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Chapter 11

When David brought in her breakfast tray that morning, she melted as he freed her from her embarrassing bondage.

“I was… someone…” Iris stammered, flustered that David found her in that state. She didn’t know what to say.

“Shh— you don’t have to explain… some dude had fun, that’s it… are you all right, Iris?”

She nodded and trudged to the bathroom.

In the shower, Iris scrubbed her skin raw and tried to erase all traces the intruder left on her skin. She took a deep breath and let the thought sink in… it was just another fuck.

Iris came out of her room that evening with feigned enthusiasm. “I’m heading for dinner now, David. What do you think of my outfit?” She whirled to show her butler the little black dress with low-cut front opening that gave a sneak peek at her healthy breasts, and flowed down perfectly to a balloon skirt that barely grazed her knees.

“You look well-rested, and stunning as always. Well, it’s free-seating at the dining hall tonight, a good way to meet new friends. Enjoy your dinner, Iris.”


Iris entered the dining hall and waited at the foyer to find a seat. She looked around at the guests hoping to find Adam, but still no sign of him. Someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned to a tall black guy behind her.

“May I offer you a seat at my table?” The guy was hot and cute.

“Sure, you just saved me the trouble of finding one, thank you.”

“I’m Morris… like the cat,” he made a Morris-like cat move, “and how shall I call you?”

“Iris, like the flower,” she laughed. Although I really think I’m Aphrodite coming out of the shit pit. Wait, didn’t Zeus try to rape Aphrodite? She winced and tried to block out thoughts of rape.

Two other men were seated on the table with them. Hans and Edward introduced themselves as gay lovers. They’ve been repeat guests on the cruise for years.

Hans gave her a fascinated look. “Iris… what a lovely name. Why did you choose that alias?”

She laughed. “No reason, actually, it was the first thing that came to mind, and it’s my favorite flower.”

“Did you know that Iris is the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow?”

“Wow, really?” She said with awe. Was she raped by Zeus too?

“Iris flowers have been a garden favorite for centuries. A king in ancient Egypt immortalized his admiration for it through sculptures of irises in a temple in Karnak… while its sweet perfume were used as an offering to the gods. It is the flower of royalty— like the fleur-de-lis…

“An iris flower never fails to captivate its beholder… especially when it blooms and displays its stunning beauty— splendidly resembling the delicate labia.” He smiled.

“That’s quite… intriguing… you must either be a botanist or a poet, Hans.” She said as she dismissed the erotic allusion of an iris to the female anatomy.

“That’s Hans, always curious, he marvels at just about anything under the sun.” Edward said.

“Anywhere you go on the ship, a pleasant surprise awaits… have you been to the black room yet? Oh I adore that place.” Hans said while Edward nodded in agreement.

“What’s so special about the black room?” Iris was curious. Her butler never mentioned it before.

“It’s a dungeon,” Edward said, “of thrills and chills.”

“Oh,” Iris leaned back on her chair. “Thanks, but I don’t think so. I’m not really into that kind of thing… sort of.” She giggled.

“You’ll never know till you give it a try… just take a look-see. We were not into BDSM before either, but once in your life, you gotta have it.” Hans winked at her.

“You know what? Hans is right, shall we go give it a try later?” Morris reached for her hand and kissed it. “Would you be my submissive for the night, Iris?”

“Okay, sure.” She found him attractive and sexy, why not?

“We can go right after dinner. You won’t regret it. It’s just role play that thrills you. I think we could start now.” He said with a naughty grin.

“Sure, what do we do?”

“All you have to do is trust me. If I do something you don’t want, just say the safe word, ‘red’ and I will stop. Clear?”

“Crystal,” she smiled at him, thrilled at what he planned to do to her.

Morris showed her a piece of leather that looked like a dog collar with a metal ring at the center. “I have to put this on your neck.” He said. “It signifies that you’re my sub for tonight, okay?

“O— okay.” She whispered.

Iris turned to look around at the other guests in the hall, when she felt Morris’s hand on her thigh. She didn’t mind a bit of foreplay before dinner, so she let Morris touch her and continued scanning the tables to look at the other guests, but found no one familiar— not even Jo, or Alex, or other guests she’d met. There were a bunch of couples kissing and making out like it was the standard appetizer for dinner.

“Stop looking around, and keep your eyes down.” Morris said.

Iris already knew she was going with Morris soon, at the black room or wherever. It excited her. She wanted to erase all thoughts of rape. Giving in to Morris can help with that.

The thought of doing it in a dungeon gave her the creeps. While Morris played with her at the dinner table, it gave her a bit of fright but also a weird kind of pleasure. She got wet like she always did, with the slightest bit of stimulation.

Embarrassed, she checked at Hans and Edward to see if they were aware of her unexpected arousal. They didn’t seem to care— they were into their own little play. Edward’s head bobbed up and down on Hans’ lap— so what else could be happening at the other side of the table?

Morris took something out of his trouser pocket and reached down on her again. This time, he inserted a ball of some kind into her, and pushed it deeper in with his finger. Her already wet cave let it in smoothly, while a string connected to the ball was left hanging outside.

“Are you comfortable? Keep it there until we get to the black room, okay?” he said.

Although she felt uncomfortable, she nodded in agreement. Morris gently stroked her cheek. “You’ll be fine, Iris, it’s just a ball, it won’t bite. You just do what I say and you’ll be fine.” He gave her a peck on the neck.

She felt a different kind of high. At least he wasn’t raping her— she immediately blocked out another memory of last night. Some men can be real-life assholes and I was just fucked by one last night— forget it.

Just then, dinner was served. Grilled rock lobsters, mushroom pasta, and spinach soup paired with dry sauvignon blanc.

Iris didn’t feel like eating much. She drank her wine and asked Morris to pour some more for her.

“You have to eat. You’ll need the energy later.” Morris whispered in her ear and caressed her cheek.

“I’m sorry, I’m getting really nervous about the black room. But okay, I’ll eat a bit more.” She squirmed on her seat. The ball aroused her with every move.

“That’s my pet,” he said and caressed her hair.

After dinner, Morris took out a long piece of chain and attached it to the ring on her collar.

They had to walk about half a mile to reach the Black Room, which stood at the other end of the ship near the hull. Morris held the chain as if he was walking a dog. Iris had difficulty walking with the ball stuck inside her, especially when every stride made her twitch with pleasure.

Besides that, she had to keep her thighs close enough and keep the ball in place. The salty wind blew its way through her dress, she shivered. It was torturous, but it exhilarated her.

A muscled guy wearing leather mask, leather pants, and topless, like an executioner, stood guard at the door of the Black Room. He let them in without a word.

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