Eris, the Alpha of Silence.

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Everyone knew of her, of her doings, knew of her supposed power yet no one believed , for them it was all a myth, another gruesome story, a legend... a prophecy. And she was there, to prove them all wrong when they were expecting it the least at that too.

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Author’s note

This is an important warning, this book contains mature/graphic content, blood, gore (kind of) and curses.
Readers discretion advised. (I guess?)
I will try to add a warning on said chapters but I'm not sure if I'll always remember to.

I realized I should add one of these =]

My name is Yasmin and I've been reading different kind of books for about 7 years now. I know this is completely irrelevant but I've read so many books throughout the years I can only hope I have enough knowledge to create a good one myself.

Well this is not my first werewolf story I guess but I really want to finish this one because my whole reasoning behind it was the fact that I can never find a story that would appeal to all my ideas I guess so I decided to write one myself.

I don't know how many people will read it but to those who will, thank you for giving it a chance.

English isn't my first language and I'm sorry for all the upcoming grammar errors, I will correct them all once the book is finished I can promise you that. :)

I will try to update regularly as much as I can but if I don't, please don't restrain yourself from texting me. :)

As to criticism.. I'm okay with the constructive type of criticism from my readers but please do not hate just for hating.

This is my idea, all places, characters and events are fictional.

This is the only place I posted my book on so if you see it anywhere else please do bring it to my attention.

That's all...I think? =]]

I hope you have a wonderful time reading this book and once again, thank you for deciding to give it a chance.

You may also vote and comment if you'd like to (don't be a silent reader like I am, hypocrite much? I know, I'm sorry 😭let me see your point of view), don't be shy ;)
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