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Chapter 27

When she arrived at her apartment, Alex was in the kitchen making something that smelled delicious. Seeing him calmed her trembling nerves.

“I thought you were coming in late. What’s in the pot?” she said, trying her best to sound neutral.

“I made out with Tatiana and Olga at the same time so I can come early and make dinner. That’s pumpkin soup simmering in the pot, and I got chicken roasting in the oven, it should be ready in a few.” He wiped his hands with a towel and took his apron off. “Long day at work? You look tired.”

“Yeah, I called for an emergency meeting with marketing, which I did standing the whole time. My butt won’t let me sit longer than a minute on a chair.” She laughed. “Val is back, by the way… she introduced me to her partner… who turned out to be the owner of the Pleasure Cruise… and your father— it knocked me off my heels, Alex, why didn’t you tell me this before?” she said with defiance.

“I thought that could wait until you meet him. Besides, my father and I aren’t that close— the only bonding we did was play together, sharing our pets… I think we have the same taste in women. But he’s cool, I’m sure he’ll like you.” He teased. “Okay… he owns the Pleasure Cruise… but I don’t. I’m just an artist who happens to be his son.”

“Yes, I agree, he seemed like a nice man for Val, but I’m not sure I like the idea of playing with him… it feels weird.” She said.

“Now, let me see your stinging ass. Bend over the counter now, pet.” He ordered.

She unzipped her pants and let it fall to her feet as she bent down the kitchen counter.

Alex pulled down her tongs and caressed the swollen welts. “Get out of those clothes now.”

She stripped off in haste and faced him with eyes down and hands clasped behind her.

“Go to your bed, lay down and wait for me.”

“Yes, sir,” she said and walked to the bedroom. She smiled when she saw her bed filled with red rose petals and took a deep breath as she laid on it. The whiff of rosy scents relaxed her.

She heard Alex talking to someone over the phone and hung up when he entered the bedroom. He smiled when he saw her spread out naked on a bed of roses, and walked towards her.

“That’s where you should always be, my love, laying on a bed of roses.”

“This is lovely, Bon Jovi, I hope you never run out of novel ways to make me horny.” She said with a wide grin.

He laid down gently on top of her and kissed her with a passion that needed no words.

“I talked to dad on the phone just now. He’s inviting us for dinner tomorrow at Le Bernardin, with Valerie, of course. Then a nightcap at his penthouse, are you up for it?”

“Oh… okay, but will you pick me up from the office so we can go together?” She didn’t want to be around Adam without Alex beside her.

“Sure, I’ll be there earlier so we can play before going, deal?”

“Deal.” She giggled. “I’m a bit nervous around your dad, though. Can you tell me more about him? How did he and Val meet?”

“It was two years ago at the Pleasure Cruise. Actually, Val and I met first, we played a bit, until she met my dad.”

“You mean, he stole Val from you?”

“No, you know how the cruise is, nobody is bound with anyone unless they decide so. Val and I were just playmates, then she met him and they took off from there. They were together ever since.”

“Val never told me anything about him before. She’d always said she was seeing someone, that’s it, no details whatsoever. I never even knew you played together— why didn’t you tell me?”

“Jealous, are you? I didn’t think it was of any consequence to us, I’m sorry. Did I ask you who you were with when you were on the cruise? You never told me anything about it either. I wouldn’t have known your session with Morris if he didn’t invite me to watch.”

Amanda felt relieved that she didn’t have to feel guilty about her play times with his father. “Wait— Morris invited you to watch?”

“Actually, he asked Hans to find people for his audience, so Hans invited me. I was with Monique that time, so I asked her to join too. It’s one of the most exciting things to do on the cruise— watch a newbie submissive get initiated into it. I was really shocked when I saw that it was you,” he said.

“And how did you feel when you saw me?”

“I got excited, like everyone. I really want you to get into the lifestyle. You know I liked you from the first time I saw you get on the ship… as I watched you from the upper deck.”

“So… you already saw me before the spa?”

He flashed a guilty grin. “I wanted to see you closer, get to know you, so I asked your butler to send you to the spa… then I pretended to be a masseur— that’s why I didn’t ask if you wanted a Swedish massage because I have no idea what the hell that was— but you liked my signature massage, didn’t you?”

She laughed. “People were all conniving and plotting around me in that cruise, and I was just plain clueless— now I feel stupid.”

“Don’t say that. You’re not stupid, my love.” He pecked on her lips and kissed her, his tongue expressed how he felt more than words could ever say.

She suddenly pulled back. “Wait— what do you mean when you said, a nightcap at your dad’s penthouse?”

“A chat over drinks, perhaps, he loved to show off the view from his balcony… and maybe play a bit too… a foursome perhaps?” he winked.

Holy fucking hell!

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