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Chapter 7

The doorbell rang. “Concierge, I have a letter for you, Miss Iris.” Said the voice outside her door.

She made for the door but forgot she was naked, so she just opened it a crack and hid behind the door. The concierge slipped an envelope.

“Sorry for the intrusion, ma’am, it’s an invitation to join our first game night tonight. Hope you could come.”

“Okay, thanks.” She said as he walked away.

She quickly unsealed the lavender envelope and read the card.

“The Pleasure Cruise cordially invites you to our first game night which starts at 7:00 PM at the Poolside Deck.

Come in your skimpiest swimwear.

Dinner will be served at 6:00 PM.

Hmm… I’ve never had dinner in a bikini… but damn it, I forgot to pack any…

She pressed her pendant to call David, and didn’t wait long for the butler to get there.

“Hey David, I need you to help me get a pair of swimwear for game night. I forgot to pack one.”

“No trouble, I’ll bring you four or five choices to pick from.”

“Thanks for doing this, I’m really tired. Wait, do you have my size?”

“I got your size, Iris.” He smiled and left.

Fantastic, I wish I had a butler like David… for life.

She jumped back to bed and dozed off.

She awoke when the doorbell rang again. Surprised that she had slept naked. She never did that before but found it felt great.

David brought her a bunch of swimwear in different colors and styles. She tried them one by one and picked the black bikini bottom with metallic clasps on both sides at the hip and the hot pink haltered top that opened at the front. Perfect!

It was already half past five when she checked the time. She thought she should get prepped and traipsed to the bathroom for a quick shower.

The bathroom displayed a tub installed with comfortable seating, and a separate shower room with glass enclosure. She decided to go for a bath instead, and sampled the little jars of bath products laid around the tub.

She ran the warm water while she checked the bottles of bath foams. She picked the rose-scented one and poured the whole content into the water. The aroma reminded her of the spa and Alex, it inflamed her.

Near the towel rack above the bath, Iris noticed a basket full of goodies and reached to check. It carried a bunch of dildos in various shapes and sizes.

She took one, amused at a white dildo with pearly beads around, but had no idea what they were for and how to use it. It had a note that said it could be used underwater and had new batteries inside, ready for use. Iris had never used a dildo before, and decided it would be great to try.

The scent of roses and the foamy waters calmed her. She laid down in the tub and turned the dildo on. She touched herself with the humming wand and immediately felt its power to stimulate her. This is marvelous. She thought she must learn how to pleasure herself in more ways than one.

She donned her new bikinis and wore a light kimono over it, matched with silver slip-on sandals. She fixed her hair in loose braids, then applied light make-up, a dab of rouge, and her magic red lipstick. Okay, I guess that’ll work. Hello, game night!

At the poolside dinner, Iris arrived a tad late. Most of the tables were full. She looked around for an empty seat and found one near the bar occupied by only one guy.

She approached the table and noticed the guy’s tantalizing stare already fixed on her. He had thick eyebrows, and dark brown hair streaked with silver on the sides. She brushed the thought that the guy was way too old for her… What the heck, it’s just dinner.

“Hi, is this seat taken?” she asked.

“No, I’d be delighted if you take it.” He stood and pulled the chair out for her.

“Thank you. I’m Iris, by the way.” He may be old but certainly a gentleman. I like him already.

“Call me Adam.” He smiled and gazed at her like she was the Monaliza. Seated next to him, Iris got a better vantage point to see him up-close. She gazed back.

His deep-set eyes bore into her like it could speak a thousand languages. His nose, lips, and cheeks covered in sexy stubble beard drew her in a trance. Who needs dinner? I could gaze at this guy and I’d be more than satisfied. Gosh, he is gorgeous.

She wanted to ask him if he was married or divorced, where he lived, and what he did in life. But that would go against the rules. She wasn’t supposed to know his real identity.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve laid my eyes on, you know? A single blue iris in a field of daisies…” He said.

She blushed. “Thank you. That’s a bit too much though, I don’t think…”

He leaned close and placed a finger on her lips. “Shh… it doesn’t matter what you think, love. You are the most beautiful thing on this ship.”

