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Joesie Simmons' parents are arrested and she's forced to move in with a new family she knows nothing about. Will she get the normal life she's always wanted? Ezekiel + Joesie = Joe + Zeke Start:18 Jan 2021 End: on going Currently 42 965 words

Romance / Humor
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Chapter โ‘ :๐˜‰๐˜ฐ๐˜ฏ๐˜ฏ๐˜ช๐˜ฆ & ๐˜Š๐˜ญ๐˜บ๐˜ฅ๐˜ฆ ๐˜พ๐™–๐™ช๐™œ๐™๐™ฉ


My life has always been pretty much on the back seat of my parent's car or the car floor.

Since there's usually shooting. You see my parents are Bonnie and Clyde. And yes morden day Bonnie and Clyde.

They steal at banks or steal smartphones. My parents are criminals.

I guess you could also say I've never had a normal childhood. We're nearing the end of this year and I'm turning seventeen next but I've still not gone through my periods.

From the little knowledge I've gotten from small time I've spent in school is that our bodies take time and decide on their own when to start.

"Joe! Hurry and get down! The cops are hot on our tail!" I was now a bit too big for getting down on the car floor.

It was easier as a child but I'm almost a woman now.

I don't know what normal really is cause normal for me are my parents running in banks or smartphone stores and getting chased by the owners or cops.

They had promised me today that'd they'd never steal again. I always believe them they're my parents.

I sometimes wonder why they steal after robbing banks for years.

Don't they have enough money? Or they just love the thrill of stealing and fleeing from the police.

"Mom. Dad." I lifted myself up from the back. "Not now Joe!" Mom yelled. "Get down!" The bullets shot through the back window.

I always hated the sound of these bullets. My eardrums would get damaged. Dad's driving skills were always crazy.

I'd bump onto the sides so many times I'd get bruises and headaches.

The shooting stopped and so did the car. Mom and dad started celebrating by hugging and kissing each other.

"Let's get to the hideout." I unlocked the car door almost puking. I was dizzy and my stomach was runny. "Joe. Grab a sack." Mom throws me a money sack which hurt my ribs when it hit me.

"No thank you. I'm not a criminal." I can get moody at times. I'm always bubbly but today I feel sick.

"Cheer up buttercup." My dad held more money sacks in his arms he kicks the door open. Our home is isolated from the others. It's really small and barely enough for three people.

It's a one bedroom place so I sleep on the couch. What's the point of stealing money when you don't use it?

"Joe get up your lazy ass." I stuck out the middle finger at my mom. "Joesie!" Mom slap my hand and I giggle getting up. "Fine. Fine."

"You don't look okay buttercup." Dad pulls me to his side. "I'm not. I think I'm gonna puke."

"You're not pregnant now, are you?"
I push him away. "Dad! Please!"

"Would you stop being girls and someone help me with lunch?" I tumbled down on a money sack.

"Can you people keep your things in a safe place." I get back up yawning. "Now you're sleepy. Joe what's going on with you?"

"Parents I'm not pregnant!"I groan going to the small kitchen helping mom to make some sandwiches. Sandwiches are breakfast, lunch and dinner in this home.

"Bart. We gotta get a new car. Maybe a Mercedes Benz this time! It'll do us wonders!" Did I mention they steal cars too? "An SUV will do us wonders Francine."

"Real food will do us wonders people!" I snorted eating my sandwich. Mom throws a dishcloth at me. "Manners! We'll get some chicken soup. Maybe you should go buy it now." She handed me some money.

"Chicken soup? Chicken soup mom?" She couldn't answer since all something was thrown into our window and smoke fills the room. "Everyone down!"

My dad commanded. The smoke made cough I was highly sensitive to smoke so it got to me quickly. Mom covers me with her jacket. "Mom what's going on?" For the first time. It seemed like she didn't even know what to say.

But she held me tightly. "Love you baby." Police in bulletproof vests and had shields stormed in kicking the door down.

"Guns down! Down on your knees!" I held my hands on my ears it was as if I could hear gunshots even though they weren't there.

I let out a croaky painful scream. No one heard me I was hidden behind the couch.

My parents both handcuffed. That memory will always be imprinted in my brain. "McCrory! It's a kid! How did you end up here? Come on."

Lesson one my mother told me. Never to trust the police. "Will my parents be okay?" He didn't answer me just leaded me to another police car.

I've never been in a car without my parents. I felt anxious. A female cop was driving the car while a male one was in the passenger seat.

She glances at my direction and looks back at her partner. "She the daughter?" He nodded. "She doesn't look too old."

They're gonna talk about me like I don't exist. "What's your name sweety?"

I keep my mouth shut. "I'm Fredrick and you are?"

"Stone she probably works with her parents in their crimes."

"Come McCrory she's just a kid. And she's never involved in their schemes."

They started fighting with each other even though her gaze was on the road. "Joesie. My name's Joesie." I reply finally. They stopped ripping each other's necks. Fredrick smiled at me.

"And how old are you Joesie?"

"I'm sixteen."


The police station scared me. I finally saw my parents. Mom was cursing out all the Latin curses she knew.

Mom was a Latina and dad was from Texas. They would usually tell me about how they fell in love. "Mom? Dad? Please don't try to run away. Please. For me. You don't want to get in trouble. Will everything be okay?"

"No Joe. Nothing is going to okay."

Over the next few hours I faced intense inteogaton. The female cop McCrory I think was barking questions and allegations at me.

When Fredrick asked her to leave she threw a chair to the wall and left. "Will I be sent to an orphanage? I don't wanna go."

"Your parents say you have nothing to do with all their crimes. I'm not going to lie to you. Your parents are going to stay in prison for a long time. While they wait for their first court appearance."

"So. Are they going to stay in prison? And what about me? Will I go to jail too?" He shakes his head smiling warmly. "No. You're going to a new family."

"Foster care?!"

"Seems like one of your dad's old friends had signed custody over you if anything ever happened to him or your mom."

Strangers? I'm gonna go live with people I don't know.
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