The train to my heart

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Chapter 14: The new guy

The back door creeks open and both Dogs jump up. Gadsen backs into me in protective mode growling while Gunner takes stance next to Gadsen letting out a warning bark. John and I look at each other and back at the door as David steps out.

Ignoring the dogs he quickly scans me before acknowledging John.

I hold up a finger at him.

Page: What do you mean he’s my ride out of here.

John: Page if people find out you’re the leak it won’t be just Clive you have to worry about.

Page: So?

John: Sweetie, Zander offered a much needed donation to have you erased.

Page: He wouldn’t. He said to lay low till he made things right.

John: This was something we both agreed on.

Page: Jesus John.

David clears his throat as a reminder he’s still standing there.

David: I’m headed into town, you need anything?

John: Sam going with you?

David: Yes sir.

John: Tell him to get the regular coffee not this decaf shit.

Sam: You know what the doctor said John!

Sams voice calls out from in the house. David reverts his eyes back on me.

David: How bout you?

Gadsen and Gunner both growl

Page: No thank you.

Once David is gone both dogs lay back down.

John: They never did that with him before. Well Gadsen never has. They must feel your tension right now.

Im no so sure about that, I think to my self.

I give John a scolding look.

John: What?

I raise my brow crossing my arms.

Page: We will come back to this conversation later what I want to know right now is what the doctor said.

John: Oh that. It’s nothing.

Page: John!

John: My blood pressure was a little high no big deal. Doctor just said to lay off the caffeine a little bit and the red meat. But I’m fine. There’s nothing for you to worry about.

I shake my head knowing it’s much more than he’s telling me.

Page: Fine don’t tell me.

I slam my coffee mug on the rail stepping around the dogs and walk out across the field
To a trail behind the barn. To my surprise Gunner follows ignoring Johns call.

Page: Becoming a rebel are you.

I laugh at the look he gives with his head tilt. Not to long after we come to a stream. The late morning sun beams through a clearing of trees turning the surface of the water gold.

I find the perfect flat rock on the waters edge to rest while Gunner gets a much needed drink before laying near me at the base of the rock.

Much like last night everything comes to the surface, sadness, anger, hurt but I have no more tears to cry. Zander promised he would come back. Why would he want me gone. Did any of it mean anything to him?

A familiar chill shoots up my spine. I can sense his eyes on me. Gunner leaps up growling.

David: It’s just me.

David appears out of no where.

David: Sorry if I startled you. John was getting worried and sent everyone out looking for you.

I watch him trying to get a read. I can feel it but what ever it is he’s hiding it isn’t good. Gunner can sense it too. Or maybe John was right. Maybe my emotions are so out of wack it’s effecting the dogs.

He slowly steps closer.

David: It’s ok boy I’m not going to hurt her.

He lifted a hand carefully for me to take.

Page: At ease boy.

Gunner stops growling but remains in his protective stance while I take David’s hand and hop down. Of course I miss my footing and fall into him. He holds me with ease not budging an inch.

Well something budges. His aroused member presses into my hip. I quickly find my ground and take a step back.

He takes in a breath with flared nostrils giving me an aroused crooked Smirk with no shame.

David: After you.

He shows a hand towards the trail and I walk out in front of him feeling the scorching of my ass with his eye. In less than two strides he is at my side with Gunner acting as a shield walking between us.

David: Look I’m going to be honest. You are drop dead gorgeous and I can’t deny I am very attracted to you. I do apologize for not being able to control my self a moment ago but please know, I’m not that kind of guy.

Sam grilled me a bit on the way into town. This Zander guy is one lucky son of a bitch and I promise I have nothing but respect for you and what you guys have or had? I wouldn’t try anything with out your permission.

Page: Thanks.

For a moment I felt there was some sincerity in his voice but then the last part of his statement made it awkward again. Clive said something similar, before deciding he didn’t need my permission.

A distant bark grew louder as we came in view to the ranch. Gadsen came flying off the porch greeting me as if I had been gone forever. John was standing on the porch like a concerned father. He nods at David as David walks into the house and he takes me into a hug.

John: Not really the best time for you to be disappearing on us page.

Page: Gunner was with me.

John: Still you had me worried.

Page: Then all the more reason for me to stay here, you won’t have to worry if you know where I am.

John: You know I would rather have you here, but right now I need you to trust in the plan.

Page: Plan?

John: This Zander guy seems like a really good guy and all either of us want is for you to be safe.

I nod knowing he won’t continue into details of this plan, so I give in and accept my defeat.

The smell of a familiar family recipe draws me to the kitchen where Sam is stirring sauce on the stove. While poking at a large pot of pasta.
Page: You’re making my favorite recipe?

Sam: You bet I am.

I walk next to him as he lifts the sauce spoon cooling it for for me to try.

Page: Just as I remember.

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