the sight of him. She held her breath, and feigned disinterest.

“Hello, Iris, welcome to the Pleasure Spa. I’m Alex, I’ll be your attendant today.”

“Hi Alex, thanks for the towel, and for saving me from a getting a concussion.” She said as she wrapped herself with the warm fuzzy towel.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. Is this your first time? I’d suggest you try my signature massage.”

“Sure, sounds good.” She said as she walked towards the massage bed.

“You won’t regret it. Put this on so you can relax better.” Alex said as he handed her an eye mask.

She climbed in, put the mask on and laid face down. The bed had a comfortable face cradle, and under it, a diffuser gave off a whiff of relaxing aromatic oils.

“Are you comfortable? I have to remove the towel now.” Alex said.


“How would you like your massage pressure? Light, medium or hard?”

“Medium is fine, thanks.”

He gently pulled the towel off her body, then began to slather oil on her back and legs. He stroked and kneaded her stiff muscles, applying controlled pressure which turned slow at intervals. She flinched at the delicious sensation, but suspected something sensual in the way he touched her.

“Was that good?”

“Yes,” she said, surprised at the sound of her high-pitched voice.

“Turn over.” He said.

She hesitated. “Aren’t you gonna cover me with a sheet or something?”

“That’s not a standard here, but I can go and get some sheets if that’s what you want…” he said.

She remembered what Valerie told her about nudity as something commonplace at the cruise. “Never mind, it’s okay.” She turned around and bit her lip.

Alex lifted her head a bit, then slid a cover on the face cradle and fixed a small pillow under her head.

“Is that comfortable?” He asked.

“Yes, it is, thanks.” The eye mask helped stifle her anxiety at being naked before the guy she thought was really hot.

He lifted her hand and started massaging her arm.

“If you want to get the best out of the Pleasure Cruise, you have to relax and let go of your fears, Iris.” He said.

“I was told the same thing… let my hair down, let go, and get laid…” She laughed.

“What’s so funny about that? It’s true, we only live once… life is short… and all that shit about life. If you want it, you have to go for it.”

“I know… but… I don’t know where to start…”

“You can start here… right now… I can help if you want me to…” his voice soft and seductive.

“Um… are you hitting on me?”

“Maybe I am.”

Oh, fuck!

The scent of essential oils made her head swim. “What oil did you use? It smells like rose, is it?” She tried to change the course of the conversation.

“That’s right, it’s avocado oil mixed with rose essential oils. Do you like it?”

“Very much, indeed, it’s quite relaxing.” She deeply inhaled the therapeutic scent and ignored her jaunty nipples begging for attention.

“Rose essential oils can calm you, and some even say it can heighten romantic vibes in a room.”

Damn right, it’s working like Magic Mike.

He continued with gentle strokes on her legs, arms, and shoulders, then without warning… he fondled her breasts. She whimpered.

Oh gosh, this is it!

He paused. “Do you want me to stop or shall I go on?”

“Go on… please.” She couldn’t help it. Her hips undulated involuntarily. She yearned for his touch to go on and on…

Alex withdrew his hands and stepped away. “Wait… I’ll wash my hands.”

“Don’t stop… Alex… please…” she begged. She heard him run a tap somewhere.

When Alex returned, he reached for something metallic under the bed it clanged. “Good things come to those who wait, you know.” He grabbed her hand, snapped a metal cuff on her wrist and yoked it to her ankle, then did the same on the other side.

“What are you doing?” She sounded confused, but actually thrilled. Oh fuck, I’m really getting laid… but this is weird.

“Don’t struggle to move, it could either hurt you or turn you on— I’d say go for the latter…” he teased.

She felt utterly helpless, whatever Alex planned to do to her. Unable to move with her legs splayed apart, and her throbbing part exposed— it titillated her senses.

“Are you all right, Iris? How does it feel? Tell me.”

“I-I’m fine… just a bit nervous, I guess… I think I like it though …” Her heart wanted to jump off her chest. She hadn’t realized how hungry she was for sex— until Alex stoked the fire.

As soon as the word left her lips, his warm hand fondled her soaking mound and his tongue worked its magic. She tried hard to stifle her moans but failed miserably.

He then moved to stand between her legs and pulled her by the hips toward him. Iris felt his skin brush on her thighs. He was naked.

“Don’t be scared, I will not hurt you. I promise to give you only pleasure. ” He said.

Oh hell, I’m fucked!

Iris let out a moan and bit her lip. She had never experienced bondage before or even imagined it done to her. The eye mask added to the thrill of not seeing or sensing what Alex decided to do next.

Every touch unanticipated sent tingling currents down her spine. Her legs trembled.

He rubbed her inner thighs and peppered light kisses on her impatient part. Then his finger explored her throbbing cave, wet and ready to take it… then two fingers, then his tongue did the rest. Iris shuddered with delight. Her moans grew louder.

He stroked her with rapid beats and kept the pace going until she felt her juices flow. She writhed with rapture, her conquered cave pulsated with overwhelming bliss.

He entered her and pumped with rapid gusto, it enraptured her. She writhed as the built up heat exploded, and let out an orgasmic moan.

Iris couldn’t remember how it felt like to reach climax, or perhaps she never got there before… Alex. The explosion of fiery ecstasy rose up to release a delirious scream. They both came at the same time.

Alex released her from the cuffs and peeled her eye masks off.

Iris opened her eyes and saw Alex leaning over her with a smile. “Did you like it?”

“It— it was incredible, thanks.” She smiled back at him.

“I had a great time, Iris. I hope this won’t be your last signature massage with me.” He helped her sit up, kissed her lightly on the cheek and handed her a golden stiletto charm. “This is for you.”

“Nice, my first gold charm, thanks. Hey, I got one for you too.” She reached for her purse and pulled out a pin from the pouch. It was a golden arrow pin. “Would you put in the charm for me?” She held out the bracelet on her wrist.

Alex attached the charm and kissed the back of her hand. “There you go. I hope that bracelet fills up in no time.”

When Alex left the room, Iris checked herself before the mirror and looked at her naked form. She never saw herself like that before— a beautiful woman … with a glow.

When Iris came out of the spa, David was already waiting for her at the entrance.

“Everything done as you like it, Ma’am?” he said.

Iris flashed a smile. “It was marvelous, and please don’t call me ma’am, Iris is fine… just Iris.”

“If you say so, Iris,” David gave her a once over and smiled. “If I may say, I noticed there’s a big difference in you since you entered the spa. You are definitely looking more radiant.”

“You think so? Well, that’s what I came here for, right? I’d like to rest in my room for a while before dinner.”

“Sure, you’re free to do whatever you want.” He handed her a necklace with a disc pendant encrusted with a red crystal at its center. “That’s a butler buzzer, if you need me, just press the crystal button for about two-seconds, and I will come for you. I would know where you are at any given time.”

“Wow, this is an amazing gadget. Thanks, David, I’ll see you later.”

“You are most welcome.” The butler said and walked away.

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