Sweet but psycho

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Emerson Jaxon is eighteen years old and would do anything for his foster sister Alison. Alison and Emerson have been very close ever since he joined the family. Perhaps a little too close ...when Emerson leaves and returns three years later a changed man.

Romance / Mystery
Miranda Pidgeon
Age Rating:

After dark

"Emerson!" I yell at my six foot two tall foster brother, as he teases me holding my cellphone in the air laughing . I roll my eyes grunting at him fustratedly stomping my feet " give it back right now Emerson!" I shout he waves the phone around taunting me like a playful kitten batting at a toy. I hear a familiar voice from behind Emerson it's Cameron his best friend since childhood. " hey kiddo is he pulling your leg again?" Cameron asks smiling he pulls the phone out of Emerson's hand and hands it back too me . " ah! Thanks cam!" I shriek in happiness he smirks looking at Emerson " your not going out with that asshole Darren hear me?" Emerson says making it sound more like a command. I raise my eyebrow at him annoyed pressing my index finger against his rock hard abs " now listen, you can't tell me what too do!" I say glaring at him he scoops at me smirking the hoists me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes I am in such shock that I don't even move. " no but I can take you wherever I want to. " he says Cameron following behind us I struggle in his tight grip his large hand on my ass , now that I think about it I should've worn pants today his fingers barley grazing my thong I blush slightly. " Emerson let me go!" I say he teases me spanking me gently " why Ali, are you afraid ill bite you?" He asks jokingly Cameron is quite. We stop at the docks of the beach and he puts me down " why are we here Emerson?" I ask curiously he looks at me leaning closer " swimming " he says I look at my clothes and shrug " but I haven't got a suite today " he smiles looking up at Cameron " strip!" He says I stare at him blushing " no way!" He rips my tank top off and removes his shirt " your turn " he says his voice soft and low I blush looking at him confused and my heart beating fast what was this feeling? Emerson was the most popular guy in our school and...not that I cared but the hottest shaggy dirty blonde hair and his eyes ...one green one blue. The most beautiful dimples I've ever seen. But he was my foster brother there was no way in hell ....he'd ever want a girl like me. I was completely opposite of him, clumsy shy and kept too myself. I only dressed this way because Cameron said it's what guys his age love . As I stripped down too nothing but my bra and thong the look that washed over Emerson's face I will never forget. He gave a nod too Cameron and Cameron walked away the beach was private my family owned it. So no one ever went there. Emerson leaned closer my hand pressed against his chest my eyes closed tight his tongue somehow made its way into my mouth caressing mine . He laid me down slowly his hand following the line of my panties as he reached two fingers sliding them slowly in and out. I moaned gripping his hair as he gently liked the nape of my neck. I squirmed under him he blushed " I love you Alison more then you know. " I smiled at him " I love you too Emerson " he sat up slowly " I want too take this slowly okay?" He says kissing me softly I nod at him " yeah okay " he puts his jacket over my shoulders " here stay warm I'll just tell Sue and Dan some made up story okay " he was willing too take the rap for the both of us that didn't seem fair. Emerson told my parents some story saying Darren tried to attack me he came to the rescue. They believed him I sat in my room he kept texting me " are you thinking of me?" I replied " what would you do if I was?" Then I herd my door open and standing there half nude was Emerson I jumped up closing my door " what the hell are you doing here?" I asked him he stroked my face softly " I don't want too be alone tonight , I get nightmares " he said I sigh looking around my room " fine! Emerson you can sleep in here tonight , but no funny business. " he laid next too me and we fell asleep together its what happened the next morning that was a shocker.
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