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Chapter 32

Alex’s apartment had been slightly rearranged, and looked more like a kinky play room than an elegant bachelor’s pad as Amanda had remembered it.

A padded beam stood in the middle of a couch and two arm chairs, in lieu of the coffee table that once belonged there. Chained manacles hung on the thick pillar behind the couch, and an array of toys lay on top of the coffee table that stood near the pillar.

“I’m excited for this little reunion so I fixed the place a bit. There’s drinks and refreshments,” he gestured towards the dining table, “for everyone before we play,” Alex said with enthusiasm.

He kissed Amanda. “I’ve figured out what our Hallow’s Eve costume will be— I hope you like it.”

She flashed a sly smile at him. “What is it? I don’t want to be Aphrodite, okay. She had nothing on in that painting.”

“It’s better… I will make your costume with my bare hands.” He grinned.

The way he said it made her insides flutter with excitement. “Will those bare hands touch me while you make it?”

“I’ll make sure of that, my love.” He said. “But part of that costume requires a well-whipped ass… so I’ll have you prepped and ready for tomorrow’s party.”

“You mean that beam is for me?” she laughed. “Okay, give it to me.”

“Let’s have some drinks. What would you like to have?” He said.

“I’m having what you’re having.”

“I love what you did to your place, Alex, it’s cozy yet elegant, and spacious enough to host play time with friends.” Hans said with a sweeping gesture. “We should do the same to our place, Edward.”

“Our apartment is spacious enough if not for your antiques standing in our way all over the place, Hans, we’re like fucking on eggshells.” Edward said.

Laughter and howls erupted.

Alex finished his whiskey and put down his glass with a thud. “I think it’s time to play. Morris, you’ll be with Iris. Make sure she’s whipped good, okay? Hans and Edward is with me. Agreed?” He saw Morris, Hans, and Edward give their nods.

Hans and Edward jumped with glee. The couple had always been together like Siamese twins, Amanda found it hard to imagine them playing with someone else.

“Okay, my dear gay friends, you can suck my dick, but my butt is off limits, you hear?” Alex added.

“You’re not gonna be with me?” Amanda complained.

“Let us have Alex for just a bit of play, would you, Iris? I’ve been fantasizing him for years, you know.” Hans said, his lips puckered.

“Come on, Iris, I know you have the hots for Morris. I can come in if he lets me.” Alex nodded at Morris.

“Leave it to me, Iris. I know what’s good for you.” Morris said. “Now off with those clothes.”

Everyone started peeling their clothes. Alex and Amanda stared at each other without saying a word.

She watched as Alex took Edward’s hands and put him on the hanging manacles and gestured at Hans to stimulate him as Edward watched. Then she felt Morris’s hands on her shoulders sliding down to her breasts. He grazed her neck with light kisses, and whispered, “Keep your eyes down, pet.”

“Yes, sir,” she mumbled as her mouth watered.

Morris turned her around and cuffed her hands on her back. “Bend down on the beam and give me your ass.”

She faced the opposite wall and couldn’t see Alex, but heard Hans groan. She bent down, her breasts rested on the beam, legs apart, buttocks raised.

“I’ve missed you, Iris.” Morris said as he slid a finger into her pussy. “Ooh… the way you respond to my touch, and get wet down there in seconds… you give me heaven.” He laughed.

She moaned. Morris knew exactly where to touch her, how to touch her. If she hadn’t met Alex, she would have thrown herself at Morris’s feet— the guy was a great dominant and irresistibly hot. He took something from the coffee table— a toy. She wondered which one he picked for her.

“Relax and breathe, Iris.” He said as he quickly lubed her and gently inserted the plug. “Remember that?”

She moaned. “Yes, sir, I remember.” Her tone raised an octave.

“Do you remember what came next?”

“I rode the horse, sir.”

“Right,” he said in a prolonged tune. “Unfortunately, we don’t have a horse here, so I picked something different… but it’ll be fun, just the same.”

She heard the whirring sound of the dildo as he slid it into her. It vibrated while something around it moved like a spinning drill, then stopped. After a while, it pulsated like a beating heart inside her. She yelped in surprise, but the sensation made her squirm with delight.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

“I like it, sir, thank you.” She said between yelps, like she suddenly had hiccups. The sensation inflamed her.

She gasped when the first strike of the leather whip smacked her behind. It landed hard, she flinched.

Edward and Hans were moaning behind her, she couldn’t resist the urge to look. She turned her head to get a glimpse, but Morris whacked at her again, and again, and again … she screamed.

“Do you want to watch while Hans suck Alex’s dick? Do you want to see him fuck two gay guys in a row?”

“No, no, sir, I’m sorry.” She regretted her attempt at spying on what Alex was doing. She might not have liked it.

“Keep your focus on me like there’s no one else in this room but you and me. Do you understand?” His voice thundered.

