The train to my heart

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Chapter 11: Dear to me

Zanders perspective:
As we lye in bed I begin to cycle through everything that has lead up to this moment.

Zander: If you had already sent copies to John then why so protective of your pack?

Page: It probably wouldn’t be that interesting to you?

Zander: Try me?

She rolled out of the bed tip toeing to the closet. A minute later she submerged with the pack clung to her chest much like the first night we spent together.

I sit up pulling the sheet back for her. She slides back into the bed taking a few deep breaths before finally easing up her grip.

Page: When my dad died I couldn’t stay in our house. I had lost two men that I loved while living in that house. So I just.... I couldn’t. I put most of the stuff in a storage and sold the house.

While I was planning my escape fromClive, I went to the storage unit and grabbed only a few things that were dear to me. The rest I had A VA donation center take. I couldn’t risk Clive finding out about the storage and learning things about me he didn’t know like my mother’s maiden name that I used for the train ticket.

Zander: That was smart.

She looked disappointed. And I know all to well how hard it is to leave your entire life behind.

Page: What I keep in this pack is all I have left of my 24 years and my parents.

She first pulled out a small tin box. Inside were dog tags. “Sgt. Mark Flanagan.”

Page: My fathers.

She set the tags back in the box and back in the pack. The second thing was a small used paper back book. The title “Goddess of the moon”

Page: My moms.

Zander: Wait that’s not about our moon goddess is it?

She nodded with a faint giggle.

Page: The one and only. When we had visited my grandmother in Ruskeala she gave my mother that book. Said a cousin living in Oregon came across it. She believed the legends where true and that this book was more of a biography than a fictional story.

Inside the book was a picture of a mini version of my Page an older version of her and man in desert gear. Her eyes began to water. I pulled her into my chest feeling the tension in her breath as she held back from losing it.

Page: That’s my dad Frank, my mom Luna, and me. This was the last picture we took before my mom was killed.

Zander: You look like her.

Page: I could never be like here though.

Wrapping my arms around her, I give her a kiss on her temple.

Zander: I have a feeling she would say differently.

Pages perspective:
Page: My mother was a humanitarian. She was also a marines wife. Strong and smart. She never backed down from what she loved. She never cowered in the face of an enemy.

Zander places a gentle hand along my jaw leaning me into him while he landed a kiss on my temple.

Zander: And you are of both of them.

Page: Why do you have to be so perfect Zander.

I slip the picture back into the book and was about to put it away.

Zander: Wait! Read some of it to me. I’m curious.

I put the pack on the floor and re position my self up against Zanders side.

Page: This is from the perspective of Willow Gray the last born of Luna and Thomas Gray.

I read long into the first chapter when my eyes become so heavy I could not hold them open any longer.

The morning sun beamed off Zanders perfectly sculpted muscles blanketing his god like body. My fingers danced in the glow of the rays along his golden frame to the dark thick hair forming to his beautiful masculine jaw line.

I reached up to kiss his cheek before slipping out of bed, and heading down stairs to start the coffee. With our clothes still on the floor at the bottom of the stairs, I toss on his shirt inhaling his wonderful scent I’ve become addicted to.

As the coffee percolates I drift into a days out the window mesmerized by the tranquil state of the forest imbedded with a light morning fog.

Startled by the hard object pressing into my lower back I spin suddenly smacking the back of my hand across a coffee mug sending it across the dinning room floor.

Page: Oh my god Zander I’m so sorry.

I scramble to pick up the broken pieces and Zander kneels down grabbing my hand inspecting the back of it.

Zander: You ok.

Page: Yeah. Fine. You just startled me. I got a little lost in how beautiful it is out.

Zander: How would you like if I took you on a hike?

Page: Really.

His smile bares those dimples I love. After coffee and breakfast we get dressed for a hike. Just before heading out the door Zanders phone goes off. He takes the brief call and I can see in his eyes something has happened.

Page: Zander what is it.

Zander: John says turn on the news.

He flips through a few channels on the small tv in the kitchen before stopping at a familiar house. My prison the last two years, Clives house in Laguna, California.

Zander puts a hand around my waist for comfort.

A few still shots of the videos display across the screen along with most recent photos of all the people implemented in the videos. As well a lists of names. Zander flips to another channel.

Clives picture appears again. Where aboutsunknown. Wanted for questioning on allegations of rape, and extortion. A young women I recognized from the first film was being sheltered from paparazzi by men in suits
A couple big name judges and others seen escorted out of their homes in cuffs.

The tinge of relief I felt was short lived. I know Clive is coming after me. He was never far from his German goons which means it’s only a matter of time.

Zander rubs my arms drawing my attention.

Zander: You need to call John.

I look up into his eyes not wanting to believe he still wants to send me away. The first chill shoots through me, Jump starting my heart as anxiety begins to build. I shake my head. No.

He touched my cheek with confliction in his eyes. He doesn’t want to. But he feels he must.

Zander: Page this is what I do. This is who I am.

Page: I know but I can’t stop feeling like something bads going to happen.

He takes me into a hug burring his chin in my hair trying to console me.

Zander: I promised I would protect you at all costs. If you trust John then I’ll trust John and as long as you stay with this marine family of yours then you’ll have nothing to worry about.

What Zander didn’t understand was that it was him I was worried for. I know he’s good at what he does but even hero’s have a weakness. Clive will find Zanders, but there’s is no arguing. His mind is set.

I reluctantly make the call and schedule the meet with John. Zander and I spend our last hour making love and preparing. Dreading to go our separate ways.

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