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Chapter 34

She never saw or heard from Alex since the cruise party. Jo volunteered to stay at her apartment and never left her side for the past two weeks.

Amanda turned back her focus on her work. The media frenzy and controversy over her billboard had died down, so did her interest on anything related to Alex, even Jo avoided any mention of his name.

“It’s been weeks, Iris, I don’t think working hard all day everyday will kick your blues away. You need to take a break and have fun.” Jo said while she flipped a pancake on the pan.

“There’s a lot going on at work and I have to be on top of everything. We’re launching a new line of apparel in time for the holidays— I can’t just lounge around and have fun.” Amanda said as she shrugged into a suit jacket.

“Hey, I have a date with Justin tonight, so I might not be back till tomorrow.” Jo said.

“Sure, I’ll be fine, Jo. Enjoy your date night.” She nibbled on a pancake she picked from the table with her hand and walked to the door.

“What about you? Any plans of dating someone in the foreseeable future?” Jo grinned.

“What the hell, Jo, that’s the farthest thing from my mind right now. I have to go.” She blew Jo a kiss and shut the door behind her.

“Yes, Miss Fox?” Joan said when she entered Amanda’s office.

“You may get these documents, they’re all signed and approved. I’m done for the day, but I’ll be in my back room to rest and I don’t want to be disturbed.” Amanda said.

“Sure, Miss Fox, but I’m going home in an hour, shall I ring you before I leave?”

“I said…”

Joan jumped. “You don’t want to be disturbed. I got it, Miss Fox. Have a nice evening, ma’am,” she said as she scooped the pile of documents and scurried out.

Amanda walked into her secret room and immediately noticed a wand nestled on top of the massage bed— it used to be Alex’s favorite toy to use on her. She couldn’t remember leaving it there the last time she used it, but perhaps her memory had become too muddled to rely on.

She took her clothes off and picked up the wand. It vibrated when she squeezed the switch, and pressed it against the mound between her thighs. She imagined Alex doing it to her and ordered her to lie on the bed.

“Yes, sir,” she whispered, as she walked towards the bed and laid down.

A wave of pleasure coursed through her as she moved the wand around her spot the way Alex did. Her body squirmed and quivered as the phantom of Alex took her till she came.

She pulled out the vibrating wand and turned it off, thankful for the company of a toy that stood as Alex whenever she desired to be with him. It was all she could do to stay sane.

The soft bed seduced her to stay and indulge in its soft caress. She inhaled the familiar scent that lingered on its sheets— his musky perfume drenched in a pool of her tears. When her sobs had subsided, she closed her eyes and slept in the arms of a ghost she may never touch again.

She awoke when her phone rang. It was Agatha.

“What do you want, Agatha?”

“Don’t be so harsh on your friend old, Amanda.”

“Honestly, we were never friends.”

Agatha laughed. “True… because you kissed Valerie’s ass and took what was rightfully mine.”

“Valerie told me the decision was unanimous, you didn’t stand a chance.”

“Oh? Well, if that’s what you believe, I don’t care anymore. You win some, you lose some… did you lose someone lately, Amanda?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about your hot boy toy— Alex… I win this time because he’s mine now. He just gave me a collar and called me his pet,” she giggled, “and I got a bit of whipping last night, my butt got feverish.”

Amanda fought the urge to cry over the phone. “Good for you, but just to let you know— he was never mine.”

“Thank you… uh-oh, he’s coming now.”

Amanda heard a voice in the background that said, “Get your ass on the bed, Agatha.” It was Alex— and the line went dead.

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