“Yes, sir,” she said, then gasped when three more heavy strikes connected.

Morris played with the whip like there was no tomorrow. The heat grew inside her as the vibrator did its work to heighten her arousal. She felt feverish.

Then the room closed in around her, she no longer heard Edward’s moans or Hans’s groans of delight. There was only Morris and the whip.

Without warning, she suddenly felt numb and engulfed in a floating sensation… she rose and twirled in space where time stood still. Nothing mattered. No thought, no memory— just a wonderful feeling.

She didn’t know how long the moments have passed before Morris touched her shoulders gently and pulled her up. He put an arm around her and stared at her. He smiled. “Are you back, Iris?”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered, and saw him through a kaleidoscope of colors.

“Suck me.” He said.

She kneeled down before Morris and opened her mouth to take in his enormous manhood. He held her head and pushed in deeper. Tears ran down her cheeks as he rammed into her, but she didn’t flinch. She could take more pain and it wouldn’t hurt her.

“Go back to the beam and give me your ass.” He ordered.

She took the position again but didn’t look around. As if in a trance, her mind centered only on Morris— the heat of pleasure took her so high, she was at the brink of exploding.

He removed the dildo and took her while the plug stayed in. He rocked her hard, but she didn’t make a sound. When Morris removed the plug, she moaned in protest.

Morris removed her cuffs and hugged her. “It’s okay, pet, I’m here.” He carried her toward the couch and caressed her on his lap like a mother would put a child to sleep.

Amanda felt like she was sinking in a soft cloud that embraced her. Her eyelids shut as she dozed off.

She awoke to the touch of a hand on her cheek. Alex’s face beamed before her when she opened her eyes. Her head still rested on Morris’s arm, and they were both still naked. She sat up and smiled at the curious faces around her.

“Are you all right, my love?” Alex said.

She giggled. “Yes, I’m good… what happened? I didn’t realize I slept.”

“How I envy you, Iris, I’ve always wanted to get to subspace, but it happened to me only once, and never again. Not even a fuck with Alex did it.” Hans exclaimed. “But I enjoyed our play very much, Alex, no offense.”

Alex laughed, “None taken, Hans.”

“It felt weird, but it was amazing, I can’t explain how… it just happened.” Amanda said.

“You were in subspace, Iris. It’s a sensation where you feel like you’re out of your body and floating in space. It’s a natural high caused by the chemicals released in the body when pain or pleasure is introduced. I think you’ve had too much of a good thing to achieve that.” Morris said.

“Morris took care not to ruin your high, he never left your side. You slept like a baby for more than an hour, oblivious to all the noise we were making.” Hans laughed.

“Wow, thank you, Morris.” She said, and kissed him on the cheek. “What else do you have up your sleeve?” she teased.

“I still have to make up my mind on what my costume should be for tomorrow’s party. What are you guys going for?” Morris asked the group.

“Hans and I are going as Edward and Jacob from Twilight. We’re gonna be a gay vampire and a gay werewolf.” Edward laughed.

“I think that’s a great idea, Edward. I hope Bella doesn’t come and mess up the scene, turning you into a straight vampire and werewolf.” Amanda giggled.

“Bella can go find a dildo for herself.” Hans laughed. “Morris, you should go as Khal Drogo— you know, that hot guy in the Game of Thrones.”

“That would be easy, except for the hair. Where do I get a wig like that?” Morris said. “I guess I’ll just go for some superhero costumes, I’ll have to check out DC or Marvel.”

“What about you, Iris and Alex? Are you going as Snow White and Prince Charming?” Hans said.

“I think that’s for kids who’d go trick or treating, Hans. I had something planned— you’ll see.” Alex winked.

“Okay, I’m really curious, Alex, why did I need my bum whipped for this costume anyway?” she asked.

“Like I said— you’ll see…” he reached for her hand and kissed it.

“I guess we have to let you guys get your shut-eye and prepare for the party.” Morris kissed Amanda and grabbed his clothes. “I had a blast tonight, guys, thanks for the awesome play.” He said as he stepped into his pants.

“I had a great time too, thanks for coming. We’ll see you at the ship.” Amanda rose up and kissed Hans and Edward.

The group trooped out of the apartment and shut the door behind them.

Alex kissed her. “Did you enjoy the play?”

“Yes, I did, it was wonderful.” She said. “The bond created between Morris and I was so intense, I miss him already.”

“I’m kinda jealous, you know, but I’m glad you experienced subspace. That was really awesome to see.”

“Really? You’re jealous?” she teased.

“Yeah, it’s weird, you know— I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this before.”

She kissed him. “I love you, Alex.”

He carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. “Stay the night, you need to rest now. I know you’re exhausted.” He turned the lights out and laid beside her. His naked body blanketed her with warmth and a love with no conditions, no boundaries— intensely passionate, yet unconstrained — a love that lets her be the hero of her dreams.

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