The train to my heart

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Chapter 16: Zanders mission

Zanders perspective:
My heart plummeted when the Jeep drove off not knowing if and when I would see my dark angel again. Two days it’s been and now I’m forced to do things I thought I’d never have to do again. But for her I would die for.

One window of opportunity. The Train we met on stops in Seattle where most attendants get off for the night before heading back south.
The music blasts with the dancing lights of the club, but there in the crowd I spot her. Her blond hair flowing with her tight blue dress leaving nothing to the imagination. A plastered smile and fake D’s. Too easy.

She doesn’t recognize me as I seduce her with a fake smile, flirtatious disgust. After a couple of drinks, I finally have her where I want her. We go to a secluded part of the club where she throws her self on me. Normally I would take pride in a situation like this. But now it’s just morally wrong.

I spin her around slamming her against the wall, perhaps a little hard.

Blond: Oh You like it rough huh big guy.

I press an arm against the back of her neck while pinning her hands with mine behind her back. Leaning in I whisper.

Zander: That depends Karen.

Her body freezes as some realization sinks in through the alcohol.

Zander: You Tell me everything I need to know about Clive Helm and I promise no harm will come to you.

Karen: I don’t know anyone by that name.

I pull up on her hand causing discomfort in her wrist and shoulders.

Zander: Who hired you to take pictures of me and the woman I was with on the train last week Karen?

She lets out a little whimper.

Karen: Some guy with an accent. German I think. He came up to me in LA with a picture of you telling me to keep a close eye on you. He gave me another picture of the woman you where with and said if I saw her to send pictures to a number he provided.

Zander: What happened after you sent the pictures.

Karen: Some guy referring to himself as Mr. H text back saying money was transferred into my account.

Zanders: What else?

Karen: I received a text asking if you guys got back on the Train in Portland. I told him you hadn’t.

Zander: Is that it?

Karen: He replied thank you and told me that he thought I was beautiful and could be a model. He said that if I ever wanted a carrier change to go see him in Vancouver.

Zander: Where?

Karen: I’m not sure exactly.

Again I applied more tension on her wrists and shoulders. Till she begged for me to stop.

Zander: Where?

Karen: Please I swear I’m telling the truth. I lost my phone a few days ago and had to get a new one. You can check for your self there’s hardly anything on the new one.

Out of anger and fear I push her harder into the wall.

Zander: I am not sexist or biased when it comes to my enemies Karen. The day you sent that picture to Clive Helm was the day you became my enemy.

She cried out begging for me to stop.

Karen: Ok ok. I think he said something about a new waterfront penthouse suite in West Vancouver . That’s all I remember I swear. Please, I had no idea who he was.

Satisfied I throw a few bills at her feet and vanish before she could come to any senses.
Once out side I swipe through Karen’s phone Checking to see if she was telling the truth. When I see she was, I wipe it clean and toss it in a dumpster.

I put in a few calls making the appropriatearrangements needed to find that coward. If he thought he would be safe hiding in Canada he was sorely mistaken. This was the perfect opportunity I needed to make things right.

Yet something was still not sitting right with me, even though page was safe with her vet family, this seemed almost too easy.

Once his location was confirmed, I set my plan into motion catching a private jet into Vancouver, taking up residency in the apartment building just across the street, which happened to also be under construction at the time. Bugs and cameras were placed all around Clives suite and the entire building. Every exit and entrance.

The downfall to being on the other end of the line and having this technology is having to listen and watch that sick bastard partying and fucking girls at his leisure. the man kept himself surrounded never allowing me the chance to take my shot.

I needed to hear Pages voice. Feel her touch.
I put in a call to John to let him know the progress of the situation and to check on page. The line goes silent when I mentioned the location in Canada.

Zander: John? John!

John: She’s not here.

Zander: What do you mean she’s not there?

More silence.

Zander: What did you do John? Where is page?

John: I thought I was doing what was right for her. I thought if I erased her she would be safe.

A dreaded sick feeling sunk deep in the pit of my stomach.

Zander: Where is she?

John: I’ll put a call into my guy to abort the mission and I’ll have her returned back here.

Zander: Who is she with and where were they going exactly.

John: She’s with our new guy David. They are expected at the extraction point in Canada tonight. My eraser is supposed to take her to Vancouver from there. After that, not even I know.

Zander: You get this David on the phone now and you get her back!

I sit staring at the picture Page took of us at the house in Washington. Hours pass by and day turns to night.

Zander: I would do anything to have you back in my arms.

Over the headphones There’s a commotion coming from the suit. Someone’s speaking in French. Fuck. I don’t know fucking French.

But I can tell by the tone of his voice something is happening. Clive responds partially in French. Then in English.

Clive: Ladies time for you to go.

Minutes later made service is cleaning the suite while he cleans himself up from his orgy.

Suddenly my phone buzzes and my heart nearly leaps out of my chest. I know even before I answer. Fear sets in as I touch the accept call button.

John: Zander

Zander: Yes

John: They didn’t make it the extraction point.

I breath heavely into the phone clenching my teeth.

Zander: Then where are they?

John: I don’t know yet. But we’re working on it.

I drop to my knees as the weight of the possibilities and fear become to heavy to bare.
Johns voice in the phone is but a whisper that soon goes silent as everything else but the sound of my pounding heart.

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