The train to my heart

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Chapter 10: Exposed

We lye in bed for most of the day making love until once again food becomes a necessity.

Zander: I’ll go fix us something. You want steak or chicken.

Page: Mmm steak.

Zander: As you wish.

He kisses my lips before vanishing out the door. I decide to take a quick shower. When I come out I am hit with a mouth watering aroma of seasoned red meat.

I slip into the little black spaghetti strap dress Zander had sent along with a few other clothes before we arrived, and headed down stairs. The table was set with a candle in the center.

He pulled out a chair like a gentlemen and guided me into the table.

Zander: You look breath taking in that dress.

Page: Thank you Zander, I love it.

He leans over kissing my neck and cuts a piece of meat for me to try.

Page: Oh my god. That is delicious.

Zander: Glad you like it.

After dinner I help him with the dishes then retire to the black leather couch in the living room in front of a fire place.

Zander starts a fire and takes a seat in the corner of the couch pulling me into him. I trace the wolf tattoo over his chest and ponder what it means to him.

Page: Why a dyer wolf?

He looks down at me from the corner of his eyes.

Zander: You know about dyer wolves?

Page: A little.

Zander: In ancient Russia they were said to be protectors of innocence. They became a symbol for guardians where I grew up in Penza. Law and military would wear a dyer wolf patch on their uniforms.

Page: So you do only take out bad guys? You’re like a guardian

He nodded.

Page: And is that the battle of Hades.

I brush my fingers down his arm over the angels and demons tattoo.

Zander: A reminder of why I do what I do.

Page: Well I’m no Luna so I don’t think I’m very worthy of the Dark angel title you’ve given me.

Zander: I have never known anyone more worthy than you. But how do you know such things. There are no us military bases in Russia, and these kinds of stories where only told to young children of small villages.

I shrug my shoulders and giggle at the realization of how similar our lives have been and are now. If this wasn’t fate, Then I don’t know what is.

Page: My mother’s bloodline originated in Prussia. When the Germans conquered Prussia my ancestors fled to some of the most remote part of Russia.

Just before settling in Tel Aviv my mother took me to meet my grandmother in Ruskeala where we stayed for a few months. I picked up a little Russian, got to learn more about our Prussian history and heard all the stories of Luna the moon goddess and the battle of Hades which had been passed down from generation to generation.

My grandmother even tried to tell me we were related to the fourth wolf?

Zanders: Wow.

Page: Well she was old and lived in a very remote village!

Zander: No I mean wow. I’m trying to wrap my head around this. It’s almost too surreal. How much our paths have been the same through our lives. It’s like....

Page: Fate

He looks down at me with love sick eyes.

Zander: Fate

He gently lifts my lips to his, gradually laying me on my back. Just as things begin to get heated his phone goes off.

Zander: I’m sorry I have to check that.

He kisses me again and leaps over the couch.
I follow him into the kitchen catching a glimpse of the text.

C.Helm: I see my pet has given away my package. I do however find it Interesting that there was nothing with her in it? Perhaps she can’t let go of what we had.

He tosses the phone and turns taking me into a hug.

Zander: So you did have John release everything?

Page: Yes.

Zander: There was videos of you?

Page: Yes

Zander: But you didn’t release those?

I shake my head looking away.

Page: I never sent them to John.

Zander: Why?

I look back up at Zander trying to remain calm.

Page: I was with him Zander. I didn’t fight back. When he said jump I jumped. I have no case against him. His lawyers would run me through the mud and somehow probably get everything dismissed.

This way at least if some of those other girls come forward there’s a chance. Even if none of them do, then at least I have opened up the rabbit hole, and a lot of corrupt people will be exposed.

Zander: What was your plan.

Page: Before you?..... To have John release what he did and erase me. I figured if the system did fail again Clive would eventually stop searching for me.

Zanders Perspective:
It was all starting to hit. But she was being stubborn trying hard not to show any weakness.

Zander: Maybe it would be best for you to go with John. Let him put you up somewhere safe while I take care of this.

The look of hurt and confusion on her face was painful.

Zander: Baby I’m not pushing you away. But I can’t leave you here alone to go do what I need to do. I’ve never been compromised before and the fact that he was able to have us tailed with out my knowing changes everything.

This place would normally be the safest place but I have to think objectively. He could have had another tail on the German twins and could already know about this place.

Page: Then why don’t we just leave together. You know bad things always happen in the movies when the couple separate.

Zanders: Sometimes if they don’t separate when they should have worse things happen.
Look what happened in Mr. Right. When they separated she found her inner strength and they both kicked ass.

Page: But then he had to be saved by someone else. It wasn’t until they came together and worked as a team that they where str......

Stubborn was putting it lightly.

I grabbed her face Interrupting her with a kiss.

Page: Onger.

She melted in my arms and my cock took control over thoughts of the outside world. The only thing on my mind was this women before me and the need to be inside her.

I slide one strap of the dress off her shoulder causing her to expose her neck. Which I ravish with my mouth. I yank on the other strap taking in her gasp as the dress falls to her feet.

I throw off my shirt as she unleashes my eager cock. With ease I lift her up against the wall and slowly push my way deep inside her. The pressure of my body slamming hers into the wall is eased by the intensity of our sequenced climaxes.

God I love this women.

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