“Can I get you a drink?” He called the waiter.

“I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

“An old fashioned please.” He said to the waiter and raised two fingers. The waiter bowed and left.

“You’re not so bad yourself, Adam…” She heard herself say.

He leaned closer and grazed her lips with his, then whispered, “I want to kiss you all over, Iris. And keep you with me forever.”

Adam pulled her in, grazed his lips lightly on her cheeks, nose, and locked in on her mouth, sucking her lower lip swollen. His tongue invaded her mouth without permission but Iris welcomed the intrusion and danced with it.

The dancing of their tongues caused the flame within her to spread out to her loins. She couldn’t wait to be in bed with him.

“I wanted to take you right here, Iris, but these chairs suck. I want to take you to my room later, would you like that?” He ran a finger on her cheek.

“Yes, I’d like that.” She licked her lips and savored the morsels of sweetness left from his kisses, and noticed their drinks were already on the table, but the ice had melted. Adam ordered another round to replace it.

She had no idea how long they kissed. All she could think of was how passionate it had been, and dreaded the possible consequences— she can’t fall for him emotionally.

She had sex twice that day with two different men, enjoyed them immensely, but no kisses were exchanged, let alone a passionate one. Adam kindled a flame of desire she felt powerless to resist.

Iris just finished her plate of steak and potatoes when upbeat music blasted from speakers fixed around the deck. Four gorgeous ladies, obviously drag artists, paraded around the tables wearing wireless microphone headsets— the emcees for game night.

They wore heavy make-up and lavish outrageous outfits fit for Mardi Gras. They welcomed everyone with a gift of charms and pins distributed by the waiters to each guest, and introduced themselves as Georgie, Porgie, Pudding, and Pie.

After a few exchanges of humorous quips, Georgie, announced the game mechanics. “Good evening, Dicks and Janes, tonight, being the first game night here at the Pleasure Cruise, Porgie, Pudding, Pie and I thought we should dress to impress, as you see here…” she whirled to show off her shiny leather outfit ala-Lady Gaga. “That’s why we asked you to dress down in your swimwear… we really hate to get upstaged.”

Laughter erupted in the audience. “Tonight’s game is called The Game of Thrones, also known as Musical Chairs— you may already be familiar with how this is played. However, if you’re smart, you’ll also know we did a few tweaks, and decided to call it The Game of Thrones— which had nothing to do with HBO, or Mr. Martin. It’s just a game and there are thrones involved. If you will notice, our hot crew already prepared the chairs around the pool.”

“All Dicks in the house, please take a seat on a throne of your choice. Go on now…” The men started moving toward the seats. “When the music starts, you guys should get your hard-ons— so start working on it… let me know if you need my help, Richard…” she flirted with the cute guy in glasses.

The audience guffawed. “While the ladies dance around— you gotta show your hottest moves, ladies, and I mean Beyoncé-hot kind of moves.

“When the music stops, the ladies should find a dick to sit on. Here’s the unbreakable rule—penetration is required. So get those dicks up and ready to fuck. If the dick isn’t in, then you and your Jane are out. The last pair that succeeds, will win the most coveted pleasure chest and hailed as King and Queen of Game Night. Shall we begin?”

Pudding interrupted. “Georgie, you forgot to say two important things.”

“What is it, Pudding? I thought that was a mouthful of instructions already.”

“Okay, let me say it— you all heard the mechanics of the game. If you join in, that would indicate your consent. We hope that’s clear.”

A shout of agreement erupted from the audience.

“Awesome! Our butlers will be standing right behind the thrones and provide the Dicks with condoms, one for each round— for protection— safety first, okay? They will check and validate if you got it right.

“And one final thought… if our gamers are smart, they should have taken off their bikinis and trunks by now. Don’t you think so, Georgie?”

“Why, you are one smart delicious Pudding! She’s right, Dicks and Janes, now off with those bikinis, and let the games begin!”

The guests responded with excited howls and giggles. Bikinis and trunks went flying around the deck, while some landed on the pool.

