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Chapter 9

After a sumptuous meal of grilled burgers and fries, Iris invited Jo to her room to show off her game night prize.

“I haven’t opened this chest and I think it would be fun to do it with you.” Iris said.

“Wicked!” Jo exclaimed when Iris opened the chest full of gold charms scattered over sealed packages of colorful toys and gadgets.

“You can have some of those dildos, if you want. I can’t use all of them anyway, besides, I don’t even know how to use it.” Iris laughed at her ignorance.

“No, you keep it. I can teach you how to use them, if you want.”

“Really? Can you teach me now?”

“Sure, oh wow, you got the whole sex toy store in one small box, Iris. You got toys for every need, restraints, and costumes. Now which one… or two… or three … shall we pick?” Jo muttered as she went over the toys.

“Okay, here we go… a vibrator, a ball gag with nipple restraints, and a dildo for our first lessons.” She held up and waved her handful of toys.

“Man, that’s a lot. Can we use all that at the same time?”

“Of course, I’ll show you how. Take off your clothes.”

Jo helped her get out of her dress in one swoop. Then the doorbell rang.

“Crap! That must be Alex.”

“You invited him over?” Jo said, and traipsed to the door.

“Wait! Don’t let him in…” she said too late. Jo opened the door and let Alex in.

“Hi Alex, good you’re here. I could use some help.” Jo said.

“Hi Jo, sorry to interrupt, I didn’t know you were here. Where’s Iris?” Alex said.

“Over here,” Iris hollered behind the coffee table where she ducked to hide when Jo got the door.

Jo cracked a hearty laugh. “What are you doing there, Iris?”

“I guess I should come back later if I’ve interrupted anything.” Alex said.

“No, you should stay, Alex. I’m giving her lessons on how to use the stuff she won from game night, I guess you’d want to help?”

“If that’s okay with Iris, I’d be glad to…” he grinned.

“Are you cool with that, Iris?” Jo shouted.

“O—okay, okay— let’s get on with it. Sorry Alex, you’ve done a lot for me already…” Iris said as she slowly crawled out of her hiding place. “I don’t want you to think I’m abusing you just because I think you’re hot… I mean… yeah, you’re hot, but… not…”

“Stop blubbering, girl, and get your ass on the bed.” Jo ordered. She suddenly acted like a domme.

“Better do it quick, Iris. Jo is the best dominatrix I know.” Alex said.

“Shut up, Alex, she’s not my sub. She’s all yours, if you want.” Jo said.

“Right, and Iris is the best sub I’ve ever met. How lucky can I get?”

Titillated at what she just heard, Iris marched on to the bed in a tizzy.

Jo carried the toys with her. She opened a pack of what looked like a small dildo nestled on a curved disk. “This is a sucking vibrator you can wear discreetly under your clothes. It has a remote button you can control to switch it on and off.” Then she raised the ball gag. “This sexy thing is a ball gag. It’s breathable, so you can still breathe through your mouth while it restrains you from speaking. But this baby comes with nipple clamps too, cute.” Then picked up the last item. “And to finish off, I got you this obsidian leviathan dildo.”

Iris eyed the items before her, unsure that she’s ready for her lessons. “Fuck, will any of those hurt?”

“You’ll find out soon enough, pet. I’ll bet you’ll never know the difference between pain and pleasure.” Alex teased. “You know I’ll never hurt you.”

Jo and Alex were the only people on the cruise she trusted so far. Jo, for liberating her mind of her fears, and Alex, for starting the fire. “Okay, I do trust you, guys, but take it easy on me, all right?”

“Kneel down and sit on your heels. Keep your hands clasped on your back.” Alex said and Iris assumed the position.

Jo handed Alex the ball gag. “These are restraints and I promise you, my friend, they work wonders.”

“Open your mouth.” Alex placed the ball in her mouth and secured the straps behind her head. Then took the two hanging restraints attached with chains and clamped each on her nipples. Iris flinched. “Every time you move your head, it pulls the clamps too. Try it…”

She raised her head an inch and felt the pull, it hurt her nipples but it also aroused her. She nodded and moaned when her nipples got pulled by the movement. She teared up.

“If you want to say the safe word, just give me three consecutive yelps, and I will stop.” Alex said.

“Let me do the next one, Alex.” Jo said. “This is my favorite toy, you know, whether it’s for me or to use on another. Open your legs.” Then she inserted the three-inch dildo into Iris, which left the concave disc fitted snugly on her outer G-spot button. Jo pushed the remote button on the circular device she held on her hand.

The small dildo vibrated inside her, it tingled. The disk came to life and sucked her repeatedly like five times then stopped… it sucked again over and over. Iris jerked and moaned at the sensation. It hit her right on the dot and got her fired up in a matter of minutes.

The surge of arousal caused her body to undulate uncontrollably. The movement pulled on the clamps that heightened her excitement. She squealed through the gag. She couldn’t tell pleasure from pain anymore. Then the vibrator slowed to a hum, and the sucking reduced its pressure.

“Now, I want you to lay down and keep your hands above your head.” Alex ordered.

She did as told and slowly dropped backwards careful not to pull her restraints, but failed. Any movement she made inevitably sent her clamps digging into her nipples, she whimpered.

Jo held one of her legs and Alex the other, and together spread them wide apart. Iris didn’t move or made a sound as Jo removed the vibrator.

She saw Alex and Jo exchange looks, then Jo stood up. “Whoa, look at the time, sorry, Iris, but I almost forgot I need to meet someone at the deck. Alex, can I leave you to finish the lesson?”

“I don’t mind. You can go, Jo.” Alex said, as she left.

Iris saw what happened and giggled. Alex wanted to get rid of Jo and have her to himself. She wanted that too.

“Moving on, shall we?” Alex grinned, and showed Iris the leviathan dildo he had in his hand.

She yelped once.

“This is not the biggest dildo I’ve seen, but it does a pretty good job, I heard.” He turned the switch on and the dildo made a buzzing sound. It vibrated.

Iris waited in dread as Alex scooted closer. He cast the dildo aside, dove down and sucked her. She twisted and writhed at the mixed sensations of pain and pleasure.

Alex did a pretty good job on her all by himself. He took her without protection, she didn’t mind that either. She totally surrendered herself to him until she came.

Alex removed the clamps and the gag. “How was it? Did you enjoy it?” he said.

She heaved to catch her breath. “I’m glad you’re here. It was great… scary as hell… but great.” She wanted to kiss him on the mouth but reached for his cheek instead.

Alex grabbed her face and kissed her passionately on the mouth. She avoided kissing him back but his tongue made its entry, she had no choice. She liked it. Memories of Adam swam across her mind. She tried to pull away, but Alex wouldn’t let her go. She gave in and tried to forget her madness over Adam. Never deny yourself what you want. She wanted Alex.

It was late when Alex left her room. Iris washed the toys they used and let them dry on the bathroom counter. She took a quick warm shower and headed to bed in wild anticipation of the next day.

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