Hold Me Close (ongoing)

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Chapter โ‘ก:๐˜›๐˜ฉ๐˜ฆ ๐™ˆ๐™˜๐˜พ๐™–๐™ง๐™ฉ๐™๐™ฎ๐™จ


I was given clothes to change into. A vest, sweatpants and a SWAT jersey. We didn't go back to my home to get any of my stuff.

I was flying to Miami today where my new family was supposed to be. I've never been on a plane before. Who am I kidding I've never been any form of transportation apart from stolen cars.

Fredrick managed to get his captain to allow me to bid goodbye to my parents. Their trial was gonna take months to even start. I was afraid. I've never been away from my parents for long.

Now I'm moving miles away from them. "Joesie! Baby. Are you fine? What did they do to you?" Mom pulled me face first into her chest. Okay squashing me into her boobs.

"Mom! I'm fine." I pull away. She mutters some Latin words I don't understand. "Don't worry buttercup. James and his wife will take good care of you till we get out of here."

"The kind officer said you guys are gonna stay here for months. You're gonna sentenced for probably years!"

"No baby. We're not gonna let them. They can't keep us here like a bunch of hooligans!" Mom cursed. "But you kinda are. Don't try to escape. If you say James and his wife will take good care of me I believe you. I hope I get to see you guys soon."

We endulge into a family hug. I don't wanna go to some place I don't know. I wanna stay with my parents. "Time to go."

"Bye guys." I had a small bag they had given me with the clothes I had no previously and some toiletries.

Maybe this is all just a dream. And when I close my eyes and open them again I'll be back in my uncomfortable couch.

Nope. It's not. I'm on airplane. Fredrick had offered to come along to drop me off my new home. "Just take a deep breath and relax." He softly told me.

And mom said all police officers are not to be trusted and rude. Fredrick is nice to me. Only nice person I've seen lately.

"Will they really take good care of me?"

"He agreed to let you come stay with him and his family. So I'm sure they're good people. They have three children. Two boys. One's off to college next year and the other is starting the eleventh grade while the little girl is eight. You'll be fine. And finally have a normal teen life."

Normal? What is that? I'm about to find out in two hours and thirty two minutes.


"This is it. Your new home. Let's ring the doorbell."

"What's that?"

"This right here." I pressed the button and heard a sound going through the house. I tensed a bit why isn't anyone opening the door?

"Don't worry Joe. We've got the right place."

"When you go back. Tell my parents I love them." I told him. The door finally was opened by a tall blonde woman. Her facial expression didn't look all impressed by me.


"Yes. You can call me Joe."

"Right Joesie. And you must be Officer Fredrick Stone." She says looking at Fredrick. "Yes ma'am."

"Well then come in. I'll introduce you to everyone. I'm Celina. Mother of the house. Family! Downstairs now!"

On cue they all climbed down the stairs standing in front of me like soldiers being called by their Sergent. One person particularly caught my eye.

He had a bored expression drawn on his face. He was strongly built with ocean eyes. When he caught me staring he smirked at me.

Is that what people do? Should I smirk back? So I just did the same moving on.

His brother I think the older brother looked a bit like ocean eyes smirking dude just older and had brown eyes.

The little girl grinned brightly with two missing teeth. "I'm Mandie." She had a seahorse stuffed toy in her other hand.

She approached me but her mom pushed her back. "Told you to stay away. Hehe. Officer we'll take it from here. We already have her room set and everything."

"What room?" Ocean eyed dude asked he got a glare from his dad. "Oh that room."

"My flight is due soon. So I should go. You stay safe. Stay out of trouble kid."

"Thanks Fed. And don't forget to tell my parents I love them and they should not try to escape or I'll be really upset with them and... and... and. Bye. Be safe." He pats my shoulder. "Don't worry I'll tell them."

Even though I had just known him for a few days he had place in my heart.

I waved at him he disappeared into the busy streets. "Great cop guy's gone. Can I go now?" Ocean eyes says looking at Celina.

"I like your hair. Can I touch it?" Mandie complimented. "Sure." I bend down so I can match her height. I looked shorter than her now though.

Celina pulled Mandie away before she could get close to me. "Mandie go to your room."

"But mommy."

"Go now." Mandie slumped down her shoulders. "I'll see you soon." She said to me. "See you." I said back getting back to my feet.

"You're weird." Ocean eyes says. "I'm weird? Why thank you."

"Ahh wasn't supposed to be a compliment dude. So you ever shoot someone?"

"No! I've never even held a gun in my life!"

"But your parents are criminals."

"I know they are but I'm not. I've never even stole a cookie."

"Yeah right." Celina says. James was the one who hadn't said a word with his older son. "Hi. I'm Louis. Don't mind them they're not used to strangers and your visit came as a surprise to us. " Louis shook my hand and Celina stared at him as if he had committed the greatest sin by touching me.

"We only have bedrooms enough for our family. We don't have an extra room for strangers."

"That's okay. I've never had a bedroom. I've always slept on the couch." I reveal. Celina's face softens a bit. "Oh my. No. Louis will be going to college soon and you'll get his room for now you'll be rooming with Zeke."

Oh so that's ocean eyes' name. "With me? Mom she's a girl! I'm a boy! She can't stay in my room! Why can't she sleep in Mandie's room?"

"I don't mind sleeping on the couch at all or even the floor."

"No Joesie."

"Please call me Joe." I tell James who had finally spoken. "You're a guest and you'll be staying in Zeke's room in the time being. Don't worry he's not a pervert and has a girlfriend."

"Can I ask how you knew my father? I don't even know anyone connected with them."

"We were best friends for the longest time and I was there at your birth. I actually named you. Yeah so your dad made me promise if anything happened to him or your mom I'd take care of you both. He even made me sign papers for that but then next day you were gone.

And now almost seventeen years later you're here and they're in jail. You must be tired. Zeke show her your room."
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