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Chapter 6

Her brief chat with Jo amused her, but it also gave her a glimpse of another dimension of life, another version of herself— the possibilities of life in a world where freedom reigned.

Ecstatic over her first charm, she thought of Alex and how he made her feel desired. She thought she’d want to have sex with him again, but maybe she needed to meet other guests too, and sample their offers.

On her way to her suite, a couple made noises behind her, like they couldn’t wait to get in their room for foreplay. A loud thud made her jump and turned to check what caused it. The guy had just pinned his partner to the wall of the corridor, raised her skirt and was about to take her when he saw Iris.

“Oh, sorry, the noise surprised me… please don’t let me interrupt.” She quickly turned to leave when the guy called after her.

“Hey! That’s quite all right, miss. No trouble, really, but we’re wondering if you’d care to join us for a party?” The guy said.

“Um, so where’s the party?” she forced a smile. A three-some party?

The woman approached as she straightened down her rolled-up skirt. “Come on, join us. I’m Shayne by the way, and this is Hugo,” she said. “There’s a party down at room five, just a few doors from here. It’s gonna be fun, promise.”

Her spa experience was delightful but also got her feeling spent, not to mention the mojito she just had at the deck. She just wanted to lay on her bed for a while.

“Okay, I won’t stay long though, I’m really quite tired.” She said, regretting it right away. Why can’t she just say no?

“Yay!” Shayne cried. She reached for her hand and tugged her along. “What’s your name?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, it’s A— Iris.” She almost slipped into saying her real name. Although not feeling their vibe, Iris went along and hoped for the best.

It wasn’t a threesome at all. Room five already rocked in full swing when they arrived. The party evidently catered to debauchery and lots of fornication. Naked bodies filled the place, and the smell of alcohol pervaded the air.

A long-haired guy handed her a shot glass. “It’s liquid heaven, you must drink one to get there.”

Iris took it and downed the spirits in one up. When long-hair saw her finish the glass, he flashed a thumbs up and traipsed to the next person with his concoction.

The booze, whatever it was, took effect in mere seconds. She suddenly felt relaxed and loose. A renewed energy seemed to take over her tired senses, and everything around the room suddenly looked colorful and exciting. And the adventure continues.

Shayne and Hugo disappeared among the revelers. Iris thought maybe they were already banging in some corner and forgot about their threesome treat. She moved to make new connections but didn’t know where to go or who to engage with.

The room was huge, even larger than her suite. Who could be the host? As she wandered towards the bedroom, a couple rolled on the floor she almost stepped on them. She toppled, but a strong pair of arms caught her mid-fall.

“Ooh my goddess, thanks for the catch!” She turned to look at her savior. He was a long-haired burly guy with tattoos all over his arms and neck, and probably in other areas of his body too. She also thought he was cute, like a biker dude.

“What are you doing, walking around like Snow White lost in the woods? Come sit on the couch with me.” Tat guy said, while he scanned her from head to foot.

“Actually, I didn’t know where to park myself around here, so thanks. Maybe I can join you for a while. I’m Iris by the way.” She took a seat at the couch, uncertain whether she should just leave or engage him in small chat… then leave.

“Call me Beast.” He gave her a once over. “You’re one hot ball of klutz, Iris, but really hot. How about I call you Beauty?” He grinned.

She laughed, admitted she was a klutz. “Ha! That makes us Beauty and the Beast, I like that. You’re a hot one yourself.” Oh fuck, did I just hit on him? Am I drunk? She never talked to anyone like that before, it felt slutty— but liberating.

Beast scooted closer. He scooped her with one arm around her shoulders, while the other started undoing her top buttons. “Beauty, I want to fuck you right here, right now. You okay with that?”

Holy shit! That’s a fucking hot fucking proposition. Why resist?

“Um… m— my thoughts exactly.” She said, and fumbled to help him unbutton her blouse. Surprised at her newly acquired boldness.

“I want to do it nice and slow, but I also want it rough, you cool with that?” He held her by the hips and lifted her to sit on his lap.

Her blouse came undone. She grew hot with every word he uttered. “Permission granted, have it your way.”

Before she knew it, Iris sat topless, with Beast’s face buried in her breasts. He sucked hard at her nipples, while his hand went straight for his ultimate target. She moaned.

“Lie down and open your legs wide.” She did. He held her thighs and pushed them wider. Then he bent down and ate her down there where it counts. Iris squirmed with delight.

She observed how Beast heartily feasted on her wet oysters. He’d been down there for quite a while, without going up for air. Then another man’s voice thundered above her head.

“Mind some company, man?” the guy addressed Beast.

Beast’s head came up, his mouth dripping wet. He looked at the guy and grinned. “Sure, man, I don’t mind the interruption at all,” he said with a sarcastic grin, then looked at Iris, “you cool with this guy joining in?”

Still reeling from her wild state of arousal, she nodded. “S-sure, but how are we…”

Without any sort of introduction, the new guy pulled down his pants, bent down and rammed his pipe on Iris’s mouth. “Suck me.”

He held her head to get his dick deeper into her mouth. Iris opened her jaw wider to take in the enormous intruder. She gagged, almost choked, but pushed on till he came and spilled his cream on her face.

Then he leaned closer. “I want you to lick it and swallow every drop.”

Iris closed her eyes, licked the goo around her mouth, and swallowed hard. When she opened them, he was gone. She heaved.

Beast got up and dropped his pants, obviously needed no further stimulation. His manhood stood robust as he put on a condom and pulled her up.

“That was Dick Tracy, by the way— he loves to leave traces of his dick around, sorry.” He chuckled. “Turn around, I want to take you from behind.” He said.

She turned around, afraid of what he meant by that, but sighed in relief when he entered the right way in. Beast’s instrument was hefty, she had to spread her legs wider to accommodate it. She felt stretched to the max it hurt, but Beast made a slow and gentle entry that eventually built up to speed. A raging fire consumed her.

Beast came ahead of her but continued hammering until she came. It was great, but she longed for something she felt with Alex, she just couldn’t place what it was.

“Thank you, Beast, that was amazing. If there’s a cunnilingus marathon, you’d be champion.” She blew him a kiss.

“You were amazing too, Beauty, my dear. You hold the record for the most delicious, juicy pussy I’ve ever had for lunch.”

She laughed at his amusing way with words. “I think I’d better go back to my room now. It’s been a pleasure, Beast, I’m glad I came to this party. But whose party is it by the way, I had no idea.”

“This is my suite, my party, guilty as charged. I’m glad you came,” he said, “I thought I’d end up with someone who’s less of a klutz just to pass the time, but I found my Beauty and you were perfect.” He smiled at her, pecked on her cheek, and handed her a charm.

“Wait, do you really want to go prancing around like Lady Godiva?” He reached for her blouse on the floor and handed it to her. “Hope to see you around, Iris.”

She put on the blouse and stood up. “I hope so too.” She handed him a pin, gave him a wink and walked back to her room.

When she got to her suite, she took her clothes off and made a dive for the soft bed. Her body felt tired but her mind reeled.

She couldn’t believe she just had sex with two and half men on her first day, with a few more hours left before dinner. She briefly relished each memory she had earlier with Alex and Beast— the way they had awakened her sexual appetite blew her away.

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