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Abigail Mason is a 18 year old girl senior in high school and the only girl to resist a certain someone's charm. Dean Winchester is the schools playboy and he slept with every girl in the senior class except Abigal. She's trying to make it through the year to stay away from his charm while he is trying to finish the list, until they form a bond but she learns he has a secret but so does she, will they accept each other or not?

Romance / Drama
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Meeting the Man

It was a Monday morning, 7:30 and I had to get ready for school. I was the schools weird girl, but people also envied me. You see there is this I guess you can say school fuckboy, he has slept with the entire senior girls in school except me. I knew i was next but I kept my distance. And the only way was to become a nerd, even though I was popular at one point but that would have made it easier for him to walk up to me.

Being a nerd has it perks, for instance no guy in their right mind would try to sleep with you, their reputation was more important. But for some reason the fuckboy wouldn't leave me alone.

How rude of me I never introduced you to him, well while I was talking to you guys I have been walking in the halls of my school, you see I'm no ordinary girl.

Anyway your about to meet Dean Winchester, and here he comes.

"Hello beautiful." Dean said while leaning against the locker beside mine as he did so he had a small smirk forming on his lips.

"Hello Asshole." I said to him and his smirk was gone and instead he smiled.

"Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." He said while looking back to his friends, their names are Thomas and Derek, they follow him around like a wolf follows its alfa, never ending.

"What do you want?" I asked him with annoyance in my voice while holding my books close to my chest and anger/annoyance in my eyes.

"To take you out." He said while looking me up and down

"We both know you just want to sleep with me, and that will never happen." I state and shove past him.

"BUT IT WILL!" he yelled to me while I was walking to my homeroom. Thank God we didn't have the same one.

Did I mention it was a month before graduation, only a month to go and I don't have to see him, yes, so the whole time I was in homeroom the teacher was talking about the rules and everything else while I was drawing in my journal. I was bored out of my mind I started to fall asleep until finally the bell rang.

For the rest of my classes they talked about what we would be doing and gave us a syllabus for our parents to sign. As I walked to the cafeteria to eat before leaving school I was suddenly pinned to the wall, I closed my eyes as I hit the wall, when I opened them I saw who it was, it was none other than Dean Winchester.
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