The train to my heart

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Chapter 15: The departure

That night I couldn’t sleep. All I wanted was for Zander to walk through those doors and tell me it’s all over and whisk me away to a private beach on an island where the two of us can start a new. Like we talked about on the car ride here.

God I sounded like a sissy little girl who still believed in fairy tails. I threw on my pajama bottoms and head downstairs to get a glass of water. As I’m standing at The kitchen sink gazing out the window I hear the front door.

David walks in with his usual glare at me followed by a woman holding a small Child about 3 or 4 years old. Sam closes the door behind them holding a couple of suit cases.

David: Right through here.

David leads them through the living room towards the bedrooms on the other side of the house. The woman with still visible but faded bruises on her face looks my way and nods. The little boy with fluffy brown hair looks over her shoulder at me and waves.

A few minutes later as I am about to head back upstairs I feel a tug at my side. When I look down it’s the little boy. I kneel down to him and smile at his sweet face.

Page: Hi. What’s your name.

Woman: He’s deaf.

I look over to see the mom coming to get him.

Woman: I’m sorry if he was bothering you.

Page: He wasn’t.

I look back at the little boy and I sign to him my name and ask his name. He’s signed back that his name was Liam and he was 4. I signed to him it was nice to meet him and he replied that I was pretty then he giggled and ran back to his mom.

Woman: Thank you. It’s not often he gets to interact with people that know how to sign.

Page: He’s adorable. Do you guys want something to eat.

Woman: No thank you I really should get him to bed. It’s been a really long day for him.

Page: Well goodnight.

I turn back to the stairs again and am startled as I bump into David. Leaning with an arm on the rail blocking the steps. Looking down at me with an unreadable look.

He smiles and signs to me. “You are pretty”.

Page: Thanks.

He moves just his arm to let me pass. Still blocking most of the stair way forcing me to brush up against him as I passed. He in hales deeply as I do and I think I hear a faint growl. I turn slightly.

Page: Did you just....

He winks and quickly disappears into the darkness of the house. I shake off the piss shivering chill and make my way to my room.

Just as sleep finally found me the sun decided to peak its bright ass beams through my window. I make my way down stairs to find John signing to Liam asking what he wanted for breakfast. Liam signed back he wanted pancakes.

John has a daughter who was born deaf. He’s the one that taught me how. I poor my self some coffee signing good morning to Liam. He signs back that we are having pancakes if I would help make them with him. I tell him of course.

The three of us get to work. John works on the meat and eggs while Liam and I make a mess with the flour and other ingredients. His giggles pulled on my heart as I think back to what I almost had and yet it was a much needed distraction. I’m sure for Liam too.

The rest of the day went by quickly. Sam announces he was leaving in five minutes taking the woman and her boy to their next destination. I help them out to the car wanting to absorb as much of little Liam as I could.

Also it would probably be the last time I see Sam. I say goodbye to Liam and close his door. Sam takes me into a big goodbye hug. Without a word he slips into the car and pulls away.

After a long walk with Gadsen and a stop for some much needed horse petting in the barn, I decide to take a long shower. I sift through my pack looking for a razor when I pull out the box with my dads tags. Having so many memories flood from being around John and Sam I open the box to touch them, as I often do.

To my surprise there is a small black pouch. My gut fills with butterflies knowing it’s a surprise from Zander. I quickly take the pouch out and poor the content into my hand. It’s a silver bracelet with a train charm and a small folded note.

“The Train to my heart”

I hold the note up smelling his familiar musky spice scent. I put everything back until after my shower. The first thing I do right after is slip on the fitted bracelet. Holding it over my heart as I lay on the bed and dream about each night we spent together.

I find my self in a familiar dream. Standing on a white sandy beach with crystal blue water kissing my toes. Sudden fear strikes with a vengeance. The image as before someone walking towards me as the water rises. Clive. His hand grabs my head shoving me under the water. When I finally break free and come up for air I am back in the room but the fearful knots still twist inside feeling the presence of someone else there.

A hand on my shoulder throws me into a panic. I don’t know how but I find my self rolling over and slamming the person to the floor.

David: Page it’s me....David.

It takes a second for my eyes to adjust.

Page: What the fuck are doing in my room.

David: I’m sorry I heard a scream and ran up to see if you were ok. I didn’t mean to scare you.

While I’m still trying to adjust to what’s happened I notice his aroused smirk among other aroused parts. Then it hits like a ton of bricks. I realize I was only in my underwear and a very thin very revealing cami. I had fallen asleep after the shower in only my underwear.

I sock him in the shoulder and disappear into the bathroom to get dressed. Upon my return I see David still in the room. Sitting on the end of the bed rubbing his right shoulder. How could I forget.

I lean against the door frame.

Page: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt your bad arm.

He laughs trying to brush it off like it’s nothing.

David: It’s nothing. But look Page. I wanted to apologize to you. I really did only come in here to make sure you were ok. I didn’t mean to scare you or cause you any problems.

Damn it. He was sincere this time.

I sit down on the bed next to him. There’s still some unease feelings but I try to shove them down.

David: I’m also sorry for making you feel uncomfortable. But have you seen your self in a mirror. Just look at you. Can you really blame a guy for finding you attractive. It doesn’t mean every guys is going to be an asshole

I can’t help but giggle. I don’t see what he or anyone says they see when I look in a mirror but it is nice to hear.

David: You and I are going to be in the same car together for then next day or two and I just wanted to try and ease some of the tension.

He holds out his right hand for me to shake and I oblige.

David: Good, with that being said our departure is in 20.

I gather up my things and make my way down the stairs. Where John is having a talk with David. They both turn to me with a smile. David takes my bag but when he offers to take my pack I shake my head no.

John walks me out to David’s truck where Gadsden and Gunner both come up to say their goodbyes as well. John my big giant teddy bear gets a little teary-eyed.

Page: Thanks for everything John.

I stand up on my tippy toes to give him a quick peck on the cheek and pat his chest. He pulls me in for a hug reluctant to let go.

John: you know I love you right kido.

Page: I love you too.

John: You take care of your self.

Page: You too.

Gadsden whimpers drawing my attention to him. Here comes more butterflies in my already over fluttered gut. I bend down giving him one final scratch behind his ear. Gunner comes up and nudges my hand with his nose.

John: David. You make sure she gets there safe.

David nods from the drivers seat

Page: At ease boys.

They both sit and watch with John as I hop in the grey dodge truck and disappear down the road.

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