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Camille moves her daughter thousands of miles from their home to escape her bad relationship in hopes for her daughter to have a better life. Being a single mom will be hard, but she believes it is right, But finds herself colliding with a world she could never have thought was real.

Romance / Fantasy
C.C. Lopez
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Chapter 1

The sun rises, and it’s a new day in a new place. I get up early and go through the boxes that have overtaken the living room, looking for Carina’s school clothes.

This will be her first time in a new school. She had only known one place in her life, and leaving it has been a tough decision for me, but I had no choice.

When I finally find the box of her clothes, I glance at the clock, and it’s getting late.

“Crap!” I sighed aloud. “Carina, It’s time to get ready for school,” I shout.

But there is no response which causes my heart to pound rapidly out of my chest until she comes around the corner rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“I’m Awake, mom. You don’t have to yell,” She said with grogginess.

A smile forms on my lips. “I found your clothes,” Holding them up in the air. “Get dressed, then come eat” I stand, handing her the clothes.

Carina grabbed them and left, heading back to her room while I cooked breakfast.

After breakfast, I packed my tote, and Carina got her backpack ready then. We both head for the door and down to the parking lot.


I glance at her for a second. Then place my eyes back on the road. “Yeah, sweetie?”

She looks out the window, then back at me. “I don’t understand why we had to leave Savannah and come here. I miss grandma and Aunt Lucy.” Her expression filled with grief.

I take a deep breath. “Sweetie, there are just some things you’re not quite old enough to understand,” I pause. “But I know Tacoma is going to be an excellent place for us to start fresh. I declare, rubbing her shoulder to reassure her.

She only glances at me with a small smile, then gazes out the window.

After dropping Carina off at school, I head to my new job as a secretary for a logging company in Tacoma, Washington.

I pull in and park, exiting the car, and as I walk up the steps to the door, I get many stares from the loggers, some even catcall. I roll my eyes and continue without giving them the satisfaction of my attention.

Entering the office, a friendly woman in her 20s with honey yellow waves and gorgeous blue eyes greeted me. Her face filled with freckles like she was in a mud fight. Her baby bump gives it away that I am here to fill in for her while she is on maternity leave.

“Hello! you must be Camille,” She smiles brightly.

I don’t remember being so enthusiastic about my pregnancy.

I give her a warm smile in return. “Yes, I am here to help with the administrative work while the regular secretary went on leave. Which I’m guessing is you since you look due any day now.

She laughed, cradling her bump. “Is it that obvious?”

I laugh along with her.

She waves me to follow her. “Follow me this way.”

I don’t hesitate and walk to an office in the back of the building, and when she opens the door, my eyes grow wide at the stacks of papers overtaking the desk.

“Okay, so this will be your office for the time being. You will enter the paperwork in to the database that the loggers bring into the office. Each logger has his own company. We only buy the logs. You only take the papers, get a signature, and we send a check,” She smiled. “Oh, don’t worry about all these papers. This was Doug’s office, and he was not much of a cleaner, but you can move things around to your liking,” She suggested.

I smiled. “Okay, sounds good,” Nodding in agreement.

“Okay, I’ll be in my office. If you need anything, dial two on your phone for my extension.” She explained.

I take a seat at my desk, placing my things underneath then glancing up at her. “Alright, thank you.”

She beamed, turning to leave, and stopped abruptly. “I am so sorry I was so excited to have a new colleague I forgot to tell you my name. I’m Sandra,” Holding her hand out.

I get up from the desk, walking over to her, and grip her hand, shaking it politely, then she waves, leaving back to her office.

The day goes by smoothly, and I only had a few loggers hit on me as I’m about to gather my things to clock out. My office door swings open, revealing a handsome man with his dark brown hair is combed to one side. His Hazel eyes catch my attention. I lick my lips as I look over his body, noticing he is sweaty and dirty from working outside, which instantly causes my core to ignite. I have to shake myself from my gawking.

“Hi, I’m just about to leave for the day. If you have a logging paper, I can get to it first thing in the morning,” I tell him with a friendly smile, but he only glares at me.

“This freaking company hires new people all the time. Why can I never get the same person? It’s ridiculous!” He growls, causing me to jump back.

He realizes his outburst was uncalled for, but his expression softens when he sees me shaking.

“Miss, I’m sorry about that. I didn’t mean to take it out on you,” He apologized.

I regain my composure. “It’s fine. I can do it now,” holding out my hand for the paper.

He hands it over to me with guilt written on his face.

“I’m okay. Please have a seat while I enter it into the database, and I will give you a receipt.” I gesture towards the chair across from my desk.

He takes the seat, gives me a small smile, and clears his throat. “Can I ask you something?”

I look up from my computer. “Um, sure.”

“Why are you so jumpy?” He looks me over.

My eyes dart around awkwardly.

“Sorry, that’s none of my business,” He apologized.

“No, it’s okay. I just got out of an abusive relationship. He used to yell at me in that manner, so it makes me uneasy.” I shake my head in disbelief that I am telling a stranger about my life. “I’m sorry I don’t know why I just told you that.” My cheeks flush with embarrassment, and I hurry to finish the data entry and print him a receipt. “Here you go,” Handing it to him. “Have a nice day!” I said, grabbing my things.

He stands from the chair, about to leave, but he spins back around to face me. “Miss, if you don’t mind me saying he made a big mistake letting you go, and he should have treated you like a Queen.”

I stare at him, astonished at the words he told me. “Um, thank you.” A smile formed on my lips.

“Have a good night, Miss,” He said, walking to the door and glancing back at me one last time before he disappeared.

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