“Are you joining the games? I don’t feel like it, shall we go to your room now?” She said to Adam, her eyes begged.

He reached for her hand and kissed it. “I’m not joining, but you should. I want to watch you play. Do it for me.”

He stood up and yanked her out of her seat. He unhooked her top and snapped open her bikini it dropped to the floor. “Go.” Iris tried to cover her breasts with her hands and looked around. She felt awkward to be seen naked in public.

Adam dragged her toward the line of women around the pool facing the chairs, the men already sat ogling at the nude scene before them. “It will give me immense pleasure to see other men look at you with desire, Iris.” He whispered before he stepped back to his chair.

It gave her some relief that all players were totally naked. She looked back at Adam with longing, but the thought of him watching her dance and impale herself on a bunch of dicks inflamed her. She swallowed her pride and ignored the shame.

The music played and the Janes began to move around the seats. Their hips gyrated to an erotic jazz instrumental dominated by saxophones and drums. Iris danced to the fire inside her, and threw glances at Adam every few steps.

When the music stopped, the ladies scrambled for the nearest throne. Iris jumped on a long-haired guy she recognized as the one who served her drinks at Beast’s party.

She sat facing him so her legs spread wider apart. He got in without a hitch. Iris flushed, she realized she’d been wet even before the games started.

“Nice shot, pet.” Long-hair said with a wide grin.

“Thanks. You did a good job too, keep it up.” She winked at him, and glanced at Adam. He blew her a kiss and applauded. She blushed.

Some didn’t penetrate or they weren’t hard enough. The butlers held out either a thumbs up or thumbs down. Out of the forty pairs of players, more than half were declared out.

The game went on for a few more rounds until only three pairs of players remained. Iris was one of them. All the dancing and humping exhausted her, but the heat inside her still burned hot for Adam.

The last round required the Janes to make the Dicks come, which also meant going for the finish. The first pair to succeed shall be declared winners. Although confident, Iris felt uncomfortable with all the eyes in the audience focused on only three of them. It had been easier when there were more naked people around her to be noticed.

She ended up with a nerd-looking Asian guy. She didn’t jump on him, but mounted him with a slow and graceful dance, and stared at his eyes. Her breasts danced before his face as she bounced on top of him.

The guy roared in delight and in a few huffs said he’d come. Iris was shocked at how quickly he came, she barely started. The condom was checked and proved they won.

The guy took Iris in his arms and kissed her on the cheek. “Congratulations, I’m Kino, what’s your name?”

“It’s Iris. You did great, Kino, congrats.” She looked back at Adam but couldn’t see him as the crowd milled around her.

Georgie, Porgie, Pudding, and Pie flocked to where they stood and draped them with capes like King and Queen, a tiara for Iris and a crown for Kino.

“Hail to the king and queen of game night! Congratulations, Kino and Iris, apart from the royal vestments, you also get these pleasure chests.” Georgie and Porgie handed them each a wooden chest encrusted with colorful crystals.

“Thank you for coming, everyone, see you again on the next game night.” Georgie announced to close the affair.

Guests gathered around them to congratulate her and Kino, as they leave the deck. She said her thanks and waved Kino a good night, then retreated from the crowd to find Adam.

She saw David appear from the crowd. “I brought you a dress, you must be cold.” He handed her the folded dress. She slipped it on and removed the cape. “Let me carry that thing for you.” He took the cape and the chest. “Shall I escort you back to your room now?”

“Wait, I have to talk to someone first.” She sauntered towards the bar but Adam wasn’t anywhere near it. She looked around but couldn’t find him. The thinning crowd with no sign of him told her he’d left. “Well, I guess you can bring me back to my room now, David.”

She felt rejected and abandoned. Adam made her long for him by making her wait, then left her— naked, fucked, and aloneI shouldn’t have kissed him.

Back in her suite, Iris took a quick shower to wash the blues away. The thought of losing Adam broke her heart. She cried.

She went to bed and fell asleep in a heartbeat. Her dreams took her to a strange garden where several naked men— all with Adam’s face— gang-banged her. She moaned but didn’t wake.

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