Hold Me Close (ongoing)

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Chapter โ‘ข:๐˜‰๐˜ข๐˜ฅ ๐™Ž๐™ก๐™š๐™š๐™ฅ๐™š๐™ง


Zeke's room was messy with t-shirts on the floor and empty pizza boxes.

I have the sudden to clean it. "Welcome to my beautiful room."

"Messy too." I pick up some of the pizza boxes and pile them up. "Looks like I got my work got cut out for me. Do you ever clean your room?"

"Err then and then."

"I'll help you clean it."

"Help me?"



Who does this girl think she is? She was few inches shorter than me but generally a tall girl.

She dropped the small bag she had on my couch and started collecting the clothes scattered around. I'm not always messy I swear.

"Will you help or not? I don't mind cleaning it on my own. Hello? Still there."

"It's late for this weirdo. I want my beauty sleep."

"No my name is Joesie not weirdo." She corrected innocently.

She looks like she's from a totally different world. "It's your new nickname." I drop onto the bed looking at her move around my room as if it were hers.

She threw my dirty clothes into the washing basket. "Is your trashcan outside?"

"Let me." I picked up the pizza boxes and left to go throw them in the trashcan. "Are you actually cleaning your room?" Louis mocks when I bump into him on my way out.

"Just that weird girl I'm forced to play roomies with. What are you doing up?"

"I'm studying and you could be a bit nicer to the girl. I still don't get why you have girls fall on your feet with your nasty attitude."

"Jealousy won't get you anywhere big brother." I open the door and threw the pizza boxes.

"Now will you excuse me big brother I have a hot weird girl waiting for me and you got books." He rolls his eyes drinking some milk.

He's also weird. When I open my door the girl had curled herself on the couch with no blanket for warmth. Kinda looks like a sad sight.

"You know you can sleep on the bed, right?" I ask her sitting on my bed. She lifts her head up. "If you say so." She jumped up from the couch to the bed.

Seriously weird. She's not even those girls that are all whiny. I like.

"Are you going to sleep? Your bed is comfortable and soft. Goodnight." Polly would freak if she found me in bed with another girl.

I laid on my bed beside her. I slept on my side while she was staring at the ceiling. "Why are you staring at the ceiling?"

"I don't know. To try to sleep?"

"Just close your eyes." She finally did but then I remember I hadn't changed into my PJs yet. I don't think she has them.

I lift myself up from bed taking off my t-shirt. I'll just sleep in my jeans today. "Is sleeping shirtless comfortable?" She asks now looking at me.

"Very. And I wouldn't mind if you shed off some clothes too."

"I would but I don't have my bra on. And now that would be just disgusting."

"You're really weird."

"Thank you."

I close my eyes I can't find words to say to her. And I'm usually not like this with girls. "What's normal?"


"How's it like to be normal? Normal life?"

"There's no such thing as normal Joe. Everything and everyone is different in its own way. Now stop asking questions and sleep already."

"Okay. Sleep well."
"You too."


I don't know when I eventually fell asleep but I found myself in a dream. A vivid one.

My parents were there and were running away from the police they were in orange jumpsuits.

And just like Bonnie and Clyde they were shot dead. I shot my eyes open at that moment.

I couldn't move my body I felt caged. Something was depriving me from movement. Worry took me. Was I numb? Was I in sleep paralysis? I look at the source of my disability to move. Oh.

Zeke's leg was wrapped around my waist and his arm placed across my chest. His head firmly against my shoulder. "Ahh.. Zeke. Zeke. Hello."

I don't like shouting and I don't want to snap at him he might be sensitive of loud noises like I am.

"Wake up." I try pushing him off but he's hold only tightened around me. I should slap him a bit.

"No! Celina. I respect you but not your son. He hasn't been answering my calls!" The door is opened by a girl I don't know and Celina closely behind her.

"Hello?" I managed looking at their shocked expressions. "Who's her?! Ezekiel!"

Zeke wakes up as if he had been splashed by water. "Mom? Polly? Is it my birthday?"

"You're cheating on me?! I can't believe you! Is that why you weren't answering any of my calls?!"

"I'm not cheating. Look at her. She's fully dressed." While Polly was in a fleet of rage Zeke was relaxed. I was a bit afraid of her. "Save it! We're done!"

He didn't even chase after her when she set of running. "It's too early for her nonsense I'm sleeping again." This time Zeke faced his back at me. Celina was still standing at the doorway.

"Morning." I said. She didn't say anything and just left. "Close the door!" Zeke yells. "You're a bad sleeper. You drooled all over me. And you don't know personal space."

"Last time I checked it was my bed I can sleep and drool however I want. I'm not going to change because some weirdo is sleeping on my bed now."

"I'm not the one who said I can sleep on the bed."

"Oh my God! Are we having an argument now?" He shouted sitting up. "I don't know. Are we?" I crossed my arms. He pulls the blankets over his head sleeping again. Rude.

I went out of the room. The house wasn't too big. I should find the kitchen. I want some water. Flashes of the cops running in our home flooded my brain.

Everything will be fine. I'll see my parents in a couple of months. But will I have to stay here forever? Without them? I didn't think about that. "Did Polly injure you?" I jump from shock.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to startle you." Louis apologizes. "It's okay. No. She stormed off. Is Zeke always rude?"

"Pretty much. You learn to get used to him." He chuckles lowly. "He wasn't that rude to me. Polly's scary."

"Yeah I know. Zeke and her breakup and makeup all the time." Louis sighs. "You don't like him?"

"No I mean he's my brother. I just don't like his personality. I'm sorry about how my family seems hostile to you. Mom's just being stereotypical and thinks you're bad news. They'll get used to you."

"Thanks. I hope so."

"I'm sure they will. Want something to eat?"

"Yes please." Louis started making omelettes. I think that's what it is.
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