The train to my heart

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Chapter 17: Trust no one

No matter how many times I tell my self David is one of Johns guys, he must be a good guy, I can not shake the anxiety. The gut feeling that somethings off with him since day one has yet to deplete, and the further we drive into Canada the stronger my anxiety becomes.

He drives through the morning into the late afternoon before finally stopping at the Maple leaf motel in Oliver BC for a rest and some food. Surprisingly I manage to fall asleep spite my nerves.

I woke up hours later feeling unrested and a sudden chill when I realize David is standing at the door way of the shower in just a towel wrapped well below his hips. Showing off how toned he is. Watching me.

Page: How long have you been watching me.

David: A while.

Page: Why didn’t you wake me.

David: Why would I. I was admiring your cute little girly snore.

I shot up throwing a pillow at his chest.

Page: I do not snore.

David: Oh you do. You also make cute little moaning noises. Must have been a good dream.

I throw the other pillow even harder at his head but he ducks. He picks it up and tosses both back at me.

David: Showers all yours. I’ll go ahead and check us out and we can get back on the road.

As I stand under the hot water a vision of David in the door way flashed before me. What the hell. I guess being with out Zander for the past three nights is taking its toll.
I begin to feel that tingling sensation vibrate through my clit at the thought of Zander.

My imagination begins to play tricks on me. I feel his hard sculpted body against my back side as his erect member pushes its way through my parted cheeks.

We never tried anal but what the hell this was my fantasy. He rubs his cock along my center mixing our bodily fluids together creating more moisture as he returns running the head of his penis across my rear entrance before slowly pushing through.

I circle my clit with my fingers In heightening the senses of the little hardened nub,before gently sliding my fingers past my folds and up inside myself. I try to muffle my moans beneath the sound of the shower. My other hand slams against the shower wall not to quietly. At this point I don’t care. The thought of Zander inside me drives me into a frenzy of orgasmic pleasure abruptly cut off by a pounding on the door.

David: You ok in there.

Damn it. If I were a guy this would be a proper time to use Zanders phrase from the train “cock blocked”.

Page: Yeah I’m fine just dropped the shampoo bottle. I’ll be out in a second.

To be continued. I say to my self as I giggle with a little embarrassment.

As I’m drying off I hear a light buzz. Following the sound I find David’s phone burried under his towel on the floor. With the intent of just setting it back on the counter the screen lights up again alerting me to a name.

Deja vu hits hard as my heart beats erratically. Mr. H. The only difference between before and now is that my gut told me from the beginning David was dirty.

Mr.H: I know the transfer went through for you. When can I expect my delivery?

I can’t scroll through the texts or David will know I read them. This can only mean one thing. Clive must be at his new Penthouse he was building in West Vancouver. I have no way of getting a hold of Zander. Hopefully he already knows where Clive is. I can’t risk reaching out to John on David’s phone.

Page: SHIT!

David: Page?

Shit I accidentally said that out loud. I need to figure out how to get out of this my self.

Page: I just stubbed my toe. I’m fine.

I think quickly and place the phone back where I found it before getting dressed and exiting the bathroom.

David: Did you see my phone in there?

Page: No but I thought I heard a buzzing coming from somewhere.

He walks back in the bathroom and comes out with his phone a few seconds later checking his messages. With no questioning look or any look really he causally puts it in his cargo pocket and grabs my bag.

About an hour later I notice a dinner up ahead. Here’s my chance. It’s now or never.

Page: As much as I like beef jerky and chips can we please stop for a real meal.

David pulls out his phone checking the time then looks at me and takes a deep breath.

David: Sure.

Is that a little guilt I detect. Maybe I can play on that. Let’s not forget he is a soldier as well. Maybe I can twist that into his guilty conscious. I may not have served but I am family and know all about the code. IGY6.

Then again maybe an escape would be the best measure.

We stop at hwy33 dinner and take a seat in a booth near the exit. A young waitress with black hair pulled tightly into a bun with a few loose strands takes our order. I notice David looking at me and not her as she walks away.

Page: She’s cute.

His eyes stay on me.

Page: What? She is.

He seems to be distancing himself. It’s a look I’ve seen before in soldiers with PTSD.

Page: David? Are you ok.

The waitress returns with our burgers. David still won’t look at her but immediately digs into his food.

Waitress: Anything else I can get you.

Page: No we’re good thank you.

Starving my self I wolf down my food.

Page: You know I was raised by a bunch big marines so I can tell you I’ve known a lot of guys with PTSD. You want to talk about it.

He furrows his brows at me in a scoff.

David: You barely acknowledged me the 48 hours you were at the ranch. You’ve hardly tried to make small talk the last 24 hours and now all of a sudden you want to be my best friend.

He snapped, and this was my now or never. I slide out of the booth standing abruptly with my pack throwing my napkin on the table.

Page: You’re right so why in the hell should I start caring now.

I storm off making a beeline for the bathroom which was luckily around the corner on the other side of the dinner out of his sight. I did have to pee and luckily as I was finishing the young waitress was too.

Page: Excuse me. I hate to bother you but is there anyway I can use your phone for a second.

Waitress: Are you in trouble? Your boyfriend seems a little tense.

Page: Yes I think I might be. But all I need to do is get a message to someone that can help.

Waitress: Of course.

I quickly dial Johns number but there’s no answer. I leave a message and hope it’s enough.

Page: I do not like green eggs and ham. I will not eat them in the army or in a penthouse in the West.

I hang up and look at the waitress.

Page: A man named John will call you back. Give him this location. Do not alert anyone. The guy I’m with may have PTSD and a gun.

She nods.

Waitress: Here I can sneak you out through the kitchen.

She does as she says and sneaks me through the kitchen to the back of the dinner.

Waitress: Are you sure you don’t want me to call the police.

Page: I’m sure. Thank you.

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